A Dark Binding ceremony is a ritual performed by a Dark Priestess; which binds two people as husband and wife and turns them evil.


Dark Binding2

Dantalian binding Zile and Prue's hands together.

In 2001, the priestess Dantalian worked with the warlock Zile to force Prue Halliwell into the ritual. Once Prue and Zile were wed, Prue became evil. As her magic was interconnected to her sisters and the Book of Shadows through the Power of Three, Piper and Phoebe became evil as well, whereas the Book of Shadows became a grimoire. The effects of the ritual were reversed when Zile was vanquished, turning the sisters and the book good again.[1]


A few verses mentioned by the Dark Priestess during a binding ceremony are:

In the Beginning we were damned
And through damnation we found freedom, power, and purpose
As I unite you today
I remind you of those gifts
And in your union
May these gifts increase
So your powers may grow
In the Service of Evil
So be it.


  • Handfasting can be considered a good counterpart to this ritual.
  • Dark Priests can perform a similar ritual known as a Dark Wedding.
  • This is the first, and only kind of magic that transforms all three original Charmed Ones into another supernatural species: Warlocks.
    • It is also the only spell or magic that changed Prue to another supernatural or magical species.
  • This ritual appears more potent and more successful in turning the Charmed Ones evil than any other magic as its effect changes Piper and Phoebe so drastically that they kill Leo and start considering killing innocents.
  • This ritual apparently has the same or similar effect as a love spell as shown by Prue while she was married through this ritual, even under Dantalian's control, she proclaims her loyalty to Zile as his wife over that of her sisters as well as love for him. Although her blank expression proves these feelings are not real.