The Demonatrix were a tribe of lethal female demons led by Vincent Wrong, the evil counterpart to the Mr. Right created by Paige Matthews. Unlike other demons, they were ordered to kill other demons instead of innocents.


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Several Demonatrix members, lead by Elisa, worked for Vincent and vanquished many demons on his orders, for example the Smoker Demons. They captured Piper to execute her under Vincent's orders but were vanquished by the combination of Piper's Molecular Combustion and Phoebe deflecting their own shuriken.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • FadingAn energy based form of teleportation.
  • Super Strength: The ability to possess strength beyond humanly possible.
  • Enhanced Agility: The ability to lighten one's body and make oneself more agile.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense the location of other magical beings.
  • Voice Manipulation: The ability to alter one's voice to sound like another or add an echo to one's voice when angered.


Notes and Trivia[]

Alyssa as a demonatrix

Alyssa as a Demonatrix

  • A picture of Alyssa Milano as a Demonatrix is used on her webpage "".
  • The name demonatrix is a play on the word dominatrix and demon.
  • It is left unclear why the Demonatrix would work for Vincent Wrong, apart from his charisma on some of them, he had no clear means to engage them and wasn't fully evil, either, something that the female demons could guess by his actions.


The Demonatrix appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.