Throughout the entire series, several continuity errors (including technical) have been discovered by viewers. A continuity error is a factual error/mistake that cannot be explained in-universe due to a misalignment of canonical information. Below is a list of these errors, including technical production mistakes.

Note: This page serves as a list of continuity errors. It does not serve as a place where these should be explained, theorized or discussed.

Season 1

Something Wicca This Way Comes

  • While at the crime scene, Andy and Darryl are standing outside and Andy's jacket is soaked in rain. However in the next shot they're entering the residence and Andy's jacket is no longer soaked. Furthermore, later in the scene rain appears on his jacket again.
  • Right after Phoebe arrives Piper takes Prue's purse to go and pay for the cab. However when she comes back into the manor we don't see her put the purse down anywhere, and as she's walking to Phoebe and Prue her hands are empty. Yet in the next shot you can see Prue's purse laying on the table right behind Piper—where she couldn't have laid it.
  • When Phoebe opens the door to the attic, she shines the flashlight in the room, however, when the camera changes angle the flashlight is pointed at the floor.
  • In the attic when Jeremy bursts in, two fireballs are thrown from his athame, yet only one lands to surround the girls. The other one seemingly disappears.
  • The tree in front of the Halliwell Manor is completely bald the night they get their powers (we see Jeremy standing there in the rain). The next morning, when Piper leaves, the tree has not just leaves but also flowers.
  • In the beginning when it is raining, we see Piper walk up the steps to the front door carrying a black umbrella with one stripe, when she gets inside, we see that the umbrella is solid brown with different colored flowers.
  • In the scene when Piper and Jeremy are in the taxi, Piper gives him a fortune cookie. You can see her closing the box. In the next shot of Jeremy, you can see the box is still open.
  • While Phoebe and Prue are in the pharmacy, right before Prue gets mad and sees many things flying off the shelves, you can see the Chamomile Tea just to the left of Prue's shoulder that Phoebe was talking about. However when you see the products flying off the shelves nothing on that shelf near Prue moved, but when they cut back to Prue the Chamomile Tea is gone and all of the product to the left of her is disheveled.
  • When Piper first freezes Jeremy, his mouth is open, but when it cuts to the next scene, it's closed.
  • When Jeremy stands outside, after Phoebe invoked the powers, we can see three lights moving in the window, the flashlights of the sisters who check the living room. However, the next scene shows the sisters coming down the stairs. This is due to the clip of Jeremy standing outside the house comes from the unaired pilot. In the unaired pilot, they showed Jeremy only after the sister came downstairs, not in between the clip of Phoebe casting the spell, and the sisters going downstairs.
  • When the sisters are doing the spell before Phoebe's vision of a thorny Jeremy you see Phoebe push the thorns of the rose into the clay doll twice.
  • At the end of the episode, right after Andy asks Prue out, the sisters turn around to head back inside but right before they turn Prue has her hands by her side and in the next shot her arms are crossed again.
  • As Prue uses her power to close the front door you can clearly see that the inside of the manor is not the same layout as they portray it to be on the inside.

I've Got You Under My Skin

  • When Stefan is giving Phoebe the address of where to go when she wants to model. Just before he writes on the napkin you can see that the address is already there so he pretends to write it.
  • As Phoebe and Piper are unloading the food from the back of the van to give to the church you see Phoebe hand off the first of four trays but then the camera changes angles back and forth and then you see her hand off the third, but where did the second go?
  • Also after Phoebe hands out the last tray she is never seen doing anything but talking to Piper yet when they switch angles you can see the door of the warming box has been closed already.

Thank You For Not Morphing

  • At the very beginning of this episode, as the girls are leaving the manor to go to the party, they open the front door too wide and you can clearly see that the layout of the manor does not coincide with the layout of the re-created manor on the sound stage. For example, there is a wall only a few feet after entering the house. You can also see this in Episode 1 and throughout the series.
  • As the girls are saying hello to their neighbors at the party they show the girls standing shoulder to shoulder, but as Prue says "Tell me about it", Piper and Phoebe are standing together but separate from Prue and in the next shot they are all back together shoulder to shoulder.
  • Right after Piper and Phoebe are standing across from Prue talking to her and when the camera angle changes to Prue it shows Phoebe's right shoulder in the shot - right where Piper's head should be.
  • Right after Prue magically had a drink in her hand.
  • As Prue is about to leave the party and Andy yells "Prue wait" Fritz is supposed to be standing next to Andy but you can see him over there with his supposed brother and Sister - Andy nowhere in sight.
  • When Prue returns to the manor and is being chased out by the dog, they show the dog coming from the stairs and entering the foyer but then they change camera angles and the dog hasn't entered the foyer yet.
  • In the scene where the girls are sitting at the table discussing their father you can see prue's necklace get longer and longer
  • One of the shape shifters could open the front door by shapeshifting his finger into the key, yet he could not do the same with the attic door.
  • The shapeshifter, as a mailman, grabs the Book of Shadows from the attic, but as we learn later, evil is not able to touch the Book.
  • When the mailman shapeshifter sees Prue coming home he goes back inside and shuts the door but he never re-locks it. Yet when Prue comes in you can see the deadbolt unlocking - as if it as already locked.
  • Right after this Andy the shapeshifter is seen heading to the room to the left of the front door but only seconds later when Prue enters she finds him standing near the stairs looking around.
  • When Prue finds "Andy" in her house, there is a guy sitting in the sun-room in the background, most likely a crew member.
  • Right before the girls arrive home after dinner the shape shifters are in their house and Phoebe's shapeshifter is shown getting up off the chair across from Piper's shapeshifter but then when it shows Phoebe's shapeshifter changing back to Marshall it shows him next to the window, not in the middle of the room where he/she was.
  • When the book flipped itself, the page Famous Books and a page with the Relinquishment woodcut were flipped several times, as if there were duplicate pages.
  • When Phoebe first recites the spell to kill the shape shifters (while standing on the stairs), she says "In the space that is home". While the Book of Shadows states the first line of the spell is "When in the space that is home".
  • As the girls begin saying the spell to vanquish the shapeshifters both Cynda and Fritz are standing in the doorway of the dining room. However, near the end of the spell all of them - Marshall, Cynda, and Fritz - are standing to the right with Victor.
  • As the girls are waiting to see Victor, at the end of the episode, you can see two of Phoebes straps on her right shoulder but in the next camera shot they overlap and you can only see one.

Dead Man Dating

  • While Piper is rushing to clean up the invitations for Prue's party, we see her picking up all the cards in her hand from a front shot, then as they get a shot from the back, the cards are still on the counter.
  • When Mark is shot dead, there is no wound or blood anywhere to be seen.
  • As Mark is shot, he falls and his arm lays limp over a trash can, but in the next shot the trash can has been moved.
  • Right after Mark is shot dead, as his ghost is leaving his body, you see that his body lays on the ground in one position and in the next shot you see Mark standing over his dead body - which has now been moved to a different position.
  • Also right after Mark is shot you can see something colorful to the right of him, with tissue paper behind it, but when they show a close up of him the colorful object is there but the tissue paper is gone.
  • When Mark is outside the Hotel with Piper a car drives through him, but he can sit in Piper's car and be driven around. Also he can't touch the TV but can sit on the sofa.
  • In the scene where Prue comes out of the downstairs bathroom in a towel calling the party off, we see that there is a full bath under the stairs, yet in all other episodes that bathroom doesn't exist and is actually a small closet.
  • When Phoebe copies the Chinese characters, she puts them the wrong way around.
  • When Mark gets into the car, you can see it move under his weight - but ghosts don't weigh anything. This also happened when he sat down on the sofa.
  • When Wong has Piper tied in the chair, he grabs the back of her hair with his left arm. In the first shot you can tell that his right arm, with the gun, is relaxed at his side. But in the next shot, his arm, and the gun, are steadily aimed at Piper.
  • In the scene where Trudeau pulls out the picture of Wong holding the newspaper, the picture shows Wong looking to the right but when Piper took the picture earlier he was actually looking to the left (since that is the side that they came in from).
  • Right after Yama takes Wong he is supposed to say "Now... you are next" but he never says it and yet they never took it out of the subtitles too.

Dream Sorcerer

  • While in Skye's dream - right before throwing her off - the dream sorecerer says "look Skye you rejected me..." but the subtitle actually says "like Julia you rejected me.." which was his first girlfriend and why he started killing girls that reject him.
  • As Andy and Darryl are inspecting Skye's apartment, Andy says that the apartment is on the ground floor. However, as he says this, the view of the Transamerica Pyramid through the window behind him makes it obvious that the apartment is not on the ground floor.
  • As Prue wakes up from her dream in the bathtub they show her wiping water off of her eyes - and there's soap on her hands, and a strand of hair in her face - as they cut back to her, the soap on her hand disappears, and her hair is back in place and her hand has moved to a new position.
  • When Phoebe arrives home after she ditched Hans, she takes one bunch of flowers to her left hand and takes one of the chocolates to the mouth. When she came to the kitchen, she has flowers in right hand and the chocolate from her mouth disappeared.
  • After Prue is taken into the hospital and goes unconscious the Dream Sorcer tells Prue that she really hurt him last night and "not just my feelings" - referring to her stabbing him in the hand - but that actually happened that night, not the night before.

The Wedding from Hell

  • Right after Piper and Phoebe tell the security guard in the kitchen that the priest is after the bride they hear a crash outside and go running out of the kitchen, but when Phoebe arrives outside she suddenly has her jacket on and her purse in her hand.
  • The girls and Alison interrupt the wedding right when the priest asks if anyone has objections to the wedding. Which means they hadn't actually recited their vows yet and gotten married so even if Hecate had sex with Elliott she shouldn't be able to conceive because earlier Phoebe mentioned that Hecate had to have a holy matrimony in order for the pregnancy to work.
  • When the demons push the girls into the bedroom Prue drops her purse, then in the next shot she has it again. We see Elliot Spencer roll off the bed to pick up the knife next to Prue's purse on the floor.
  • When Prue telekinetically throws two bridesmaids against a wall, you can see behind the set wall slightly at the top of the screen upon impact.

