Elf Nanny: "Do you always leave the little one unattended?"
Piper and Phoebe: "No!"
Elf Nanny: "Well, it just sounds like he needs to be changed. I'll take care of it."
— The Elf questioning the sisters.[src]

The Elf Nanny was an Elf who was interviewed for a nanny position by Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. However, she withdrew her application when she realized the manor was under constant demonic attack. Despite this, she later helped Piper by keeping an eye on Wyatt while she and her sisters were battling the Titans.


Getting Interviewed for the Job[]

When Piper and Leo were looking for a magical nanny that could take care of Wyatt, they found the Elf Nanny. The interview seemed to be going well, but the elf was concerned that she might have to protect the baby from demonic attacks, considering his mother was a Charmed One. Piper tried to reassure her, but at that moment Paige orbed in with Sam, followed by a Darklighter. Piper quickly warded off the Darklighter, but the nanny quickly withdrew her application and faded away. Worse, she told her peers what happened, causing all nannies to cancel their interviews.

The Titan Situation[]

The Elf nanny reappeared, along with various other magical beings, when the Titans had been freed, seeking refuge in the manor. When she heard Wyatt crying, she asked if they always leave him unattended. Piper and Phoebe quickly denied this, though the nanny offered to check on him. Piper replied that she wasn't the nanny and that she rejected her, though the nanny corrected her, saying that she rejected Piper instead. She then marched upstairs to tend to Wyatt, causing Phoebe to wonder if the nanny had just hired herself.

The nanny quickly proved her worth to Leo when she magically wrapped Wyatt in a blanket, knowing that he was cold. When Leo asked how she knew, she simply replied that babies was "what she did". She then continued to tend for Wyatt while the Charmed Ones dealt with the Titans.

The Stillman Sisters[]

The following year, Piper rehired the Elf Nanny while she was raising Wyatt alone, since Leo had become an Elder. She was taking care of Wyatt and took him for a walk when the Stillman Sisters assumed the sisters' identities and tried to take over the Power of Three.

She supposedly kept working as their nanny in the next year, since Piper mentioned she left the boys with the elf in 2004.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Fading: The ability to teleport through a fading green light, which is presumably a basic form of teleportation possessed by all elves.
  • Apportation: The ability to teleport objects from place to place, with a similar effect as her fading. The nanny used this to wrap Wyatt in a blanket when he was cold.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense the location and feelings of others. The nanny was seemingly able to sense Wyatt and knew exactly what he needed.



The Elf Nanny appeared in a total of 4 episodes over the course of the series.