A demonic conversion is a process where mortals, half-demons, and other beings can become pure demons. A complete conversion would presumably destroy the soul, causing them to lose the ability to feel human emotions like love. A conversion may cause physical changes, as seen with Sirk, who gained a reptile-like appearance as his conversion advanced. Once completed, a demonic conversion cannot be undone.

Types of Conversion[]

Demonic Training Program[]


Tom Peters' chevrons.

Mortals are recruited into a Demonic Academy and have to follow a brutal training program. They earn chevrons which represent the status of their conversion. In order to complete this conversion, the mortal has to kill another mortal. The process can be reversed by killing the one responsible for the program before the turning mortal completes their training.[1]

Killing Mortals[]

The half-demon Sirk had to kill each mortal relative in order to become fully demonic. With each kill, he would develop another power until he killed every last relative. During the conversion, he would turn into his demonic self and lose his mortal appearance.[2]

The first Wendigo was a mortal man who killed the woman who broke his heart and ate hers.

Newly-turned demons like banshees, furies, and vampires complete their conversion when they kill someone for the first time (or in a vampire's case, drain a person's blood). During this time, the conversion can be reversed by either making the transformed face the root of their problems or destroying the source of their transformation.


A witch who has made a pact with darkness to protect her heart was turned into a Succubus.


In one instance, a woman had an affair with a married man, but when they were caught the man was held blameless while the woman was burned at the stake. The townswomen cheered as they burned her, and her rage turned her into a demon known as the Siren, who killed couples by seducing the men with her enchanted song, incinerating their lungs with her Kiss of Death, and then destroying the couples with Pyrokinesis.[3]

Scientific Еxperiment[]

Once the human government tried to create a serum from a combination of demon and human blood in hopes of creating super soldiers, which eventually led to the spread of the Virus throughout the Magical Community. Many magical beings were infected and turned into demonic super-strong creatures. The more powerful the creature was, the faster the disease spread, and eventually the creature burst into flames as the virus killed them. The Charmed Ones were able to collect a sample of blood from a man named Joe, who was part of the experiment and came back with no reaction.[4]

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