The Fourth Sister

  • When Kali appears while Phoebe is sleeping we see her in the mirror and along with Phoebe's bed. We do not however see Phoebe asleep in the bed. Instead the bed is empty and has been made.
  • Aviva leaves her sweater in the sun room but later it is in the kitchen.
  • When Prue opens the closet in Aviva's room the mirror shows her in front of a closed door, not an open closet.
  • When Prue opens Aviva's closet we can see all of her ritual belongings (candles, mat, skull). However, only a minute later Aviva goes to Prue's room and pulls out her candles, mat, and skull - all of which is supposedly in her closet at home still.
  • When Phoebe gets the premonition of Prue being killed by Aviva, we can see Prue wearing the actual outfit she wore on the day, then Aviva, but when it comes back to Prue, she wears a leather jacket.

The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts

  • When Dr. Mitchell was killed by Gavin, his eyes turned pure white, yet when the Charmed Ones saw him, his eyes were normal.
  • When Piper and Phoebe ran to the place where Dr. Mitchell was killed, Prue seconds later, which is impossible as Piper and Phoebe were way ahead of her. Also, Prue didn't have a reason to run there, because she didn't know about Phoebe's premonition.
  • When Prue was flipping through the Book of Shadows, she turned the page to the Truth Spell, yet in the next shot there is the Demons page.
  • When Prue was flipping through the Book of Shadows, the position of bookmarks changes in between shots.
  • When Gavin asked Prue about the girl she was standing next to the elevator with [Phoebe], Prue said "I don't remember," which was a lie, even though she's supposed to be under the influence of the Truth Spell and thus unable to lie.

The Witch is Back

  • In the beginning when Prue lets Matthew out of the locket, her hand keeps moving from at her side to on her stomach when the shot changes.
  • When Matthew is cursed back into the locket at the end of the episode, the sisters' heads move at the wrong time whilst he is being sucked to the locket.
  • Matthew broke Prue's window, but in the over head shots the glass wasn't there.

Wicca Envy

  • When Piper freezes the room Leo is leaning against the door, but later he isn't.
  • Phoebe and Prue comment on Piper wearing a front clasp bra, but if you look closely you can see that she isn't wearing a front clasp bra.
  • When Leo goes to the attic to look for the tiara he opens the trunks with a wave of his hand, but in all future episodes he can only move something by orbing it - in which case we should have seen orbs.
  • As Piper is breaking Prue out of jail Prue grabs the donut from a cop but as she comes running outside she no longer has the donut.
  • When the sisters are looking in the Book of Shadows, Phoebe asks if the relinquishing spell is reversible and Piper answers "It doesn't say". But if you look at the book carefully, you can see what's written: "This spell is to be used in dire emergency; not lightly, only by choice." and the next line says "This spell is


  • At the very end of the episode Leo leaves the manor by orbing out and the door opens on his way out, but he actually would have just gone right through the door. Like he goes through the ceilings etc. in all future episodes.

The Wendigo

  • Right after Agent Fallon snaps Billy's neck it cuts to the shot of Billy falling to the ground and Agent Fallon's hands are already back down to her sides - which wouldn't be possible.
  • Right after Prue and Phoebe arrive at the park it shows the Wendigo rip Andy's shirt open all the way to the tie, but in the next shot the upper portion his shirt isn't ripped open anymore.

From Fear to Eternity

  • At the beginning of the episode the girls are sitting around a table out in the sunroom and Piper and Phoebe get up to leave and exit via the dining room but then the camera shows them walking through the living room instead.
  • When Andy bursts in on Prue in the shower, there is no white in her hair but when Phoebe comes home, the streak has suddenly materialized.
  • When Phoebe points out that Prue came close to dying Prue walks over to the mirror and the streak of white in her hair has moved.
  • When Phoebe is playing with her coin she picks it up and then spills the water - yet suddenly the good luck coin is gone.
  • If you look carefully you can see a big white spot covering Shannen's tattoo when she is in the shower.
  • When Prue is in the swimming pool her bra strap is white. When she finally gets out of the pool she is wearing a black one.
  • When Phoebe is sitting there debating if she should lie or not lie. You can see that there is no water in the water bottle. Yet when she spills it, it is full of water.
  • On the close up of Zoe's dead body, you can see a tiny bit of her dark hair poking out from underneath the white wig.
  • Prue's white hair disappears after the scene where she notices it.

Secrets and Guys

  • When Phoebe and Leo are sitting at a table at Quake Phoebe says, " You know, what you're going to tell Piper". At that point left arm is laying on the table but they change angles and her left arm is up underneath her chin.

Is There a Woogy in the House?

  • At the beginning of the episode the gasman goes into the basement and trips on a box - dropping his flash light - he doesn't take any steps forward after that but kneels on the floor to take a closer look at the crack in the next shot, and you can see that the boxes have been moved to further behind him.
  • After the gas man says to the girls, "By tonight there will be no more problems", he goes back down to the basement and before the shadow on the wall separates from him you see the shadow's arm swing forward when the gas man's arm should also swing forward - but it didn't - his arm actually swung back as the shadow's arm swung forward.
  • In "The Fourth Sister", Leo hangs up flyers of the "lost" Kit around the neighborhood, and we see that the Halliwell's address is 7571 Prescott Street, but in this episode, Phoebe mentions on the phone that their address is 1329 Prescott Street.
  • When Prue and Piper have to spend the night outside, you notice that the previous night, Prue had a black choker on. In the morning you can clearly see that Prue now has a simple silver necklace, until you see Piper go and throw a brick in the window, when we flash back to Prue, she has the black choker on again.
  • Piper is in the kitchen trying to make dinner. She puts her head in her hands and says something like "What did I do to deserve this?" Well if you look carefully, when Josh comes in, she takes her hands off of her face and it's clean. But, a second later her entire face is covered with flour. As for when she uses flour, you can notice Holly Marie deliberately put flour on her arm.
  • After Piper tries to leave the house and gets shocked and falls backwards into the foyer, Prue helps her up. At that point Prue is standing sideways in the foyer. Then they show the door close and they change the shot back to Prue but now she is standing straight forward and is in a different part of the foyer.
  • At the very end of the episode as Piper and Prue head into the basement to help Phoebe, you can see that the outlet cover for the basement light switch is gone, but it was there at the beginning of the show when the gas man went into the basement.

Which Prue is It, Anyway?

  • At the very beginning of the episode right after the boxer - Luther Stubbs - gets killed, the killer puts his sword up to Luther's chest and he has both hands on one side of the sword but when the shot changes now one hand is gripping one side of the sword and the other hand is on the other side.
  • As Phoebe is telling her sisters about "Slam Man", a small section of her hair keeps falling into her face from the left side of her head in between shots, but in the next shot her hair is pulled back and just fine.
  • The morning after Phoebe's premonition of Prue's death, when her and Piper are in the kitchen, Phoebe is sketching out the sword from her premonition and puts her pencil down on her sketch. Then Piper asks if that was the sword, and the next shot is of her sketch and the pencil has disappeared.
  • When Prue leaves Piper and Phoebe downstairs to go up to the attic to cast the multiplying spell, we see Piper's hair down - but as soon as she and Phoebe run upstairs and see three Prues, Piper's hair is up in a ponytail.
  • After the multiplying spell has been cast, and 2 Prue's head to Buckland's, they are in Prue's office and Claire comes knocking on her door. Prue in pink is standing at the door talking to Claire and she has a paper in her right hand. Claire then tries to push the door further open and Prue takes her right hand and holds the door to stop it from opening further - the paper is now gone from her hand. Jump to the next shot and her right hand is now down by her side and the paper is back in it.
  • As Andy is leaving the manor, after reporting Pink Prue's death, Blue Prue lets him out the front door. As she does, she has her arm leaned up on the front door and in the next shot her arm is much further down on the door and then in the next shot - from the outside of the house - her arm isn't on the door at all.

That '70s Episode

  • When the Halliwell's enter 'Buddy's' you can see a woman with long brown hair, and a man wearing a strange shirt getting up to leave. But later when Phoebe comes running in, they are still in the cafe.
  • When Nick tells Piper that he knows she froze him, you can see a clock behind the girls. The time shown on the clock is 12:25 even though it is supposed to be noon.
  • The movie Jaws didn't open for another four months from the date featured in this episode.
  • When Piper and Prue are about to take their younger selves from the house to go stop Nicholas, Andy enters and says "freeze" so little Piper freezes the scene, Piper and Prue included. However, they shouldn't have frozen like Andy did because even though they went back into time they're still witches, and witches don't freeze.
  • When Phoebe takes a photo of Patty with little Prue and Piper, they are in another position than when the photo is shown at the end of the episode. Patty's holding her daughters hands another way and Piper was looking in front of her instead of looking to the floor.
  • In season three in the episode Magic Hour Phoebe is discusing with Prue that she would more likely be Piper's Maid of Honor than herself because Prue had more bonding time with Piper before she was born. Prue replies that Piper was one and she was three, but in this episode Phoebe is yet to be born and little Prue and Piper are clearly much older than the ages of one and three.

Out of Sight

  • When Prue runs after the Grimlock and David Hatcher, there are trees around the hole that the Grimlock opened, but when the Grimlock and David are gone, the trees are not there.
  • When Phoebe finds the underground location where the two kidnapped boys are supposedly being kept, she has her black backpack on and she still has it as she leaves to go to the Manor to fetch Prue and Piper. However when it cuts to her climbing the steps to the Manor, she no longer has the backpack on. But once inside, she is wearing it again.
  • When Prue finished making the potion for the Grimlocks, she tried to pour it inside an empty jar while you can see another jar full of green liquid on her side. After a few seconds, she received and answered a call from Phoebe, leaving the jar without any content. However, after answering the call from Phoebe, she hurriedly took two full jars which is highly impossible since she is alone and she didn't pour the potion into the jar yet.

