D.J. was Bane Jessup's right-hand man.


D.J. was very loyal to Bane but also feared him. When sent to inform Barbas of their progress, the Demon of Fear revealed D.J.'s greatest fear was that Bane would be double-crossed and kill him for it. He then created an illusion of Bane storming into the office and shooting him.

D.J. later visited the morgue with Barbas and discovered that the real Ms. Hellfire was dead and that Prue had taken her place. He then informed Bane, who was dancing with Prue, of her true identity. He was presumably arrested along with Bane when their plan failed, though he was not seen again.

Physical Appearance[]

D.J. wore his long red hair in a ponytail, and had a goatee and an earring. D.J. wore a wheat-colored shirt under a suit jacket, and carried a gun wherever he went.


D.J. appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.