"Look, Mylie, this isn't the time or the place for this. Whatever I feel for you should come out when I'm ready."
—Craig being reluctant to admit his feelings.[src]

Craig Wilson was a mortal man who fell in love with a woman named Mylie, though he was unaware of her true nature as a mermaid.


When Mylie wanted to find true love, she made a deal with the Sea Hag to get legs in order to wander on land. She met Craig and fell in love with him. When her time began to run out, she tried to get him to admit his true feelings. However, before he could, she started to transform back into a mermaid due to the rain, and was forced to leave.


Craig about to confess his love.

After Mylie asked the Charmed Ones for help, Paige went to meet Craig. However, he was tired of her secrets and refused to come until Paige told him her life was in danger. Paige took Craig to the manor, where Mylie revealed her true nature. This caused Craig to freak out and leave.

Mylie was then taken by the Sea Hag. When the sisters vanquished the hag, they found Mylie was dying due to the Auger Shell draining her immortality. Leo quickly orbed Craig to the cavern and he finally admitted that he loved her. This caused Mylie to turn human and allowed Leo to heal her.


Craig Wilson appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.