Vincent: "Mm, it's beautiful this time of year, isn't it? In Florence."
Elise: "As good a place as any to kill a Charmed One."
Vincent Wrong and Elisa discussing Florence.[src]

Elisa was a member of the Demonatrix, a tribe of lethal female demons, and was the main minion of Vincent Wrong. She was vanquished by Phoebe when she was about to kill Piper with her shuriken.


"Oops, I missed."
Phoebe after "accidentally" vanquishing Elisa.[src]

When Vincent Wrong hired the Demonatrix, Elisa acted as his main minion, though she would have preferred to kill the Charmed Ones. She accompanied Vincent when he stole a Porsche for Paige, at which point she nearly killed the salesman until Vincent saved him. She later attempted to kill Piper. However, she was vanquished with a shuriken by Phoebe, who had infiltrated the Demonatrix.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers

  • Fading: An energy based form of teleportation.
  • Super Strength: The ability to possess strength beyond humanly possible.
  • Enhanced Agility: The ability to lighten one's body and make oneself more agile.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense the location of other magical beings.
  • Voice Manipulation: The ability to alter one's voice to sound like another or add an echo to one's voice when angered.



Elisa appeared in a total of 1 episodes throughout the course of the series.