The Power of Two

  • When Prue drinks the potion to stop her heart we see her drink the full glass but later we see some of the red liquid left over.
  • When Phoebe and Prue are unpacking the grocery bag at the end, we can see that Phoebe is holding a cotton bag. However in the next shot, she is holding a tampon tampax box, and just taking out the cotton bag from the packet.
  • When Phoebe is at Alcatraz and is yelling at the ghost inside the cell the people behind her in the background change between shots.
  • When Andy sees the Book of Shadows for the first time, and it turns to the Truth Spell, in between shots his hand goes from fully laying on the page to his pointer finger lightly being dragged down the page.

Love Hurts

  • Right after Leo appeared in the attic shot, and he's laying on the couch while Prue is holding gauze over his wound, they show her left hand putting pressure on the gauze over his shoulder then they switch to a closeup of her, in which she clearly can't be holding the gauze, and then they switch back to her taking the gauze off his shoulder - as if her hand was over the gauze on his shoulder during that entire take.
  • As Andy takes a call at the police station from Prue - pretending it's "Franklin" - there is an extra in the background standing to the left of the Internal Affairs Agent Rodriguez, but when they go to Prue and come back to Andy, the extra has disappeared - and too quickly for him to have just walked out of the shot.
  • When Prue uses the Darklighter's (Alec) crossbow against him, he starts to black orb out and the arrow gets stuck in the wall behind him, but seconds later, it shows the wall and the arrow is gone.
  • When Alec orbs into the Manor, Daisy's arm change position.

Deja Vu All Over Again

  • When Piper is at Quake, Joanne says to her, "Baker High, class of '92" Though, in Coyote Piper, the board you see in the beginning of the episode says, "Baker High, class of '90"
  • When Piper and Phoebe are in the kitchen talking, we see Phoebe's hair up in a bun, but as soon as they go out to see Prue, her hair is down and clipped with two barrettes.
  • If you look very closely, just after Andy dies, you can see his throat moving.
  • At the end when Piper and Phoebe are in the kitchen talking, Piper is wearing a cross necklace. When they walk outside to talk to Prue, Piper is wearing a butterfly necklace.

Season 2

Witch Trial

  • When the sisters run to the Book of Shadows, a crew member can be seen and heard crawling away.
  • Phoebe and Piper are in the woods to meet Stevie and as they stand there talking to her and the camera switches back and forth between them, you can see Pipers hair go from behind her shoulders, to one side hanging down by her neck. Throughout the entire scene in the woods, Piper's hair continues to switch back and forth.
  • As Piper gets out of her car at the club to meet with Rob the strings hanging from her dress are untied. However, as she enters the club the strings on her dress are now tied in a bow.
  • As Phoebe opens the door, and Dan gives her a bottle of wine, in between shots we can see her bra straps show more and less - jumping back and forth.
  • When the Book falls out of the portal onto the stone altar it is noticeable that it's not the Book but rather a brown object made to look like the Book of Shadows.

Morality Bites

  • When Prue and Piper are flipping through the Book of Shadows whilst waiting for Leo to return (when they look at the folded top pages in the book) they show a close-up of the book as Prue flips through. As she does so, you can see that one of the spells is the 'Return Spell' that had 'vanished' from the book earlier.
  • When a wide-shot of the room is displayed, whilst Prue and Piper are looking through the book, a pouch can be seen between the pages. Then on the next close-up shot the pouch has vanished, but reappears in the next wide-shot.
  • When Prue and Piper first turn to the spell to create a door, there is nothing there, but the next time they turn to it, they find the prison map tucked next to the page.
  • When Prue tears out the binding spell, the spell on the page next to it (To Erase a Memory spell) has vanished.
  • When Prue and Piper are going to get Phoebe at the state penitentiary, they walk past grey machinery. You can clearly see that Prue has her shoes in her hand, but in the next wide-shot of the wall, you see that Prue's shoes are on her feet.
  • When Piper draws a door on the prison wall she reaches above head but when she and Prue walk in, they have to duck.

The Devil's Music

  • When Prue is discussing the loan deal and Chris Barker with Phoebe, she is wearing a feather necklace. However, when the sisters are talking to Leo, she is not wearing the necklace. Right before Leo orbs out, Prue is wearing the necklace again.
  • As Piper comes home to tell Phoebe and Prue that Dishwalla is going to be playing at P3, you can hear the front door supposedly close and then she turns the corner into the kitchen not but 2 seconds later, not realistically giving her enough time to get from the front door to the kitchen.
  • Piper goes from wearing a pearl necklace when Leo tells her that he was actually the one that booked Dishwalla at P3, to her wearing no necklace as her and Phoebe make the vanquishing potion.

She's a Man, Baby, a Man!

  • At the beginning of the episode, as Phoebe is wiping herself off with a wet rag, they switch between shots of her and Piper and you can see the positions of her hand with the rag changing between almost every shot.
  • When they show Piper at the window watching Dan clean his car, the first shot is of him and in the foreground we see part of a hand holding back the curtain to watch him. In the next shot, Piper is standing there inside the house, using her shoulder to hold back the curtain, not her hand.
  • As Agent Morris & Agent Smith are on their second stakeout at the Dating Service, Smith drinks out of a water bottle. Then the camera cuts Morris and almost immediately back to Smith, and yet he's already put his water bottle back down.

That Old Black Magic

  • When Jack puts the piece of paper, with Betty's address and phone number on it, in his pocket it is folded once by Betty and then Jack sort of folds it before he puts it in his pocket. When Prue telekinetically pick-pockets Jack, it is perfectly folded twice.

They're Everywhere

  • In Eric's apartment, as he shoots the two agents, the camera cuts to and from Phoebe with Piper holding each other. Between these shots Phoebes arm moves from being in Piper's hand to her arm being across Piper's body,
  • Right after Eric shoots the two agents the gun used disappears.
  • Prue says that the Athame came from the Rowe Brothers, but that is impossible, since the athame vanished when Greg Rowe was vanquished.
  • When the girls & Eric go to the hospital to get his dad and the warlocks show up, they get thrown against the wall by Prue - knocking a chair into the doorway. That same chair moves 3 different times during this part of the scene.

P3 H2O

  • Prue's hair changed from dry to wet several times during and after the vanquish.
  • When Sam was using the memory dust on the girls Phoebe's hand keeps on changing positions from the close up to the shot with Sam and the girls
  • When Prue and Phoebe drive up to the lake in her black Mazda Miata, a cameraman and boom mic are reflected in the driver's side door as they move up to get the shot of the girls inside the car.
  • When Prue leaves Bucklands she is wearing a red top but when she arrives at the lake her top color has changed to white.
  • When Mrs. Johnson is killed, you can see the Water Demon grabbing her before he actually leaps out of the water.

Ms. Hellfire

  • When the bomb goes off at Ms. Steadwell's store she gets blown onto the ground. In the next scene it shows her pulling herself up into a sitting position. Then the shot cuts to Phoebe and back to Ms. Steadwell, and now she is leaning back on her arms again.
  • As the two body guards are trying to take Prue - dressed as Ms. Hellfire - from her apartment, as Piper freezes them, the bodyguards arms to the left and right of Prue move up and down throughout the entire seen. Even though they are supposedly frozen.
  • When Dan & Piper are in the atrium, right after he installed some temporary Windows, they show him asking Piper to temporarily move in with him, and during these shots it shows his right arm on his waist, and then it just jumps in between shots to looking like he's trying to put something away in his tool belt.
  • Piper is able to freeze Ms. Steadwell multiple times throughout this episode. Even though, witches aren't supposed to freeze, and Ms. Steadwell was only on the hit list to begin with because she is a witch.
  • When Piper freezes Ms. Steadwell in the above mentioned scene, her hand moved to several different positions throughout the scene while supposedly still frozen.
  • When Piper freezes Ms. Steadwell the second time - they're in the living room and she's purifying the room - her hands/arms are in one position, and she's 3 feet from the couch. As she unfreezes, her hands/arms have moved and now she's 1/2 foot from the couch.

Heartbreak City

  • The shot where Phoebe is waking up the morning after the movies it shows her coming out of the bathroom, and the bathroom door is wide open. She then goes to her sister's rooms to see if they're there and then heads downstairs when she can't find them. On the way downstairs she passes by the bathroom again, and if you look carefully, the bathroom door is now only cracked.
  • When Piper is opening up the jewelry box from Dan, and the shots are going back and forth between them, her hair simultaneously moves from behind her shoulders to in front of her shoulders.
  • As Dan & Piper are kissing and she's about to freeze him, Dan has a strand of hair in his face. Then after she freezes him we see the strand is gone. Then when she unfreezes him, the strand is back.
  • In the scene where Piper & Prue are at P3 with Jack & Dan, before the girls go to the bathroom, there is a beer in Dan's hand and then it switches to him not holding the beer at all.
  • At one point while Piper & Prue are standing in the line to use the restroom Piper has her right arm tucked behind her back. Then the camera angle switches to a close-up of her and we can see the same hand that was behind her back, now playing with her necklace.
  • Near the end of the episode, when Piper freezes Drazi, he has his mouth shut. However, when the camera cuts away and then back to him his mouth is partially open, even though he was supposed to still be frozen.
  • As Drazi is melting they use to different shooting angels to see Cupids reaction. The first angle shows him leaning with his back on the door frame between the rooms. However, the second angle showed him well inside the other room, not leaning on the door frame.

Reckless Abandon

  • When the ghost doesn't freeze, Piper says to Phoebe "I've frozen ghosts before, right?". Yet, the only ghost Piper had met so far was Mark in 'Dead Man Dating' and she didn't freeze him. She was in Hawaii when Prue and Phoebe dealt with another ghost in 'The Power of Two'. Although she could be talking about Kali, making a mistake again since she is a Demonic Sorcerer.
  • When Prue and Piper are changing Matthew and the camera focuses on them, you can clearly see that the baby's foot is from a doll.


