Corporealization is the ability to become corporeal, thus enabling the user to move objects or assume a (temporary) solid and visible form.

List of Users


Certain spirits, such as Penny Halliwell and Patty Halliwell, when summoned through the To Summon the Dead spell, can assume a solid form after stepping out of the circle in which they are summoned.[1] Other spirits, such as Rick and Nathan Lang have displayed the ability to become corporeal on their own by channeling their anger.[2] Jackson Ward and Charlene Hughes were able to pick up objects.[3][4]

The Necromancer

The Necromancer, the ghost of a demon, could corporealize by absorbing other spirits. However, this effect was only temporary, depending on how strong the absorbed spirit was.[5]


Valkyries search battlefields for the spirits of warrior and absorb their souls. Once they return to Valhalla and release the souls, the warriors will corporealize.[6]

Wyatt Halliwell

Wyatt Halliwell was able to summon Penny's spirit from inside Piper's womb and make her completely corporeal.[7]


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