"Dream leaping. The ability to project himself into someone else's dreams."
Andy to Morris[src]

Dream Leaping is the ability to project into people's dreams and manipulate them. Most users of this ability include themselves within a dream and manipulate the dream around themselves to create a message.


A scientist named Whitaker Berman was experimenting being able to project himself into someones dreams. He had this power, but it worked through a machine he and other scientists created, and he had to be heavily sedated in order to use it. He entered in the dreams of girls who rejected him, and chose to kill people in their sleep, therefore killing them in real life. While in people's dreams, Whitaker knew exactly what his victims were thinking and manipulated their dreams, so that he would be dancing with the victim before throwing them off an imaginary twenty-story building. This ultimately proved to be his own undoing when Prue regained control of her dream and used her Telekinesis to throw him off the building instead, killing him. [1]

Leo once entered Piper's dream in order to say goodbye and tell her that he can't see her again, because the Elders would punish them.[2] He was also mentioned to have visited his wife in a dream shortly after becoming a Whitelighter.[3]

A member of the Triad once entered Cole's dreams when he worried his human half was beginning to overpower him. He manipulated Cole's dream to remind Cole that he needed to kill The Charmed Ones by turning the dream into Belthazor killing Phoebe.[4]

Sandmen naturally have this ability, so they can help to create their charges' dreams; otherwise they don't work through their subconscious issues and become violent.[5]

The Avatars possessed this ability. They could enter someone's dreams and talk to them or show them visions whether they be true or false.[6]

List of beings who use(d) Dream Leaping

Original power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.


  • This is the only known power that can be achieved through technological means and thus used by mortals, making it the first power being demonstrated by a mortal.
  • It is unknown if all Whitelighters possess this power.
  • In "The Jung and the Restless", Billie used a Crystal that had similar effects to this power.