  • When Piper is cleaning up P3 after the sisters wake her up you can tell that it is on a loop since Piper cleans up the same glasses 3 or 4 times and they just keep reappearing on the bar. It also very clear that the clip is sped up and not only Piper, since the lights begin to flicker faster.

Animal Pragmatism

  • When the animal-men break into the manor, they break the window in the door in a different place than when Prue and Tessa see it later.
  • When the animal-men break into the manor, it's light outside, but it's 8 p.m. so it should be dark outside.
  • When the animal-men break into the manor, they didn't close the front door, but when all of them are on the screen, the door are closed.
  • When the Pig peels off a piece of Snake's skin, the piece he peels off is bigger than the piece he holds afterwards.
  • In the P3 Prue astral projects in and out with the crowd full of people, not just that she isn't worried about exposure, but nobody seems to notice it.
  • Prue mentions Phoebe was born in the back seat of the car, however, it was stated before that she was born in the manor. (She was saying Phoebe was conceived in the back of a car, not born) And in a future episode Piper uses Coop's ring to go back in time to find Phoebe and finds herself intruding on her parents in the act of conceiving Phoebe.
    • However seeing as kids in general don't know where their siblings were conceived it's possible Prue only said that because of the irony of young kids need car seats to be safe from poential accidents while the parents in question had no protection in the first place while procreating
      • Also seeing as it takes an couple weeks to learn that one's pregnant its totally plausible for a couple to have sex without knowing they're pregnant and its also possible Prue saw them in the car which lead to that conclusion since Phoebe was born 9 months later.
  • Before Prue moves with the vase of the flowers, it's on the right side, but when Prue moves it for the first time, she moves it from the left side to the right side.
  • When the animal-men steal clothes from Ethan, in one moment you can see Snake's flesh-colored underwear, although he should be naked.
    • Seeing there are regulations on shows that not R like HBO it makes sense that the actor had on that underwear even his character was supposed to be naked.
  • When Piper is hugging Dan, in the moment we see Piper's back, she has her arms around his neck, when we see Dan's back, she has her hands on his back.
  • When Piper freezes the rabbit man when he is attacking Prue, you can see him moving.
  • When Piper reads the card that Leo gave her, you can see that "for who you are, not who I think you are" is written, although when read aloud, "not who I think you are" is missing.

Pardon My Past

  • As the guests are leaving the party we see Prue saying good night to them on the front porch, but this is a recreated porch because after the plants the steps leading down to the street should begin, but instead they hair extended the porch.
  • As Leo is unloading glasses at P3 while talking to Piper, we can see a glass in his left hand, as it goes to another camera angle, and now the glass is gone.

Give Me a Sign

  • When Phoebe & Piper are standing in the living room talking to Morris between shots Phoebe's arms going from being folded, to down by her side.
  • Bane says that he can use the demonic weapon - even though only evil can use it - because that's how he escaped the evil guards before. However, that's not true, he never actually used the weapon.
  • Litvack says that Bane knew about Litvack being immune to the parlour tricks of witches, but that's not true. He never told Bane that.

Murphy's Luck

  • When Prue & Phoebe are at the police station looking for Maggie, Prue's hair goes from in her face to behind her ear from one shot to the next.
  • When Phoebe and Prue walk through the doors to go take Maggie's picture - from the behind - Prue is on the left and Phoebe is on the right but when they switch to the front shot of them they have switched places.
  • At the end of the episode when Prue puts the picture of the bridge on the fire it's picture side down, but when the camera changes shots, it's now picture side up in the fire.

How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans

  • When the girls are going back to Aunt Gail's (the second time) Phoebe is first up the front steps but Prue turns out to be the first in the front door, not Phoebe.

Chick Flick

  • As Phoebe is saying goodbye to Billy in theater and she is holding her hand up to his on the screen, in one shot the shadow of her hand is far away from the shadow of her head but in the next they are right next to each other. Showing that she changed positions between takes.

Ex Libris

  • When Charlene and Phoebe are talking after vanquishing the demon the camera changes angles between Charlene and Phoebe, during which we can see Shelley's hair jump from behind her shoulder to in front of her shoulder.

Astral Monkey

  • When Dr. Williamson freezes the other doctor when he walks in to his lab, the frozen doctor can be seen moving slightly.
  • When Piper pulls out the list jail patients from her pocket, it is different than the list from the computer which sisters printed in the hospital. On top of that, when the sisters were reading the list in the hospital, Piper said there was "Dr. C. Williamson", but on the paper from the hospital was written only Dr. Williamson.

Apocalypse, Not

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Phoebe is pouring tea, it jumps from a shot with her pouring it to a shot of just her, and now you can tell she has no jug or anything in her hands and she isn't setting anything down during the shot
  • During the scene just mentioned you can see her right red bra strap has slid off her shoulder, she walks over to the kitchen table to grab a book, and when she comes back her bra strap is back up on her shoulder.
  • When Phoebe & Piper are meeting at the manor, around the white table, with the Horsemen, Phoebe & Piper go to pull stems out of their plants to create a pentagram. While Phoebe pulls out 4 (or more), she only places 3 on the table, and while Piper pulled out 3, she only places 2 on the table, the others just disappear.
  • Prue's "other plane bubble" shows a first person view of Phoebe and a horsemen on the couch together. Meaning that her "other plane bubble" was on the stairs approximately, but in the next shot Prue's bubble is coming from the foyer side of the room and going through Phoebe. Therefore she jumped from one place to the next, even though every time they've shown her bubble it has had fluent movement through the air, not sporadic appearances.
  • As Phoebe & Piper are sitting in the atrium at the table and Leo is explaining to them that this evil they are helping are the four horsemen, Leo moves positions from standing to leaning at the table. In one shot Piper says, "So then we'll make sure they fail too", and she is leaning forward while looking up at Leo and then we see Leo clearly standing. Next shot, she continues to look really far up and says, "Then we obviously need Prue to beat them". Next shot, Leo should be standing because Piper was staring up, but he's leaning over the table instead.

Be Careful What You Witch For

  • Phoebe sprains her ankle at the beginning of the episode because of a run in with a demon, something Leo easily should have been able to fix.
  • When Phoebe is about to fly the demon out of the manor, we can see a vase of flowers on the table in the middle of the room. Then as Phoebe takes off and flies over the table the vase of flowers are gone.
  • Piper & Leo head to the cafe to look for the Genie. When they get there Piper freezes the scene, but Leo doesn't freeze. Even though in every other episode, like when Dan is about to punch Leo in "Murphy's Luck", or when the popcorn is about to explode because of the fire starter who almost exposes the girls are witches in "The Fourth Sister", when Piper freezes everyone - Leo freezes too.
  • As Phoebe & Piper are leaving the manor to go save Prue from Dragon, Piper says, "We've got to hurry, it's going to be light soon". However, this was added afterwards because it doesn't appear in the subtext. Therefore they must've had feasibility issues with shooting the scene at night and had to change it last minute.
  • In the scene where Phoebe tells Piper to go check on Prue after wishing her back alive, it takes only four seconds for Piper to walk all the way from the atrium to the Kitchen, to help Prue get up and get her back into the atrium, with Prue chanting the "Power of Three" spell - which Phoebe would have had to have just told Prue to use that spell because until then she was a teenager.

Season 3

The Honeymoon's Over

  • When Piper finally returns with Leo she should be dressed identical to when she left in the previous episode, but her hair is in a different style and the clips in her hair are completely different than they were when she left.

Magic Hour

  • Phoebe said that Grams was married 4 times, when in season 4, she said that Grams has been married 6 times.
  • In the scene when Phoebe and Prue walk to Piper when she enters the house, we can see a microphone in the roof.
  • Prue mistakes the ages of herself and Piper before Phoebe's birth while discusing who Piper will choose for her maid of honor.

Once Upon a Time

  • When Piper falls on the ground outside of her club her purse and things fall outside the spotlight created on the ground, but when the camera angle changes suddenly her purse and belongings are inside the spotlight on the pavement with her.
  • After the girls defeat the trolls the girls talk to Kate and Thistle, but they never actually speak/ make noises, they just nod and shake their heads. However, in Season 8 Episode 20 Gone with the Witches, a fairy comes to warn Piper that the magical community is under attack and he is actually able to make high pitched noises in trying to communicate with her.

Sight Unseen

  • Abbey says to Prue, while holding her captive, to tell her how Prue threw her through the window last night. However, the night before was when Cole and Troxa tried breaking in. So it would have actually been two nights ago.

Primrose Empath

  • When Cole writes his pager number on his card he writes: 415-555-0166 but the number typed right above is 415-555-0167. He also writes pager next to the number, so this could be intentional. He may be giving out two different numbers.
  • When Prue was able to feel the pain of her sisters pinching each other, she lifted her left arm when Phoebe pinched Piper. However, Phoebe pinched Piper in her right arm, so Prue should have felt the pain in her right arm too.
  • When Prue and Vinceres are talking and the Deputy begins to knock on the door, the door chain is locked. In the next shot when the Deputy says "I'm coming in" (just before Prue telekinetically blocks him from opening the door), the chain is shown hanging down.

