Doug is a waiter at Quake. He was dating a waitress named Shelly whom he worked with.


Confidence Spell

Doug and Shelly dated for several years but she broke up with him due to his lack of commitment (to propose). It turns out that Doug had been carrying an engagement ring around for months. Doug starts a very clumsy phase whenever he sees Shelly and drops and breaks whatever he is carrying or is next to him; Piper would always interfere by freezing whatever was about to break. Martin put it up to Piper to fire Doug or he would fire her but she felt he was just going through a tough time and needed help.

After a while Piper couldn't keep doing it and she cast a spell for confidence on Doug, but she doubled the effect, turning him into "Tom Cruise" with an arrogant personality and well-swaying moves, attracting the women at the restaurant and Shelly is put behind his mind. Piper undoes the spell and he goes back to his clumsy ways, spilling something in front of Shelly; Prue, having had enough, puts the ring on the ground so it looks like it fell out. The scene unfreezes and Shelly notices the little box on the ground. Since Shelly discovered the ring, Doug proposes to her and she accepts.

Friday the 13th

Doug talks to Piper for a few seconds about bad luck and Friday the 13th.

Notes and Trivia

  • Doug was mentioned once in the Season 7 finale as "the waiter at Quake" when Piper and Phoebe were discussing what spells to use against the demon Zankou.


Doug appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.

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