"Hi, Pizza-face. Look, I understand how difficult it is to tear yourself away from the cleavage in this section. But I'm gonna need my mail sometime today. Okay?"
—Donnie to Billy while referring to Paige.[src]

Donnie was a lawyer who worked South Bay Social Services and a co-worker of Paige Matthews. He was insensitive and belittled other people such as Billy, who was suffering from severe acne. He also made inappropriate sexual comments towards Paige and likely other women.


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Donnie harassing Paige.

After Paige stole the Book of Shadows, she had enough of Donnie's remarks and cast an Instant Karma Spell on him. This caused women to start harassing him instead, though as a backfire, it also gave Paige huge breasts. To protect Donnie, the sisters and Leo took him to the manor. Piper, who was slowly transforming into a Fury, became angry and attacked him. After she escaped, Leo healed Donnie. When he woke up, he was amazed by Paige's huge breasts and she knocked him out again. She then told Leo to take him back to office and find a way to prevent him from exposing their secret.

When Paige saw Donnie had changed his ways and even stopped wearing his toupee, she asked Piper what Leo had done to him, though Piper replied she didn't know though he was a miracle worker.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is possible that Leo used Memory Dust on him to make him forget about magic. However, this does not explain why it seems to have become less harmful.


Donnie appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.