Power Outage

  • The sisters use their powers against each other and sever the Power of Three. The Power of Three is only as strong as the sisters' bond. If their bond is broken, the power ceases to exist. While this is the reason given for the loss of their powers, Prue was the only one to use her power in an aggressive manner, when she deflected the camera back at Phoebe. Phoebe levitated to avoid the camera, and Piper froze it so that it wouldn't hit her. The same thing happens in the Season 6 episode The Power of Three Blondes when the Stillman Sisters turn against each other.
  • When two of The Triad members are killed they don't disappear, but in the Season 2 episode Ex Libris, Leo said that demons disappear when they are vanquished.
  • The triquetra on the front of the Book of Shadows changes in regards to the bond between the Charmed Ones. However in the Season 4 Premiere Charmed Again, Part 1 the Book shows the symbol as if Prue's death wouldn't affect The Power of Three. The same thing happens in the Season 6 episode The Power of Three Blondes when Chris provokes the Stillman Sisters into turning against each other.
  • When Leo brings the mineral water bottle in the living room, if you look closely, it's empty.

Sleuthing with the Enemy

  • When Cole embraces Phoebe for the last time, you can see that his hand isn't bloody anymore.
  • Prue mentions that she modified the Melinda Warren summoning spell to call Belthazor, but the final spell is nothing like the original.
  • When Phoebe puts the bottle of potion down on the table in the mausoleum, in the next shot it has vanished.
  • When Prue and Piper are talking to Krell in the conservatory, Prue's hair switches from being behind her ear and hanging in her face for the whole shot.
  • When Julian's stun double is hit by Krell's lightning, when he lands on the patch of grass, you can tell it is fake grass covering a safety mat as it flaps as he lands.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

  • At the beginning of the episode Piper and Phoebe are in their booth and Piper holds a card in her hand. Then as Prue is walking up the card is now sitting on the bench, then after Prue sits down the card is back in Pipers' hand.
  • Furthermore, they all leave the booth and the card is still sitting there, but in the next shot Piper hands Prue the card, which should have still been in the booth.
  • While in the alley, Freckles blows the sisters and Victor into a pile of junk. The wires used to pull the stunt doubles are clearly visible.
  • When the little girl is pulled into the truck, Prue and Phoebe grab her legs to try and save her. There are wires visible at the end of the little girls' pants.

Blinded by the Whitelighter

  • When the Charmed Ones are practicing in the alley for their battle with Eames, Piper dodges energy balls, but her stunt double is wearing black pants while she is wearing olive colored pants.

Wrestling with Demons

  • The first time in the ring, the wrestler has pinned down a person to the floor and the hole starts to open up. Right before they switch shots the hole reaches the wrestlers left hand, which technically should have slipped into the hole, but instead his hand was still on solid ground.

Bride and Gloom

  • Right before and after Dantalian kisses Zile his pinkie finger is sticking straight up, but then the camera angle changes again and even though he should have been frozen with his pinkie in the air, now it's lying down.
  • When Phoebe kicks Dantalian to the floor, she is first seen wearing black loafers of some sort. A few seconds later, when it cuts back to her, she is wearing heels.
  • After Dantalian picks up the Book of Shadows Phoebe kicks her to the ground. As Phoebe is kicking her it looks as though she drops the book right as Phoebe makes contact - before Dantalian goes flying across the room. However, in the next shot of Dantalian flying into the table you can see the book right next to her, but when the camera angle changes and the girls go to torture her the book is no longer by her side. Furthermore, after the girls torture her she rolls away from them, and as she's rolling, she grabs the book from across the room.
  • While in Dantalian's cave trying to figure out which one is actually Prue, one Prue said "I love you" and the other said "You too". Phoebe then said the clone had to be the Prue that said "You too" because evil can't love, but at that point the girls were evil too. So the real Prue shouldn't have been able to say "I love you" in the first place.

The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

  • When Cole first shows up at the manor, he has a slight beard and mustache. But once he and Prue shimmer to the town, he's clean shaven and then has the beard and mustache again.
  • In the living room after Phoebe was shot, Prue's arms are crossed, then when in the next cut, her arms are at her sides.
  • Leo isn't supposed to orb in public places but he orbed out of the diner when anyone could have been watching him.
  • As the bartender tells Prue and Cole that "things are getting pretty dangerous around here", the camera angle switches to a view of the back/side of the bartender's head and while you hear him talking his chin does not move.

Just Harried

  • At the beginning of the episode, Piper says she wishes her mom could be there, and looks at Grams and Grams says, "I'm only here because you need a high priestess". As if she knows no other way to get the girls' mom to the wedding. However, in future episodes that go to the past, we find that she used to call Patti all the time from above and speak to her about the girls. Therefore Grams should have known how to find a way to get Patti there.
  • TJ drives his motorcycle into the manor to save Prie and then drives out with her, but that's not physically possible because of the steps leading up to the manor. You can also clearly see the difference in the soundstage front porch and the real front porch in this episode.


  • In season 2, Kit was a female. In season's 5 episode Cat House, we learn that Kit is a Familiar, which can turn into a woman, Katrina. However, in this episode Phoebe refers to Kit by saying "him".
  • Grams previously was stated to have died in 1998 although in this episode she dies in 1997 as hinted when Prue says Grams' new bought camera was a '96 model.
  • It's noticeable that the "Grams" who falls down the stairs is a male stunt person.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Piper says that Phoebe left to go to New York for 3 years. But in the first episode they said they were together after 6 months after Grams died.
  • When Phoebe kills Shadow in the kitchen, the knife has blood on it. But in Season 2, Phoebe states that Warlocks don't bleed.

Sin Francisco

  • In the opening scene Prue has her hair in front of her shoulder on her left side and when the camera angle changes her hair is now behind her shoulder.
  • As Prue approaches the man on the ground who is absorbed by greed she has her purse in her right hand, but when they show a closeup of the man you can see its disappeared. Yet as he shoves her away and she chases after him you can see she has her purse again.
  • Piper tells her sisters at the beginning of the episode that she is afraid that the Elders will find a reason that Piper and Leo can't be together. However, in "Magic Hour" Leo specifically said that getting married is a Holy Union and goes above his bosses head - and at this point in the season they're married.
  • When the first innocent was attacked by the demon, Prue telekinetically moves the Sin box to the other side of the street where it bumps into the sidewalk. In the next scene, when the innocent runs out to get the box it is lying in the middle of the street.

Exit Strategy

  • When Piper blows up a watermelon and Phoebe asks why, Piper answers in a squeaky voice. At that moment you can see Shannen Doherty laugh, still trying to keep herself serious.
  • After Piper blows up the tea pot, Prue is holding Piper's hands, then when Leo says he will talk to the Elders, she is no longer holding her hands and when Piper tells him to hurry, Prue is holding Pipers hands again, as well as when she tries reminding Leo about finding the next innocent.

Look Who's Barking

  • Phoebe wrote "Cole's Human Form" in the Book, when technically it should have been written as "Belthazor's Human Form".
  • There was the Belthazor Vanquish Potion to the left of the Belthazor entry, as seen in Sleuthing With the Enemy, yet in this episode it is a blank page that Phoebe can add information to.
  • It is clear that the page about Cole was already written and Phoebe is pretending to write information while she is in the kitchen with Prue.
  • When Prue-Dog leaves the manor, it's clearly noticeable that the dog is a male, which doesn't make sense considering Prue is a female.
  • When Phoebe is in the attic and the Banshee comes through the window to attack, the banshee is wearing sneakers.
  • When Prue-dog is hit by the car, she gets hit on the left-hand-side. But when she changes back into Prue, she's holding her right hip as if that is where she was hit.
  • When Belthazor gets knocked over the tomb in the Mausoleum you can see his ankle which is the normal skin tone instead of the red.

All Hell Breaks Loose

  • When time resets, Prue says she felt a chill and the camera shoots to the stairs. If you look closely half a second before the camera moves to Piper, you can see a hand coming down the stairs.
    • This is reused footage as the producers didn't want to waste a shoot on an empty staircase.
  • When Prue leaves the Manor after Piper was shot, she doesn't have blood on her hands, yet when she was inside, she had.
  • At the end of the episode, when Piper gets knocked through the wall, she lands on the pavement and is a foot away from Prue and her right arm lays to her side. The camera switches to Shax and back to them and now Piper is laying right next to Prue and her arm has moved closer to her body.

Season 4

Charmed Again, Part 1

  • When Paige reads Prue's obituary, the last, visible sentence shown incorrecty spells Prue's name as "Pru".
  • When Paige orbs out to dodge Shax's attack, his aerokinetic blast leaves a scorch mark on the wall, though it is just concussive wind.
  • During the scene where Shax is about to be vanquished for good, Piper says "Well, we're about to find out", though her mouth stays closed.
  • When Darryl is talking to Phoebe about Cortez, Leo's arm changes positions between shots.
  • The second time Piper summons Grams, she doesn't use the candles, which is a requirement for the spell to work.
  • At Prue's funeral, when the demons attack, one gets thrown into the chairs and knocks a bunch of them over. However, when Piper then leaves even more chairs have now been knocked over.

Hell Hath No Fury

  • When Phoebe kicks Piper (as a fury) and another fury while levitating, you can clearly see it's a stunt double, not Alyssa.

Enter the Demon

  • In the beginning of the episode, Yen Lo and An Ling are fighting with swords and An Ling stabs him with her sword. Yen Lo's wound is very bloody, but there is no blood on An Ling's sword at all.
  • When Yun Lo's shoulder was injured, An Ling says, "This is how you repay my father?" Yun Lo's hand is on his wound. But in the next shot, his arm is by his side. Then it's up, then down.
  • When Cole threw the energy balls at Phoebe, her shirt wasn't torn. But in another shot it was torn.
  • The Zen Master in Piper's body could use his power of portal creation, but Piper said that she couldn't use her powers in the Zen Master's body.
  • Phoebe believes she twisted her ankle during the fight session with Cole. Perhaps it was just a momentary ache but when she switches bodies with Paige, Phoebe's body (now inhabited by Paige) is apparently unhurt (and sans limp).
  • After Paige and Phoebe switch bodies, Paige holds her stomach and asks what Phoebe had for dinner. Phoebe laughs and says "Kung Pao chicken." In Season 2 Animal Pragmatism, Phoebe tells all the animals that she has never eaten any of them because she's a vegetarian.
    • However people do change their diets for health reasons or their food preferences changes slightly throughout the years.

