Elementals are magical beings with control over the four classical elements of nature—air, water, fire and earth. Aside from these four, there is also a fifth elemental, the only one who is pure mortal. With the exception of Firestarters, the Elementals only appeared in the novel, The Brewing Storm.


Once every hundred years, unseasonal natural disasters occur all around the world, and one elemental each must gather at the Circle of Gaea on the Night of Aeolus to perform the Ritual of the Guardians in order to neutralize them, or else the world will continue to worsen its condition until it splits apart. The fire elemental, Firestarter, is tasked with gathering the other three for the ceremony. When all four elementals are gathered, the fifth elemental (the Human Spirit) will automatically find them. Despite being non-magical, it was mentioned as the most powerful element of them all due to his strength of heart.

Types of Elementals[]

Known Elementals[]


The Elementals appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.