An Equinox occurs when the sun passes directly over the equator. It occurs twice a year at the beginning of spring, and fall. It is a powerful day in and of itself, the convergence of powers is even stronger, the potential greater. All one has to do is connect.[1]



Barbas 1


In 1999, on Friday the 13th, Tanjella offers Prue and Phoebe Halliwell a flyer to advertise a Wicca gathering for witches on a spring equinox. This Friday the 13th is particularly powerful because it is on the 1300th year. Barbas emerges at midnight at starts killing witches with their fear. His goal is to kill 13 unmarried witches and gain freedom from his imprisonment. However, Prue manages to overcome her fear, and the demon is sent back to the Underworld.[2]

The Charmed Ones' Anniversary[]


The Charmed Ones connecting at an altar.

Phoebe: "Why did you say that today was gonna be a powerful day for us?"
Stevie: "Because your anniversary falls on the Equinox."
Stevie explaining to Phoebe that their anniversary falls on the Equinox.[src]

In October 1999, the Charmed Ones celebrated their one year anniversary of becoming witches. According to a friend of Phoebe's, Stevie, their anniversary fell on the Equinox.

This would make them able to connect with the Equinox and enhance their powers as well as their universal bond, the Power of Three. The next morning, as the Equinox was nearing its end, the Charmed Ones cast the spell, Dominus Trinus, to summon their Book of Shadows to their location and destroy the demon, Abraxas.[1]

Ramus's Passing of Powers[]

Kevin 6

Kevin becoming a new Elder.

Elder Ramus was ready to retire and grant his powers to a successor. The passing of an Elder's powers could only be done on an Equinox. The demon, Arnon, sensed this in advance and manipulated a young and vulnerable witch named Kevin into helping him by creating a comic book supervillain to overpower the Charmed Ones.

In the end, Arnon killed Ramus on the night of the Equinox, gaining his powers, but was quickly vanquished and Ramus's powers were given to Kevin.[3]