Hecate's child in a premonition.

"That's because since the day I was hatched, I've been reading books, and they taught me about feelings, human feelings, love, sadness, death."
Drake revealing he hatched from an egg.[src]

Demonic Reproduction is the method through which breeds of demons reproduce. Known methods of reproduction are giving birth, laying eggs, genesis, and through infecting others.


Giving Birth

The Seer with Phoebe's baby

Several breeds of demons are known to reproduce through normal pregnancy.

Demonic Children are the pure evil offspring of upper-level demons, presumably born through regular childbirth.[1]

Certain demons are known to reproduce with mortals in order to give birth to hybrids. Manticores breed with mortal so their children can blend in and hide in plain sight.[2]

When a demonic hybrid is born, they possess a human half and a soul, meaning that they are not inherently evil. The half-demon Belthazor had a human side, which allowed him to fall in love with Phoebe Halliwell.[3] After Cole became the Source of All Evil, he and Phoebe conceived a son that could have a powerful force of good or evil, though the Seer ensured that the child would be evil through her manipulations.[4]

Laying Eggs

Certain demonic breeds lay eggs instead of giving birth. Grimlocks and Mercury Demons are known to lay eggs.[5]


Main article: Genesis

Genesis is the ability to create or spawn lesser beings from one's body. Certain demons can spawn lesser beings, such as Kazi Kings, Swarm Kings and Imp Masters.


Main article: Demonic Conversion

Demonic Conversion is the process to transform another being into a demon through corruption by magical means to which their souls darken, usually done through murdering innocents. Mortals are usually the target for both the corruption and the sacrifice.


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Several breeds of demons can increase their numbers by infecting beings of other species and transforming them into one of their own.

Image Name Method of Reproduction Notable Victims
Wendigo.jpg Wendigos Scratching a living victim. Piper Halliwell
Vampire Queen.jpg Vampires Biting a living victim draining their blood. Paige Matthews
SpiderDemon.jpg Spider demon Scratching a victim. Chris Halliwell
FURIES.jpg Furies Having a good witch with unexpressed fury inhale their smoke. Piper Halliwell
Banshee.jpg Banshees Screaming at a good witch in great pain. Phoebe Halliwell

Notes and Trivia

  • Corruption of the soul seems to be an effective method in turning mortals into demons, as the Siren was consumed by rage when she was burned to death,[6] and the Source's henchmen mentioned potential demons.[7]
    • In one episode, there was an academy designed to turn lost mortals into demons by going through a six-year long program. The mortal receives demonic powers, but won't become a full demon until he kills an innocent.[8]


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