The Elf Village is a mystical pocket realm located in Golden Gate Park. The local elves live there. Rowan is the king of the little kingdom.[1]


When the demon Lexor threatened to steal the infant elves for his own ambitions, the older elves offered to help find mortal children and let him raise them with magic to form an army. The demon agreed, and Caitlyn Poppins ventured out to swap several babies with elves, then disguised them with glamour to make them look like the babies she stole. Wyatt Halliwell was among the babies taken, and when this ploy was exposed, the Charmed Ones barged into the village. Fearing their fury, the elves returned the babies instantly.

Then they helped defeat Mya, the bounty hunter sent by Lexor to collect the "goods". When this infuriated the demon, the elves kidnapped Piper as peace offering. This betrayal made the Charmed Ones come to the decision to bind half of the elves' powers to keep them from wreaking more havoc, but left them with enough magic to protect themselves.

Known Inhabitants