Deflection is an extremely rare power that is bestowed upon one good witch in a generation. It can be used to deflect all kind of supernatural powers that are used against the wielder using a blue energy-based shield that generates from the wielder's hand.


The witch with the power needs to raise her hand at the power—regardless of morality—flying in her direction in order to deflect it. Once activated, her hand emits in a blue glow. Since this power must be consciously activated, the witch in question can be thwarted if unaware of an impending attack.

This power is only bestowed upon one good witch in every generation.


Power stealing

Eames kills Vivian and steals her power.

In 2001, a warlock named Eames sought more powers for himself. Having already stolen the powers of cloning and transmogrification,[1] as well as several other powers, Eames wanted to add a third power to his collection; the power of Deflection.

He had tracked down the witch who possessed this power, Vivian. Using his power of cloning, Eames distracted Vivian and let her kill his clone. Thinking that she vanquished him, Vivian was unaware of the real Eames, who sneaked up behind her, and killed her.[2]

List of beings who use(d) Deflection[]

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.

Book of Shadows[]


The entry on the Deflection power in the Book of Shadows.

Deflection bos - minipiper and leo

The book open to the entry.[3]

The Charmed Ones read an entry on the Deflection power after Natalie had told the Charmed Ones that one of her charges, who possessed the power, was killed by the warlock Eames.


Bestowed upon one witch in
a generation, the Power of
Deflection is a witch's best
shield against the forces of
Darkness. Deflection can be
used against all Supernatural
powers, including those of
Good, and, potentially, it could
be manipulated to defend evil as well.
Like a shield, the Deflection power must be
consciously activated; therefore, a Witch with
this power is vulnerable when unaware of an
impending supernatural attack.

To Counter the Power of Deflection and Vanquish Eames[]


Eames being vanquished.

In order to vanquish the warlock Eames, the Charmed Ones had to counter all the powers he stole. The power of Deflection was one of these powers and thus a line to counter this power, was added to the spell. This line was written by Phoebe, who said that it came out a little country western. The spell goes as follows:

Time for amends and the victims' revenge,
Cloning power turn sour,
Power to change turn to strange,
I'm rejectin' your deflection.

Abilities similar to Deflection[]


Main article: Deviation

The ability to deviate several types of attacks through the use of another power such as Telekinesis or Molecular Combustion. Users will be able to redirect magical or physical attacks by using their power. This ability is often confused with Deflection, though they are not related.

Force Field[]

Main article: Force Field

The ability to create a protective force field around oneself or others, which can be used to protect those inside from physical and magical attacks. Force fields are protective barriers of energy that can block, redirect or absorb attacks. In this manner, it is similar to Deflection.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This power is the only one to have an entry in the Book of Shadows, excluding Leo Wyatt's "Tips For Future Whitelighters", which includes information on how most basic Whitelighter powers work.
  • During the second and third seasons, back-ups were made of the book's entries. The back-up page of the deflection entry was sold in 2009 by, a site that sells props from movies and television shows. Other backup pages that sold included; The second half of the Vinceres entry, the Dark Priestesses entry, the Banshee entry, the Ice Cream Man and The Nothing entry (including the page with drawings of the Ice Cream Truck).
  • Deflection has the unique distinction that it can deflect all supernatural powers, while powers like shielding are often limited to deflecting offensive and projectile powers.
  • Throughout the series, several beings displayed similar abilities to the power of deflection, which may be confusing. However, in nearly all those cases the ability used is deviation.
  • Even in the reboot series this power is scarce, but it seems to be a demonic power and can also reflect spells.