Piper is planning an engagement party for Paige and Henry, but they have developed cold feet. Phoebe and Billie try to help Christy adapt to life among humans.

A demon named Xar, a former member of the Triad, and another rebel demon plot against the Triad. They plan to send the Charmed Ones after the Triad.


Christy, Phoebe and Billie are at a cafe. Christy eats a large piece of chicken with her hands, to the disgust of other patrons, and ends up setting it on fire. As Phoebe leaves, she bumps into a strange man but doesn't notice until Billie points this out. Two cops, or so it seems, come to the manor. They act strangely, telling Piper that there are "beings" she thought were dealt with that are now back. Christy uses her telepathy and Billie lets Piper know the cops are really demons. The shorter of the two cops warns the girls that The Triad has returned. Christy vanquishes the taller demon, and the other demon fades out.

Piper, Paige, Billie and Christy are in the kitchen addressing what just happened with those two demons. Billie is thankful they weren't after Christy. Paige realizes that they wanted to warn them about the Triad. Piper is confused, given that they thought Cole vanquished them years ago. Christy asks if they're dangerous, and Piper remarks that they're very dangerous. Paige doesn't understand why the demons wanted to warn them about the Triad. Paige decides to check the Book, but Piper volunteers to check the Book instead. Piper tells Billie and Christy to stay at Phoebe's condo until they figure this out. She also tells Paige to talk to Henry about their cold feet.

Paige meets up with Henry at a jewelry store where they were supposed to pick out their wedding bands. The store is closed now, and Paige apologizes for being late. She fills Henry in on the attack and on the demons warning them about the Triad. Henry asks if she's okay and Paige confirms that she's just fine. Henry offers to postpone the wedding if there's too much going on right now, but Paige affirms that she can handle it. Paige and Henry's minor issues with each other come to light, and it leads into a small argument with each other.

The man from the cafe comes to Phoebe's condo. Oddly, his key is able to open her door. He claims to live in the unit below Phoebe's. Phoebe is suspicious. Shortly after, a demon in a Triad robe shimmers in and takes Christy. Christy is now in the hands of Xar, but the Charmed Ones are instead after the Triad. Piper thinks that there may be an attempt on the sisters' lives.


Phoebe breaks into the strange man's apartment and sees that no one lives there. She goes back to her condo and finds him there. He surprises her, and she tries to attack him, but he flashes a large ring, freezes Phoebe, and deflects her into a chair. He says he's a Cupid and invites her to call him Coop. He says the Elders sent him to help her find love.

Meanwhile, Paige tells Henry to cancel their engagement party because she has to deal with the Triad. Henry thought they were dealing with their issues and Paige tells him that they are, but she really has to deal with the Triad. Henry reluctantly agrees to cancel the engagement party.

Billie repeatedly tries the To Call a Lost Witch spell to retrieve Christy but in vain. Christy burns away the bindings on her hands and burns up one of the demons holding her prisoner. She's about to vanquish Xar as well, when Billie's spell at last summons her. Christy summons the Triad in the conservatory and warns them that someone is impersonating them. The Triad suspects Xar and vanquish him.

Paige goes to the police station and pulls Henry aside. Paige tells him that they're going after the Triad and that they might not survive this fight. Henry offers to help, but Paige tells him that it has to be just her and her sisters. Henry decides that if she survives, he's going to marry her right at the engagement party. Paige is confused, given that he was supposed to cancel it, but Henry only remarks "I guess I didn't."

Phoebe walks into Wyatt's room and finds Coop standing in there, waiting for her. Coop wonders when they'll start with his assignment. Phoebe wonders if he has anyone else's love life to meddle in, but Coop states that the Elders assigned him to only her. Phoebe tells him that she's busy right now and has big issues to deal with. Coop states to Phoebe that he knows what she's dealing with. Coop tells her that she's going to get through this and then they'll get started with his assignment. Coop wishes her luck before beaming out.


The sisters, Billie and Christy all gather in the attic. Billie has tracked the Triad to Magic School. The sisters go over their plan of attack. Billie offers to help, but the sisters tell her to stay behind and protect Christy. The Charmed Ones orb to Magic School. Phoebe draws their fire, and with a fireball in flight, Piper freezes the room. Paige orbs one of the Triad members into the path of the fireball. Piper then unfreezes the scene and the first Triad member is vanquished. Piper blows up a second one, and the third one shimmers to the Underworld after being surrounded by all three sisters. Leo, however, is not returned, much to Piper's disappointment.


Candor, the surviving Triad member, appears to Christy and tells her she must now act alone, to unite with the Ultimate Power. Christy realizes that the Ultimate Power is both her and Billie combined. Candor tells Christy that it was never about the Triad, but always about her. Candor also tells Christy that the end result is all that matters and that she must "save" her sister from the Charmed Ones.

At what was to be their engagement party, Paige and Henry marry.

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