Dragons are ancient and powerful magical beings. The race of dragons has become near extinct, but they are still present in modern day fiction and fantasy.


The Dragon Warlock[]

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The Dragon Warlock

In 2000, the Council sent a Dragon Warlock, the twisted offspring of a dragon and a sorceress, after the Charmed Ones. Much like his reptilian ancestor, the warlock was capable of flight, super strength and breathing fire. He was known to be a powerful witch killer. His power of flight was temporarily stolen when a genie granted Phoebe's unintended wish for an active power. The warlock also succeeded in killing Prue, who was powerless due to being reverted to adolescence.

He was eventually vanquished with the Power of Three Spell after the genie used Phoebe's wish to revive Prue.

Wyatt's Conjurations[]


Wyatt conjures a dragon out of the television.

Wyatt Halliwell once conjured a fictional dragon out of a TV program, which proceeded to spread destruction around San Francisco for several hours. This exposure of magic caused the Cleaners to take Wyatt away and erase all memories of the event. The Charmed Ones later got Wyatt back by rewinding time and he undid his conjuration when the dragon threatened to hurt Piper.

Years later, Wyatt conjured up a dragon again at Magic School after the meeting of Prue and Paige caused the Warren family's magic to go haywire.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Flight: The ability to take flight and propel oneself through the air. Dragons possess winged flight.
  • Fire Breathing: The ability to breathe fire and unleash deadly and destructive blasts of fire.
  • Super Strength: The ability to possess strength superior to other beings.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • "Forget Me...Not" was given the alternate title Dragon's Heat by the WB.
  • Phoebe mentioned that dragons aren't in the Book of Shadows because they were almost non-existent by the time the Book was written.
  • It is unclear how dragons breed with warlocks.


Dragons have appeared in a total of 1 episode and 1 comic issue throughout the franchise.

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