Size Matters

  • When Phoebe tries to save Claudia she says that they need to run before Gammill spots them. However, no one had mentioned his name in front of her yet so she shouldn't have known what it was.
  • When the girls break free from their clay they show a far away shot of the girls standing on the shelf and their heads are high above the back of the shelf, but then the camera shot zooms in and now the girls heads don't even reach the back of the shelf. Somehow the scale on that one shot was really distorted.

A Knight to Remember

  • At the beginning of the episode, when the shocker demon first attacks Piper and Phoebe, Phoebe gets thrown into the small cabinet in the kitchen, but it barely dents it. However in the next shot she is actually thrown all the way into the shelf.
  • In the shot mentioned above, Phoebe's stunt double lands one way but when they shoot away and back to Phoebe she is laying in a completely different position.
  • After Piper and Phoebe barge into Paige's apartment and are then kicked out, the camera shows them and Leo standing outside the door walking away. However, then the camera shoots to Paige leaning against the door on the inside and we can see someone with their back turned to the door on the other side, when no one should be there. Also, even if Leo was still there, the person has a blue shirt on and Leo didn't.
  • When the Prince visits Paige at her office, Paige swings the door shut to the copy room behind the Prince, but she never locks it. Yet a minute later her boss and security are banging on the door trying to get in, as if it were locked.

Brain Drain

  • The Source, as the chameleon, tells the Oracle that Piper won't be able to use her powers in her mind, and as Piper tried to when she first got to "Haliwell Hospital" it failed. The Source is trying to get her to release her powers by remembering and saying a spell in her mind, but if the first part this is true, then it wouldn't actually work in her mind - just as the other spell didn't that she tried to cast.

Black as Cole

  • When Paige is looking at the Belthazor entry, the information Phoebe added in Look Who's Barking to the left isn't there, it is a blank page. The Cole entry has vanished.
  • Paige says the Book says Belthazor likes to kill with energy balls and sometimes an athame. However, there is no mentioned of an athame in the entry.

Muse to My Ears

  • At the beginning of the episode, Piper sits down at the kitchen table with her back to the camera and her hands in her lap, but when the camera angle changes to the front of her now her arm is sitting on the table.

A Paige from the Past

  • As Piper and Cole are removing the woman from the car she says that they need to hurry so no one sees them, but the prospector unfreezes while they are still walking away from the car. Therefore, to him, they appeared out of nowhere.
  • When Cole goes to the see Darryl to talk to him about becoming a cop, they enter the Captain's office and Cole's jacket collar is popped up. However, when the camera angle changes, now his collar smoothed down on both sides.
  • When Leo and Paige are sent back in time to 1994, they arrive in Paige's old room, she has a Tiffany doll from the 1998 movie Bride of Chucky and a Metallica poster on her wall of their album Garage Inc., which came out in 1998. Paige also has a Scream poster, which came out in 1996.
  • When "Frankie" and "Lulu" enter the jewelry store the left door swings open but doesn't swing shut. Yet in the next shot it shows them standing in front of both doors shut closed.
  • When they enter the store, Lulu says "One security guard, armed, right corner" but he's on her left side. The only possibility is that they're considering the exit strategy (he's on the right as we exit the door, so have the stolen goods on your left side) but their plan doesn't involve getting away without detection.
  • When Piper and Darryl get to the jewelry store she asks him if there's a surveillance tape and Darryl points to where it is. At which point, we can quickly see the officer has placed a tape on top of the VCR and is pushing eject to get the other tape out of the VCR. Then the camera switches to Piper's reaction, and then back to the VCR, and shows the same footage again but zoomed in - the cop placing the tape on top of the VCR and pushing the eject button.
  • When Piper freezes the jewelry store to get the tape, watch the short haired lady speaking to the cop. In one shot you see her hand directly beneath her ear/earring and in the next shot, when Piper and Darryl are heading back to their original positions, you can see her hand has moved to just behind her ear.
  • Also, when she freezes the crime scene the cop at the VCR has his finger hovering over he eject button, but when she walks over to him his entire hand has moved back away from the VCR.
  • When the car gets hit by the truck and rolls, you can clearly see that it is mannequins put in place.

Trial by Magic

  • When Paige is talking to Glen at the kitchen table, and the camera angle changes from Paige's front to Glen's front you can see Paige's arms are crossed, and then in the next camera shot, uncrossed.
  • When the jury decides to re-vote and Phoebe makes a break for the bathroom, one of the jurors chars after her, but we see him running from the right side of the table then the camera cuts away and back to him and he has barely moved.

Charmed and Dangerous

  • After the Seer leaves the sisters after they killed The Source, Piper asks "Who was that?" Cole answers "A very evil person" and when he's saying it, you can see the Seer's hair in the frame beside Cole on the place where she stood, for a few seconds before the actress that plays the Seer moves a little bit and leaves the frame.

Lost and Bound

  • Piper heard Tyler call out and that is what gives her the strength to blast through the door and save him. Yet he was frozen before she was kicked out and frozen when she comes back in. Although it is good narratively for him to call out, it is unlikely that Ludlow would have risked unfreezing him long enough for him to call out to her.


  • The scene in which Paige accidently turns Phoebe invisible, she jumps up and down, however in the reflection on the mirror she is stood still. (Note: that is Piper in the background of the shot. Not Phoebe)
  • At the wedding with the Lazarus Demon battle, Leo is seen running into the action however when Phoebe runs in (moments later), Leo has only just entered the room.

The Fifth Halliwheel

  • When Phoebe walks to Elise's office she uses her purse to cover her butt, but as she is about to knock on her door, her purse is now hanging in front of her - not on her butt.
  • After Paige is attacked by the power broker, and she's in the attic with Cole, she loses it and starts blowing stuff up - including the doll house - which had been blown up in a previous episode already.

Saving Private Leo

  • During the Recon Report, the ghost says that Leo's Grandson is living the good life and his wife was there. However the only way that the ghost would have known that Piper was his wife was by listening to their conversation before Paige saw him. In which case, the ghost also would have heard that Piper was with Leo, not Leo's grandson.
  • In "Charmed and Dangerous", as well as other episodes, they mention that whitelighters cannot heal themselves, but when Rick throws a knife at Leo he pulls it out and his wound automatically heals.

Bite Me

  • In Awakened, the sisters were concerned about doctors analyzing their blood. In this episode, both Paige and Phoebe have blood drawn for testing without any concern.
  • When Paige is on the parking lot, there is a wet road, however, when the vampires attack her, the road is dry and when vampires are flying away it's wet again.
  • Furies develop talons after their first kill, yet the fury in this episode has no talons. Considering she was present at a meeting of faction leaders, it can be assumed that this particularly fury would have made her first kill.
  • When the Vampire Queen's assistants are bathing her, if you look closely, you can see a beige bra.

We're Off to See the Wizard

  1. As Cole's assistant tells him about how she should carry his baby instead of Phoebe you can see her head change positions between shots, from behind her ears to in front of them.
  2. Paige and Piper visit Phoebe at her and Cole's Apartment. Phoebe tells the girls that she's pregnant. While at the table, Phoebe is wearing beige boots with heels. After Piper and Paige orb out, Cole enters. Phoebe rushes out and and is wearing black snow boots.

Womb Raider

  • When the Seer is trying to pull Phoebe through the portal and Darryl tries to stop her by grabbing ahold of Phoebe's legs, he is seen on the other side of the bed when Phoebe goes to open the door but then is holding onto her legs when the door is opened. It's not possible for him to have made it all the way over there that quickly.
  • Phoebe ripped off the Seer's earring and earlobe but in the rest of the episode, such as when she traps Paige in the cage and speaks to her about it, when can see that her earlobe is back intact now.
  • When Phoebe's baby attacks Paige with the potion, the pan drops and gives off a very hollow sound. Not a sound of a container filled with potion to cool.
  • Piper refers to her baby in "Morality Bites" when they go to the future that Prue is still alive for. In "Womb Raider" Piper says she heard "the sound of her laugh". Yet in the episode "Morality Bites", Piper's daughter never laughs.

Witch Way Now?

  • When Agent Jackman first confronts the girls at the dining table with proof that they're witches, Paige has a bra strap that keeps slipping and between each camera angle it keeps moving up and down.
  • Agent Jackman said he buried the amulets around them in the woods so their powers wouldn't work, but Cole was able to use his powers to switch Phoebe's place with Agent Jackman - saving Phoebe's life.

Season 5

A Witch's Tail, Part 1

  • After Phoebe turns into a mermaid, Paige and Piper are standing in the water at the beach and Leo orbs in and asks why they're standing in the water. When he does so the camera shows a wide angle shot of them and Pipers pants are wet almost up to her butt. However then the camera angle changes to showing just Paige and Piper and now Pipers pants are dry at least to her knee - if not more - as well as Paige.
  • In the same scene mentioned above, after Phoebe returns it shows a shot of just Paige and Piper from the side and now they are clearly on the beach, and not in the water.

A Witch's Tail, Part 2

  • When Piper is trapped under water, her shirt is torn where her stomach was hurt but the skin under the shirt is clean (white and unblemished) as is the water around her. Then the next shot, she touches her stomach to stem the wound and there is blood fogging the water.
  • When Phoebe signs the divorce papers at the end, you see she spelled Phoebe as Pheobe (This could be in part with Alyssa Milano being dyslexic).

