Dan Haberkorn working on a copy of the Necromancer illustration. One of his favorites.

Dan Haberkorn is an artist that created entries for the prop Book of Shadows during the last half of season 2 through season 7.

His first job for Charmed was creating the Halliwell family tree for the episode Pardon My Past. Since then, he created the pages for the book until the end of season 7.

List of props[]

This incomplete list features notable creations of Dan Haberkorn:

  • The Book of Shadows pages (second half of season 2 through season 7)
  • The Halliwell Family Tree
  • Paige's fairytale book painting (season 4)
  • The Grimoire (season 4)
  • The fairytale book (season 5)
  • The Halliwell's fairytale book (season 5)
  • Superheroes drawing of the Charmed Ones (season 5)
  • "New Fame" magazine cover with Ask Phoebe (season 6)
  • The Witch Wars logo and opening (season 6)
  • The Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson drawing in of the Magic School books
  • The Crossed, Double-Crossed book (season 7)
  • The Avatar Vanquishing Potion (season 7)


  • Dan Haberkorn is one of five artists to make pages for the Book of Shadows. Out of all five artists, he created the most entries.
    • One of those five artists was someone who filled in for Dan for 3 to 6 pages. This was probably one of Dan's assistants who created the Mind Link entry.
  • Dan sold some of his artwork for Charmed on his website (which now has been reworked and only features a few samples of his work for the show).
  • Dan was the only Book of Shadows-artist to sell his artwork until Derek Baron sold pages during late 2006 and 2007.
  • One of Dan's favorite entries he created, was The Necromancer.
  • Currently still owns a large pack of blank pages from the prop Book of Shadows.

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