Enhanced Senses is the ability to possess one or more senses that are amplified beyond their regular function. This can be applied to all five senses; taste, hearing, smell, sight and touch. This power may be in constant effect or activated as desired.




Paige locating her sisters.

"I don't keep track. The faces all fade away, it's the taste you remember. "
Rowan to Paige.[src]

Enhanced Taste manifests in a similar way to super smell (detecting tasteless compounds or being able to gain much more information than is humanly possible from something via taste). Vampires have a strain of this ability, being able to distinguish between the blood of different people via taste. When she was a vampire, Paige was able to track her sisters by sniffing out their blood.[1]


Piage Hearing

Paige easedropping on Arnon.

Piper: " Do you hear anything inside?"
Paige: " Rats, dripping water, cockroaches, may as well be my old apartment. Don't hear any Arnon though."
— Piper to Paige.[src]

Enhanced Hearing is the ability to hear sounds that should be inaudible to the listener, e.g. hearing in frequencies above or below the human hearing range or hearing sounds that should be out of earshot.

Inspector Rodriguez was able to overhear a conversation between Andy and Darryl from a large distance at an active construction site. As a superhero, Paige Matthews gained enhanced hearing. She used this power to check if Arnon was inside his lair. Later, her ears were hurt when airplanes flew over her, due to her super hearing.[2] Manticores are able to hear sonic screams over long distances.[3]



Krell tracks Belthazor through his smell.

"I can track his scent, his blood, when he's in his demonic form not his human one. "
Krell to Prue and Piper.[src]

Enhanced Smell may manifest as the ability to smell compounds that are at such low concentrations as to appear, or that are naturally, odourless, or to glean more information than normally possible from something by smelling it.

Kellman was able to smell humanity on Tom Peters, one of his recruits.[4] By smelling a pole that impaled the Siren, a Demonic Healer was able to determine she was attacked by two Charmed Ones.[5]

List of beings who use(d) Enhanced Senses[]

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.