Daisy was a future Whitelighter who fell in love with a Darklighter named Alec, who also fell in love with her. When Daisy discovered his true nature, she broke off the relationship. However, Alec wasn't willing to give up on their love and started stalking her.


After breaking off her relationship with Alec, the Elders sent Leo Wyatt to protect her. Leo told Daisy she needed to go to San Francisco, as he had powerful friends there that could help. He also cloaked Daisy so that Alec wouldn't be able to find her. However, Alec eventually tracked Leo down and shot him with his Darklighter Crossbow. Leo told Daisy to run and orbed to the Halliwell Manor. As the poison spread, the cloak on Daisy disappeared, putting her in danger.

She tried to take a bus back home, but Alec found her at the bus station. The Charmed Ones found them and saved her from Alec. When they returned to the Manor, Daisy was distressed to find Leo dead and tried to leave to keep more people from getting hurt. Piper told her if she left, then Alec will surely find her and Leo would have died in vain. Minutes after Piper healed Leo, the Darklighter orbed into the Manor and captured Daisy again. Piper, who had traded powers with Leo, used sensing to locate her, and Prue and Phoebe then rescued her and vanquished Alec with his own power. Daisy then returned to her family.

Notes and Trivia[]


Daisy appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.