Demonic Sorcerers are a race of vile magicians who have the ability to cast spells and make potions. Most sorcerers are Upper-Level demonic leaders, though there have been some sorcerers, such as Zira and Tempus, who are in the service of other higher-level demons.

Known Sorcerers

  • Kali: A low-level demonic sorceress cursed into her own dimension. She could appear in reflective surfaces and possess innocents. She also wielded devastating pyrokinetic powers that she could share with others or project into the mortal realm through reflective portals such as mirrors.
  • The Boss: A demonic sorcerer who had a foot in the mortal world as the president of a large corporate firm. He fell in love with a mortal woman, one of his employees, but she refused to be with him. He cursed her and her boyfriend, until she gave in or "there was a night within a day", so they could never to be together.
  • Cronyn: A demonic sorcerer who learned of an old prophecy from his mentor, Merrill, regarding the "Twice Blessed Child". With the demonic assistance of Doris, who lured the Charmed Ones' father to engage her and get close to his daughters, he tried to steal the baby for his dark purposes.
  • Sorcerer Kheel: A demonic sorcerer of the 1400s. In order to defeat his enemies, he conjured a monkey capable of stealing senses. However, Kheel was a cruel master and the monkey betrayed him by stealing his voice, and was consequently cursed into a totem.
  • Mordaunt: A demonic sorcerer who was determined to claim Excalibur for himself. He has presumably been around since the time of King Arthur. He presented himself to the Charmed Ones after Piper had drawn the sword from the stone and mentored her in using it. His motivations were to gather enough power to claim the sword for himself.
  • Imara: A demonic sorceress, strongly underestimated and disrespected by the rest of the Underworld due to her unfortunate appearance. She was a master of spells and dark magic and highly ambitious and unpredictable. Imara desired beauty, power and respect and sought to defeat the demon Zankou to bring herself to glory.
  • Zira: A demonic sorceress who unwillingly worked for a demon named Tai. Tired of having to serve others, she began to plot to overthrow her master. To achieve her goals, she planned to use an artifact known as the Golden Belt of Gaea which was blessed with incredible power. However, since the belt could not be used by evil, Zira manipulated the current wearer, Billie Jenkins, to achieve her own goals.


Book of Shadows

Demonic Sorcerers
These vile magicians wield their power for personal gain. Potions and spellcasting
to the extreme, Demonic Sorcerers often launch plots that take years to complete.
The tools of their trade include crystal balls, curse staves, and ancient runes.
Vanquish them with the following Potion:
1 Part Mandrake Root 2 Parts Powdered Imp Wing
1 Part Crushed Beetles 3 Parts Toad's Milk
1 Part Volda Mortar 2 Parts Bat's Blood


To Summon a Demonic Sorcerer

Sorcerer of darkness, Demon of Fright,
I call you now into my sight.

To Vanquish a Demonic Sorcerer

(Power of Three Spell)

Evil blast we cannot use,
The Power of Three now lights the fuse.


Demonic Sorcerers have appeared in a total of 10 episodes and 1 issue throughout the course of the series.

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