Enchanted Allure, or Luring, is the power to make oneself exclusively appealing to others and make them slavishly devoted and willing to do anything to please the user. Luring works on sexuality and temptation and often only works on the opposite sex.

The effects of this ability can also be achieved through Spell Casting, as proven by the Evil Enchantress and Piper Halliwell.



"She knocked me out, guys. I mean, really. It was like I was in a trance. I was weak in the knees and for a moment I felt her need not to be reject as though it would devastate her."
—Manny explaining the effects of Darla's power.[src]

The Succubus Darla was able to lure men just with her presence. In 1999, she used her power to lure five men in San Francisco, including a male Prue named Manny. Manny was only able to break Darla's hold over him with Phoebe's help.

The Siren[]

"I want them to find me. Save me from having to sing for their husbands."
—The Siren to a healer demon.[src]

The Siren was a vengeful demon who could lure both men and women with her song. In 2002, She traveled to San Francisco to hunt down and kill married couples. During her visit, she used her power to lure four couples. The first being Melissa and her husband David. She was able to claim David's life but not Melissa's.

The next person she lured was a handsome patron at a bar, however, when she turned her head to look at the television, she saw that Melissa was alive. This enraged the Siren to the point where she left her prey, saying that it was his lucky day. The third couple to fall under her lure was Piper and her husband Leo, and the fourth and final couple was Phoebe and her formerly deceased husband Cole.

One should note that of all of her victims in San Francisco, The Siren was only able to claim one life, before she was finally vanquished herself.

Goddess of Love[]

"We live to serve Phoebe."
—A lured Evan to Piper.[src]

One of the most powerful beings to possess this power is the Goddess of Love. When Phoebe was possessed by the essence of the goddess, her presence at P3 caused all the men to worship her and grant her every desire. The men she enchanted became her willing slaves until they were chased off by Piper with a powerful gust of wind.

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