The Demonic Market is a place where demons and other evil beings can purchase magical powers, rare and enslaved beings, artifacts and other wares similar to a mortal (black) market place. The market itself resembles a small and crowded desert village, hidden from mortals and the forces of good. The entrance to the market is hidden in a forest and is generally guarded by Demonic Guards.

Many evil beings, including Hawker Demons, the Parasite Demons and the Crone, reside in or frequently visit the market. 


When the Parasite Demons put a bounty on the head of Wyatt Halliwell for his power, Paige Matthews infiltrated the market to protect her nephew. However, she was quickly captured by the Parasites, so Piper and Phoebe swarmed the market and "took no prisoners," decimating the demonic ranks and destroying everything in sight. The Crone, disgusted at how the Parasites brought destruction to them, killed the remaining one and then degreed a law preventing demons from going after the Twice-Blessed Child again.[1]