Happily Ever After

  • In the first scene, Piper is reading the Fairy Tales Book and Paige walks in, her hands go from resting on the book to down by her side between camera angles.
  • When Piper is reading the Fairy Tales book at the beginning, you can see the pages she's reading. Piper then stops reading for a while, however, once she continues reading, you can see that she's reading another page. Additionally, the things Piper reads from the Fairy Tales book aren't written in the book. In fact, they aren't the real fairy tales, but parodies of the stories.
  • When Piper and Paige talk in the attic at the beginning, Piper's position and the position of the book she's holding keep changing in between shots.
  • When the Apprentice is cleaning the glass slipper, he turns his head to the Keeper, however, in the next shot, he's looking at the slipper again. Also, when the Wicked Witch strangles the Keeper of fairy tales, there's blood dripping down where she grasps him around the neck. However, when she drops him, there's no blood either on the corpse or on her hands.
  • When Phoebe and Adam bump into each other and Phoebe spills the coffee, the stains on their clothes keep changing and disappearing in between shots. Also, when Phoebe drags Cole into her office, she smiles at Adam, but in the next shot, you can see that she's not smiling.
  • When Grams is asking Piper about the things she did, Piper's hair keeps changing position.
  • When the Wicked Witch left to split the Charmed Ones up she left with the slippers in her hand. When she arrived at the manor she had them in a box
  • Once Phoebe starts walking out of the attic because of the Cinderella's slippers, when the shot changes, the positions of Piper, Phoebe and Penny change too. Additionally, Penny's position changes twice in the scene.
  • When the Wicked Witch tells Adam what she wants him to do, the position of her hand changes in between shots.
  • When Phoebe and Paige walk across the street, and when the horse-drawn carriage appears, their positions change in between shots.
  • When Grams, Piper, Paige and Leo are in the attic, and Grams says that she could help Paige with the protection potion, Paige's arms are crossed, however, in the next shot, her arms are not crossed anymore. Also, when Piper is scrying for the Wicked Witch, her hair keeps changing position.
  • When Phoebe arrives at the ball and stops walking, there is a close shot to her feet. However, her feet are closer to each other than they were in the previous shot.
  • When Grams is making the potion, her and Paige's positions keep changing in between shots. Additionally, when Grams asks Paige to hand her a potion vial, in one shot, Paige put the vial on the kitchen table, yet in the next one, Grams is holding it.
  • When Leo tells Phoebe about Paige being dead, Phoebe's hands change position in between shots.
  • When Phoebe "punches" Cole, if you look closely, you can see that she didn't really punch him.
  • When Cole stops the pumpkin from falling down and then picks it up, the position of the pumpkin changes.
  • When Penny, Piper, Leo, and later Cole are in the attic, the positions of Penny's hands and Piper's arms change in between shots. Also, when Penny hands Piper a vanquishing potion, Piper grabs it twice.
  • When Piper talks to the new Keeper, the positions of her hair changes in between shots. Also, when she hands him the red cloak, in one shot, she's using her right hand, yet in another shot, she's using the left one.
  • The slippers from The Wizard of Oz are the ruby ones from the 1939 film, but they were silver in the original fairy tale.

Siren Song

  • When the Siren throws Piper out the window (while they're in the hospital), the window breaks before Piper hits it.

Witches in Tights

  • When the Ramus is attacked for the first time at the manor and Phoebe tries to attack and gets thrown into Paige and Piper, you can see Paige get thrown into a bookshelf - but not destroy it. However after Leo orbs Ramus out of there it shows the girls getting up and the bookshelf has just disappeared.

The Eyes Have It

  • When Teresa reads Phoebe's palm, she draws lines on her hand, however, when Phoebe sat down at the table at the start, the lines were already there.
  • Throughout Phoebe's reading her left arm/hand changes from laying underneath her right arm to laying on top of it, from one camera angle to the next.
  • Phoebe filled up a cup of coffee in the kitchen, but never picked it up, but then she had a cup of coffee in her hand when she walked out of the kitchen.
  • Phoebe said Ava wasn't in the attic in her premonition, but she is clearly seen next to Paige.
  • When Leo goes to heal Phoebe after her super premonition his watch is on his right wrist yet in the next scene when he puts his hands on his hips, the watch is back on his left wrist.

Sympathy for the Demon

  • As Phoebe is out in her date and is about to kiss and Piper interrupts, you can see her arm laid across the back of the bench in one frame and then holding her drink in the next frame.

A Witch in Time

  • In the opening scene the camera zooms past a tree, showing the front porch, but outside the real Halliwell Manor there is no tree to the left of the porch.
  • When Phoebe runs into the building to see if Miles is still there, she is wearing black high heeled shoes. When she leaves the building, she is wearing boots.
  • In the final scene, as Phoebe leans over Miles' dead body, crying sounds are heard. However, it is clearly seen that Phoebe isn't crying (she's not shaking, her mouth isn't moving). Piper's eyes are teary, but she's not sobbing loudly or shaking either.
  • In the scene where Piper speaks with her past self, past Piper's hair alternated from curly to straight as the scene changes.

Sam, I Am

  • In P3, when Piper and Phoebe are talking about nannies and the camera is on Piper, the people in the background disappear only to reappear in the next shot.
  • Paige's lipstick changed color from the bright red from the beginning of the episode to a darker red right in the middle of the scene where the Darklighter attacks.

Y Tu Mummy Tambien

  • Piper's hair keeps going from in front of her shoulder to behind while she is in the attic talking to Leo and Paige about Jeric.
  • Leo's haircut changes from being trimmed to longer again in between scenes.

The Importance of Being Phoebe

  • When an unconscious Phoebe is lying on the ground, Cole picks her up. You can clearly see that Alyssa puts her arms around Julian's neck.
  • When Kaia throws the knife at Phoebe, if you watch in freeze-frame, you can see that for the shot from behind her, there's no knife in her hands.
  • When Paige has her police photos taken, one shot shows her green vest on one shoulder while another shot shows it on both shoulders.
  • When Cole throws Piper, Paige and Leo out of the Manor, you can clearly see that they're on the soundstage because there are no steps leading up to the front porch, like there are at the real house.

Centennial Charmed

  • On Paige's tombstone, it reads "Paige Matthews. Born 1975. Died 2001." Paige is born in 1977.
  • When Paige follows Phoebe into the kitchen, Phoebe's right earring is missing in the shots showing both sisters, but it is there in close-ups of Phoebe.
  • When Cole's friends surprise him with a birthday party, and a birthday cake, his cake says he's 100 years old. However back in Season 3 in Coyote Piper, when Phoebe went digging for records on Cole, she found out that he was born 1885. Therefore he should be turning 118 years old.
  • Leo explains to Paige that she is living the life of her alternate self and Paige concludes that because she never met her sisters, the Power of Three was never reconstituted and she never received her powers. However, it was shown in "A Paige from the Past" and "Charmed Again, Part 1" that Paige had always unconsciously possessed orbing.

House Call

  • When the piece of ceiling falls on Piper, in the close-ups she is covered in plaster debris with a big piece sitting on top of her head. In the long-shot there is little dust and debris and no plaster chunk on her head.
  • In the very beginning of the episode right before the manifestation picks up Phoebe, you can clearly see some type of filming equipment in the upper right hand corner.
  • Also When Leo coming down the stairs after seeing that all of the sisters have been hexed, we now see a blooper showing the Dining Room ceiling has a split in it for filming.

Sand Francisco Dreamin'

  • in the part where paige says thank you mother the clown was in the living room than when they both open the door the clown is in the entrance
  • When Phoebe gets healed by Leo up in the attic, the wound shown being healed is clearly from another shot.
  • At the scene where the sisters are going to sleep to enter their dreams Phoebe opens the conservatory door and clearly closes it again. Yet, when the camera shows Leo putting the Sandmans sand on them you can see the door is open.
  • As Phoebe collects the sand from the Sandman for them to fall asleep and dream, Leo falls asleep and begins dreaming about his issues in regards to the baby. However, the girls had to use and in order to dream.
  • Piper's pregnant belly disappears. Just after the baby is transferred back to Piper after Leo feels it kick, Piper's pregnant belly bump swells massively. Seconds later when she turns towards the Tracer demon her pregnant belly is missing and Leo has the belly again. When Piper turns back after blowing up the Tracer, she has the belly again.

The Day the Magic Died

  • In the first scene, Paige's scarf keeps moving positions between shots without her moving it.
  • The elastic holding the horn on the unicorn is clearly visible in most scenes featuring the animal.
  • When Leo tells Paige and Phoebe about how he can't orb, when the camera cuts to Paige and the unicorn, you can clearly see a hand in the bottom left corner, holding the unicorn.
  • When Stanley begins to strangle Paige, you can tell it's not her - it is clearly a male stunt-double.
  • When Paige and Phoebe hide Stanley's body, they drag him into a closet. That room use to be a bathroom. We have seen Prue emerge from there in nothing but a towle before.
  • When Paige orbs back from the Dead Sea, the ruffles are on her right shoulder but when she goes downstairs, the ruffles are on her left one.

Baby's First Demon

  • Victor was listed on the family tree as "Victor Jones" instead of "Victor Bennett".
  • Although Patty and Grams both have their full first name on the family tree, Patricia and Penelope, respectively, Prue is listed on the tree as just "Prue" not "Prudence".

Lucky Charmed

  • In the opening scene, Phoebe's on a date and when her date goes to hold her hand she gets a premonition. At which point, he pulls his hand back, but as the camera angle changes his hand is still sitting in the middle of the table.
  • As Phiebe leaves the house to go out with Jason, her new boss, she has a jacket in her right hand - which we never saw her pick up at any point and she didn't previously have it in her hand.
  • When Paige trips over the carpet, it is very clearly a stunt double (look at her face).

Cat House

  • Paige's necklace disappears during the orbing scene.
  • When Phoebe goes into the bathroom while Leo and Piper are in the shower together Phoebe should have ran into her past self but does not.
  • Phoebe and Paige change positions almost every time they switch to a new memory.
  • After Piper saves Leo with Leo's powers they orb out, but in the actual episode Leo is to weak to orb (and Piper still has his powers) and they just walk downstairs instead to meet up with Phoebe and their innocent.

