Dex Lawson is a mortal artist who was married to Phoebe Halliwell for a short period of time while she was under her alias Julie Bennett. Before faking her death in 2005, Dex had an interest in Phoebe and attended her fake memorial service. It is implied that Phoebe had run into Dex numerous times before, but never said anything.


Early life

Months before he started dating Julie Bennett, Dex had a relationship with a woman named Sylvia. He also played football in college.

Phoebe Halliwell's Memorial

Piper: "What are you doing? You can't pick up on a guy at a funeral!"
Phoebe: "Why not? It's my funeral!"
Phoebe trying to flirt with Dex at her funeral.[src]
When Phoebe and her sisters faked their deaths after defeating the demon Zankou, they held a fake memorial service for themselves where most of their colleagues and friends went to. One of them, was Dex Lawson, an artist who had an interest in Phoebe before her death, however he never really talked to her. Phoebe, in disguise, spotted Dex at her urn and commented that she didn't know he knew she even existed. When the memorial service ended, Phoebe tried to flirt with Dex as he was leaving, asking him why he never asked her out, however she was stopped by Piper before Dex could say anything else.

Dating Julie Bennett

Phoebe: "Oh, hi."
Dex: "Hi."
Phoebe: "Oh that's right, you don't know who I am."
Phoebe's first encounter with Dex as Julie.[src]
Since Phoebe liked Dex and vica versa, they both started a relationship together. However, when they shook hands at one point, she received a premonition of them getting married, which forced Phoebe to take their relationship further and faster. Although, Billie cast a spell that caused them to get married earlier then Phoebe suspected, but she accepted it and thought that maybe that was the way she was meant to get married to Dex all along.

Finding out the Truth

"Forgive me?"
Phoebe says sorry to Dex before revealing herself.[src]
After only a month of being under disguises, the sisters make a decision to return to their old normal, demonic lives, which means that Phoebe has to tell Dex who she really is. She goes and sees him, as Phoebe apologizes to him and glamours back into Julie, causing Dex to stare and eventually faint. Their relationship is put on hold for a while. At one point, Phoebe thinks she's pregnant with his baby, however the test proved it was negative. Their relationship finally ended and they both went their separate ways.

Notes and Trivia

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  • In "Kill Billie: Vol. 1", Phoebe and Dex decide to take things slow and figure out how they feel about each other without magic. However, Dex is never seen again after this episode except for when Phoebe and Coop traveled back in time in "Generation Hex".


Dex Lawson appeared in a total of 6 episodes over the course of the series.

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