Corporealization is the power to become corporeal, thus enabling the user to move objects or assume a (temporary) solid and visible form. It is the opposite form of intangibility.

There are instances in which a spirit can only make themselves able to directly interact with the physical world without becoming invisible to human eyes.

List of Users[]


Certain spirits, such as Grams and Patty Halliwell, when summoned through the To Summon the Dead spell, can assume a solid form after stepping out of the candle circle into which they are summoned.[1] Other spirits, such as Rick and Nathan Lang have displayed the ability to become corporeal on their own by channeling their deep-rooted anger.[2] Jackson Ward and Charlene Hughes were able to pick up objects while remaining invisible.[3][4]

The Necromancer[]

The Necromancer, the ghost of a demon, could corporealize by absorbing other spirits. However, this effect was only temporary, depending on how strong the absorbed spirit was.[5]


Valkyries search battlefields for the spirits of warriors and place their souls inside small vials. Once they return to Valhalla and release the souls, the Valkyries can make the warriors corporealize.[6]

Wyatt Halliwell[]

Wyatt Halliwell was able to summon Penny's spirit from inside Piper's womb and make her completely corporeal.[7]


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