The Demon Courier worked closely for Lukas as his personal courier. He carried the box containing the Seven Deadly Sins and collected the souls of those consumed by their sins.


This demon infected businessman Robert Pike with Greed. Prue and Phoebe Halliwell stumbled upon him after Prue scryed for unnatural activity. The businessman begged this demon for more of what was in the Sin box and when he got too close, this demon fired a low-voltage purple energy ball, which only sent the businessman flying back unharmed. When Prue and Phoebe intervened the demon teleported away back to Lukas's lair. There, Lukas decided that his demon courier was no longer needed so he vanquished him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Energy Ball: The ability to throw spheres of magical energy resembling electrical discharges.
  • Fading: The ability to teleport in a fading manner.



The Demon Courier appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.