Elasticity is the ability to stretch certain or all parts of the body in an elastic fashion.



Manticores can extend their tongues several meters distance. They use them to sniff and grab objects.[1]


Succubi are witches who become demons when they make a pact with demons to protect themselves from heartbreak. They use their razor-sharp tongues to feed on defenseless men's testosterones.[2]

Trial by Magic[]

When Glen Belland came to visit the manor, Paige cast the To Stretch the Imagination spell on him to prove to him that magic was real. However, the spell backfired and had a literal effect, giving him the power of Elasticity. Glen only used this power to pull pranks while Paige tried to keep it a secret from her sisters. After saving him, Paige reversed the spell.[3]

List of beings who use(d) Elasticity[]

Original power
Through spell, channeling, etc.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • No being except Glen has shown the ability to stretch all of their body parts.
  • Technically, Slime Demon was also able to stretch its body as it wanted.