"The sisters and the Book of Shadows are linked. They always have been. And by weakening them, I'll weaken the Book's defenses, too ... enough to make it mine."
Zankou to the Alchemist

Death Becomes Them is the 21st episode of the seventh season and the 155th overall episode of Charmed.


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A menacing confrontation with the undead Innocents that the Charmed Ones were unable to save allows Zankou to take control of the Book of Shadows.


Main Cast

Guest Stars



Magical Notes

Book of Shadows

Demonic Alchemists

  • Leo consults the Book of Shadows and finds an entry on Alchemists. According to the entry, Alchemists have the ability to control the undead but lack the power to bring them back to life.


  • The sisters brought with them potions that would destroy the bodies of the undead.


  • Shredding: Type of Teleportation used by the Raptor Demon.
  • Hyper Speed: Used by the Raptor Demon to move faster.
  • Force Field: Used by the Book of Shadows to protect himself from Zankou (shapeshifted into Piper).
  • Shapeshifting: Used by Zankou to shapeshift into Piper and "Karl".
  • Flaming: Type of Teleportation used by Zankou and the Alchemist.
  • Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Paige.
  • Sensing: Used by Paige to sense when Phoebe's assistant left Phoebe's office so she could Orb in without getting exposed by Phoebe's assistant.
  • Resurrection: Used by Zankou to resurrect Tim, Reece Davidson and Joanna.
  • Apportation: Used by Zankou to apport Reece Davidson's coffin and to apport Tim and Inspector Davidson to the manor and back to the Alchemist's cave.
  • Necromancy: The Alchemist controls the undead. He could also make Inspector Davison remember certain events.
  • Super Strength: Used by Tim to throw Phoebe across a room.
  • Molecular Combustion: Used by Piper to blow up three unknown undead innocents, undead Inspector Davidson and undead Tim.
  • Fireballs: Used by Zankou to vanquish the Alchemist.


Notes and Trivia

Cultural References

  • The title comes from the 1992 film "Death Becomes Her", a black comedy starring Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, and Goldie Hawn.
  • Zankou's line "Impressive. Most impressive. But you're gonna learn to like me yet" is a reference to the line "Impressive. Most impressive. But you're not a Jedi yet" said by Darth Vader in Star Wars.


  • When Paige orbs into Phoebe's office, the sunblind on the door is closed but the next time the door is seen, the sunblind is opened.
  • In the scene where Paige and Joanna are in P3, there is a man in a striped shirt that walks by approximately 4-5 times during their talk.
  • In the scene where Paige finds Joanna's body, Joanna's left arm changes between shots.

Continuity Errors

  • In this episode, the Alchemist can only control the dead and not bring them back to life. This condradicts "Coyote Piper", where an Alchemist could bring the dead back to life.
  • Phoebe claims not to know about cars or mechanics, though in "The Wendigo" she tells Piper that she dated a mechanic and knows about cars. Also, in "The Witch is Back" she assists Piper in selecting the right tool for Leo upon his asking. However, it could be in part that Phoebe was flirting with Tim.


Episode Stills

International Titles

  • French: Derniers maux - 1ère partie (Last/Extreme Evils/Hardships - 1st Part)
  • Czech: Smrt jim sluší (Death Suits Them)
  • Slovak: Smrť im pristane (Death Suits Them)
  • Spanish (Spain): Y llegó la muerte (And Death Came)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Los muertos se revelan (The Dead are Revealed)
  • Italian: La morte ti fa strega (Death makes you a Witch)
  • German: Der Tod steht Ihnen gut (Death Becomes Them Well)
  • Hungarian: Jól áll nekik a halál (Death Becomes Them)
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