"Although, I must admit, I thought you were actually one hundred and seventeen."
—The Designer to Cole

The Designer designed a cake for Cole's 100th birthday in Cole's Alternate Reality.


When Cole created an Alternate Reality in which Piper and Phoebe didn't meet Paige after Prue's death, Cole lived in the Manor. He and Phoebe were still together, although they didn't really love each other. Both of them each had their affairs.


Cole's birthday cake.

Cole from the normal reality had taken over the life of himself in the alternate reality and he unawarely entered the Manor. When he opened the door from the living room to the sitting room, many demons were there and shouted "Happy Birthday!". Cole was happily surprised and the demons greated him friendly. While he was getting congratulated, the Designer entered with his cake.

As the cake said "Happy 100th Birthday", the Designer jokingly said that he first thought Cole was actually 117 years old. The crowd of demons reacted shocked and suddenly, the Designer suddenly was set on fire and explodes. The crowd looked around and saw the Seer, with two smoking fingers pointed at the Designer. She said that she did it because she knew how sensitive Cole was about his age.


The Designer appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.