"I found a way to vanquish the leader of the Creepers."
Piper to Paige.[src]

Creepers are a breed of demons. They are very powerful, large cloaked demons who dwell in the slivers of night. They have large white eyes, claws and have an unusual facial structure. Their powers are unknown.


Necromancing the Stone[]

Piper Halliwell vanquished a leader of the Creepers in preparation for Wyatt's Wiccaning. This could indicate that they prey on or feed of spirits of the deceased.

Sword and the City[]

When Piper drew the sword Excalibur from the stone, its power and Mordaunt's manipulation corrupted her. She started recruiting demons to sit at her round table, one of which was a Creeper. He was later vanquished by Mordaunt with the other demons when he absorbed all their powers.


(Although there was never a page seen, Piper says she found the spell in the Book of Shadows. There was also a vanquishing potion.)

To Summon a Creeper[]

Demons who dwell
in slivers of night,
Uncloak your shadows
to witches sight.

Powers and Abilities[]

Other Powers
  • Life Link: The ability to become symbiotic with another being. According to Piper, by taking out the leader, the entire clan would die with him.


Notes and Trivia[]


One of the masks worn to portray a Creeper demon.

  • Todd Tucker who portrayed the Creeper Demon has portrayed other various characters on the show like the Aggressor, the gremlins, Krychek Demons and others.


Creepers appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.