The ability to shoot Energy Sparks, which are short beams of coloured sparks, capable of either harming or vanquishing beings. It is unknown what this power does to objects, but it would most likely cause them to combust.


The Crone

The Crone was the first known user of this power and was seen using it twice. The first time it was used against Leo; sending him flying backwards and knocking him unconscious. The second time it was used against the Kazi King and vanquished him almost instantly. [1]


Brent planned on using this power to harm an innocent, but Paige managed to orb him out before he could. This power was stolen by the warlock Hogan.


Hogan stole this power from Brent, when he killed him. Hogan later used this power to distract the Guardians, so he could steal soil needed to resurrect the Source.


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