The Demon of Anarchy is a demon who seeks to destroy order, harmony, and peace. Thriving on the chaos that results from this destruction, the demon leaves great destruction in his wake.[1]


In 2000, the Charmed Ones wrongly identified one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as the Demon of Anarchy. In the hopes of vanquishing the demon, the sisters cast the spell to vanquish this demon. But their spell, combined with one of the evil spells from the Horsemen, created a vortex to another dimension which trapped Prue and War, one of the Horsemen. Piper and Phoebe reversed the vanquishing spell which reopened the vortex and released them both.[2]

Book of Shadows

Demon of Anarchy
You will know this
demon by the destruction
he leaves in his wake.
His goal is to destroy all
order, to confound all har-
mony, to disrupt all peace.
He thrives on the chaos
That results when
mortals are split asunder
from the structure of
their lives.
To defeat this demon
you must administer the
potion below while chanting:
Sower of discord your works must Cease
I vanquish thee now with these words of Peace
Mix the juice of one pomegranate,
with two measures of honey,
fold in three bay leaves, three laurel leaves,
And one clover blossom.
Steam, then decant into a glass globe,
Wrap the globe in blue velvet.

Reversal Spell

Sower of discord, your help we implore,
I summon thee now, with these words of truce.


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