"They're not to be taken lightly."
—Melinda, to Phoebe[src]

Curses are powerful magical enchantments or spells designed to cause negative effects to occur, such as repeated deaths or eternal imprisonment.


Curses are often placed on a particular object or aimed at a certain individual. Curses are a powerful form of magic that both beings of Good and Evil have been known to perform.

Witches can cast curses through the use of spell casting, though they are warned not to take curses lightly.[1] Cursing another is generally viewed as an act of necessary evil. Additionally, witches who do not actively practice magic are immune to the effects of cursing.[2]

According to Leo Wyatt, curses are difficult to break and how they came about is often more important than the magic itself.[3]

List of Curses[]


Melinda Warren's Warlock Curse[]


Matthew being sealed inside the Pewter Heart.

Melinda Warren placed a curse on Matthew Tate, locking him inside an amulet for over 300 years. He was freed in 1998, but Melinda cursed him into it again after the Charmed Ones summoned her for help. After she cursed him, she took the locket with her when the Charmed Ones released her--keeping him trapped for eternity.[4]

"Outside of time,
Outside of gain;
Know only sorrow,
Know only pain!"

To Kill An Evil Witch[]


Russell being cursed and while strangled.

"God, forgive us."
P. Baxter as she curses her cousin.[src]

In 1924, P. Bowen and P. Baxter decided to kill their cousin P. Russell after she turned evil under the influence of the warlock Anton. Believing Russell and Anton were soulmates who would be far too much for their descendants to handle if they ever got together again, Bowen and Baxter killed Russell and cursed her soul so that her future lives would die during their 24th year. This curse nearly killed Phoebe Halliwell 76 years later.[5]

Evil Witch in my sight,
Vanquish thy self,
Vanquish thy might
In this and every future life.


Egyptian Urn[]


The Urn.

The Egyptian urn was cursed to punish whoever steals it by killing them. The object is protected by a Guardian who proceeds with the punishment on the guilty, by transforming her jewelry into venomous animals, such as spiders or scorpions. The only way to deactivate the curse is a selfless act from the guilty one. In 1999, three men stole it and attempted to sell it, but two of them were killed and the third was spared after he protected Phoebe from harm.[6]

Grams's Ring[]


Piper is affected by the ring.

The sisters' grandmother, Penny, cursed her engagement ring after her sixth engagement to remind herself of the meaning of marriage and the consequences that came with it. This cursed ring was later worn by two of her granddaughters, Phoebe and Piper Halliwell, and turned them both into housewives of the 1950s.[7]

The ring's inscription
"To gain another is to lose yourself"

The Cursed Painting[]

Warlocks with Phoebe sucked in painting

Phoebe casts the spell to curse herself, Jane and Malcolm into the painting.

In the 1920s, a powerful witch named Nell tricked a warlock into a painting with a hidden spell that only his power of X-ray vision could see. When reading the spell, Malcolm was trapped inside the painting, in an old castle, a world that can only be created if you have a very high level of magic. The interior of the castle is full of traps to kill the prisoner: Statues that breathe fire, blades in the windows… and a secret passage behind a bookcase. Malcolm's girlfriend, Jane Franklin, gave the painting to the sisters and tricked them into helping free Malcolm. They were eventually trapped inside while the painting burned, killing Jane and Malcolm both.[8]

To Free What is Lost
Absolvo amitto amplus brevis. Semper mea.
Words Free Us All
Verba Omnes Liberant.

Cursed Athame[]


The Cursed Athame

A witch used the cursed athame on Captain Black Jack Cutting which made him age. The pirate captain then used the same blade to cut out her heart. In 2004, he used it to cut a practitioner witch named Brenda Castillo, and again on Paige Matthews. While Brenda died of old age, the captain and Paige were restored after drinking water from the Fountain of Youth.

Phoenix Feather[]


William Shakespeare accidentally cursed Romeo and Juliet when he used a quill with a Phoenix feather to write their tragic love story. The magic of the quill caused the fateful pair to repeat the cycle for eternity. Every time they reincarnate, their memories of their previous lives remain intact and they always find each other, only to be separated by death again. In 2008, Romeo and Juliet manage to break the curse by having Phoebe Halliwell, a Charmed One officiate the ceremony.

Spirit Killers[]

Spirit Killers, a powerful type of Darklighters, have the active power to curse their victims, which essentially curses an individual with bad luck, leading them to become increasingly depressed as they continuously make mistakes and cause harm to others until driven to commit suicide.[9]

Witch Doctor[]

Witch Doctors, are capable of placing curses on people using voodoo dolls that can change their behavior or cause misfortune. A witch doctor placed a curse on the Charmed Ones turning their character flaws into obsessions.



Vicus cursing the teddy bear.

A demon named Vicus sought to turn Wyatt Halliwell evil. To do so, he cursed his teddy bear Wuvey and proceeded to gain his trust by acting as an imaginary friend. When Wyatt trusted Vicus and handed him the teddy bear, the curse took effect and turned Wyatt and his future self evil. Leo realized Vicus cursed Wyatt by earning his trust and did the same thing to undo the curse.[10]

The Nicolae Tribe[]


Orin the Gypsy Hunter was blinded by the Nicolae Gypsies.

"Years ago, my tribe threw a curse on a gypsy hunter named Orin. Blinding him so he no longer had the power to spot our people."
Lydia Nicolae explaining the curse.[src]

At one point in time, the Nicolae clan of Gypsies cursed the Gypsy Hunter Orin with blindness so he could no longer hunt their kind. The curse burned out his eyes, and also made it such, that any time he attempted to implant new eyes, these would burn out as well. To break the curse, Orin stole the eyes of the deceased Lydia Nicolae, gaining her power of the Evil Eye in the process.[11]

The Wolf and Owl[]

A jealous Demonic Sorcerer called the Boss placed a curse on two innocents, Brooke and Christopher, so that they could never be together. The curse turned Brooke into a wolf at night and Christopher into an owl in the day.[12]

The Parasite Demons[]

Centuries ago, a witch cast a spell and cursed two powerful demons, stripping them of their powers and turning them into demonic leeches, as well as social pariahs in demonic circles.[13]


Oscar was cursed into the form of a dog by an evil witch for several unexplained reasons. Paige eventually started to understand him and cast a counterspell to reverse the curse.[14]

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