The Demonic Ritual of Fertilization is a ritual that the Seer performed to make sure that Cole Turner, who was possessed by the essence of the Source of All Evil, could impregnate Phoebe Halliwell to conceive an heir to the Source.[1]

The Ritual

The power of a harvest moon combined with a special tonic and the blood of the demon will cause the woman to become fertile to a demon's seed and override every preventative measure that she has taken. The tonic must be taken in the morning, and the impregnation must be done when the moon is high in the night's sky.

Cole giving Phoebe the chocolates


The Seer prepared this ritual and put the tonic in a box of chocolates. Cole then surprised Phoebe with the box and a reservation in a honeymoon suite to celebrate his new job at a law firm. He tried to get Phoebe to take a chocolate but she refused, which concerned the Seer. However, Cole later fed Phoebe a chocolate, but Cole became upset when Piper ate one as well. Cole later successfully impregnated Phoebe that night in the honeymoon suite.


The skull in the cauldron.

  • It was not revealed what ingredients were used in the creation of the tonic, however, a skull was seen in the cauldron and it requires the blood of the demon who will impregnate the woman.
  • Because Piper had eaten one of the chocolates, some fans speculated that was the reason Wyatt grew up evil.


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