Sense and Sense Ability

  • When Piper is in her room with Leo and the baby and she is burping him, the camera changes angles and you can no longer see the baby over her shoulder.
  • When the Khazi demon attacks - after they've first lost their senses - Piper is on the phone and Phoebe is standing behind her when the Khazi demon lunges at her. She manages to move out of the way, somehow the Khazi demon doesn't hit Piper - she's magically moved from where she was before he lunged.

Necromancing the Stone

  • When Grams starts her man bashing rant, Leo points out she was married 4 times, but in Lost and Bound, Phoebe stated Grams had been married 6 times. In Magic Hour, Phoebe says that Grams was married 4 times.

Oh My Goddess! Part 1

  • Piper and Phoebe talk about getting air conditioning for the manor and mention they never had it. In "Sight Unseen", Cole turned on the air conditioning to help flush out the demon Troxa.
  • Leo's hair turns white and before he knows he's an elder, he says it must be from staying up there for so long. Except the first time Piper went up to see them, they were there for a whole month, so he should know time exposure has nothing to do with it.

Season 6

Forget Me...Not

  • When Phoebe levitates the news anchor into the air you can see the harness she is clearly wearing.
  • In the attic when the sisters are trying to figure out how to save Wyatt, Piper is looking outside and you see the San Francisco skyline and buildings. They live in a residential area!

The Power of Three Blondes

  • The book doesn't let Phoebe touch it, but in the last it lets people touch it, just not evil. So they should have been able to still touch it.
  • Chris tells Piper that he remembers someone trying to get the book in the history books in the future, but this time is different, they succeed. However when he first arrived to the past he told them that on that day Paige had died in his future. In which case, there would be no charmed ones and these witches wouldn't have ever been after the book in the first place.
  • Piper and Leo's wedding picture is in a different place than the one with Mabel and Leo and the picture with all three sisters is in a different place as well.
  • Piper's leg is severely injured when Mabel blasts her into the wall. However, when the sisters return to the manor, Piper is able to run and she's wearing the same pants as before, with no trace of blood.
  • In the attic, when Mabel freezes the sisters, Phoebe's earrings still move.
  • When Mabel freezes the room, Phoebe is in a different position than before.
  • When the Stillman sisters are talking about who gets which powers, Margo had her hand by her side, but in the next shot, when she talks about Mitzy's attitude, she has her hand on her shoulder.
  • During the scene when Paige goes to the citrus plant during the labor rally, her pink blouse is quite short, baring her entire midriff. When the security guard throws Paige out of the plant, Rose McGowan's stunt double is wearing a shirt in the same pink color, but it reaches all the way down to her waistline.
  • When Phoebe kicks Mabel after the Stillman sisters have taken the Charmed Ones' powers, Jennifer Sky's stunt double's face can be plainly seen, and also her hair is darker and less full.
  • When Phoebe is thrown out of the Bay Mirror office by a security guard, Alyssa Milano's stunt double's face is digitally blurred.
  • When the Stillman Sisters first walk into the attic, Phoebe and Paige are facing towards each other in front of the door. At the next scene when Mabel froze the scene, Phoebe and Paige are facing more towards the inside of the attic.

Love's a Witch

  • The exterior of Anthony's, where Piper and Seth eat dinner, is the same building used for Quake's exterior in season one.
  • Drew Fuller's hair keeps changing throughout the episode. In one scene it is very neatly combed then in the next it is messy and then in the following scene it is neat again.
  • Piper recites the "To Call a Lost Witch" spell and says it was not working, but she was not performing the accompanying ritual that the Book says must be done in conjunction with the spell, as shown in Charmed Again, Part 1.
  • At then end of the episode where Phoebe has locked herself in the attic, she has clearly locked the door. Yet after Piper and Paige take the potion her and Paige go downstairs, she doesn't unlock the door while opening it, she just opens it.
  • When they do the spell to see the ghost phoebe unlocked hands with piper when they are to be holding hands.

My Three Witches

  • The basement in which Paige finds the little girl hiding is the same set used for the Halliwell's basement in the manor.

Little Monsters

  • Paige leaves the kitchen with keys in her hand as she is heading out to meet Darryl, but as she says bye to the girls the keys are no longer in her hands.
  • When the manticores show up in the manor for the second time, Paige and Phoebe are thrown into some wooden furniture. In the first scene, the rug is a few feet away, but when they cut back to them, the rug is underneath them.
  • When Derek's son shimmers from the play pin to his stroller he initially has a purple toy in his mouth but when he shimmers to the stroller the toy is gone and it isn't left in the play pin either.


  • Phoebe and Paige discuss that Paige was born in the year of the ox, but the only year of the ox during the 1970s was 1973, which would make her as old as Piper.
  • When the sisters went back to 1975 in That 70s Episode, Grams appeared to be in her forties or fifties but in this episode Grams appears to be in her late 20s in 1967.
  • While Paige is at the gathering at the park, talking to Penny, Penny's necklace gets moved and in between shots jumps from one position to another.
  • In the same scene mentioned above, Allen & Penny change positions in between camera shots.
  • On the family tree that appeared in episodes Pardon My Past and Baby's First Demon, Patty's father - the sisters' grandfather - is listed as Jack Halliwell and not Allen. Also, his death date is listed as 1964 and not 1967.
  • Just after Wyatt tries to orb his bottle to himself, when Chris, Grams, and Leo (holding Wyatt) come running downstairs to get away from the Slime demon, it is clearly visible that Grams is a stunt double and that Leo is actually holding a large doll.

Prince Charmed

  • At Pipers Birthday Dinner the girls use their powers against each other just like they did in Power Outage from Season 3, and they lost their powers because of it. Therefore they should have lost their powers again.
  • When Piper holds up the charm bracelet, from the back you can see all the charms but when they switch to a view of the front of it the charm to the left of the "P" is missing.

Used Karma

  • Phoebe calls Jason "mi amor." Mata Hari speaks French, and she is supposed to say "mon amour" (which is also written in the closed captions). Mi amor and mon amour are the Spanish and French respective translations for "my love." Mata Hari, a Dutch-born French stripper who was believed to be a double agent for the German would have no reason to say that line in Spanish.
  • When Phoebe and Paige orbed into the cave to help Piper, Piper was hit by a fireball and left a mark on her forehead; but when the three orb back to the manor Piper's wound is gone.
  • When the sisters were in the catacombs, they were talking by a corner, and their position in the corridor changes from camera shot to camera shot. When we're looking at Phoebe and Paige straight on, they're in front of the corner, but when the camera angle switches to show Piper's face and the sides of Phoebe and Paige, Phoebe has her hand up on the wall, and all three of them are standing next to the wall (around the corner).
  • When Phoebe is talking to Jason after he has discovered her secret, he asks her how they could be together 15 months and not know she was a witch. Phoebe only met Jason a few weeks after Wyatt was born, but Wyatt doesn't even turn 1 until a few more episodes in The Courtship of Wyatt's Father, meaning Phoebe and Jason weren't even together 12 months, let alone 15.

The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell

  • After the girls discover the door, Paige orbs away with Wyatt but Phoebe's hand is still touching Wyatt/Paige so Phoebe should have ended up orbing away with them.
  • They put Sigmund's head in an opaque bag but when they get to the school, he's able to see the girl who's levitating.
  • Before the Shaman gives Phoebe the drink, her hair keeps going from behind her ear to in front.
  • When the Shaman is handing Phoebe the drink in one of those scenes, her grasp on the container keeps switching between the handle and the bowl part of it.

I Dream of Phoebe

  • When Phoebe walks into her office to talk to Chris her scarf is wrapped round her neck facing backwards, which she unwinds so it facing her front. In the next shot the scarf is facing backwards again.
  • Jinny is able to touch the Book of Shadows, but if she's evil then she shouldn't have been able to.
  • Leo reads the Arabic warning on Jinny's bottle incorrectly. Arabic is read from right to left, he should have spun the bottle the other way around.

Hyde School Reunion

  • In the scenes where the camera is outside of the car as Phoebe is driving, you can see her stunt double's face clearly.

Spin City

  • When Chris is trying to put the first aid kit away and notices its sticking to his hand, four fingers are stuck to the box but his pinky finger hangs off. Then the camera changes angles and now all 5 fingers are stuck to the box.
  • After Phoebe, Paige and Leo all get stuck to the wall by Chris you can see the seat coming off the stairs for Paige to sit on and pegs coming out of the wall for her feet to stand on. You can especially tell she is sitting on something and standing on something because her knees are bent while she's supposedly hanging from a wall.

Crimes and Witch-Demeanors

  • During the exchange about Piper not being present at the tribunal, the word "abstentia" is used. The correct word is "absentia".
  • Gideon's initial invocation to the Tribunal, translated, basically means, "I say, behold this hour, for my wife will kill me."
  • When the Cleaners arrive for the first time in the market place, you can see that they are in front of a green screen as parts of Phoebe's sleeves disappear as they turn to look at them.

Witch Wars

  • During the scene where Gideon checks out the demonic cameras, the stage ceiling can be seen on the screen behind him.
  • Phoebe gathers her purse from her office as she is planning on leaving but then she gets attacked by the shapeshifter and her purse goes from being over her shoulder to disappearing.
  • After Leo kills the demon that hosts Witch Wars and is walking back to Phoebe to give her the athame, his hand are swinging down by his side. Then they switch the camera angle and his hands/arms change positions.
  • Leo gives Phoebe the athame as he stands only 2 feet away from her. Then the room spins as the athame transfers the powers to her, and Leo is now seen way off in the distance instead of right in front of her. Then the room stops spinning and he is again right in front of her.
  • When Phoebe leaves the bar in the Underworld, the athame is in her left hand, but when she shows up in the manor's attic the athame is now in her right hand.

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World

  • When Phoebe was shot on the front porch, Paige pulled her down slightly to where her hand was hitting the door but when the camera angle changes she was laying like a foot away from the door.

Season 7

A Call to Arms

  • In the first scene in the kitchen when Piper comes in, she is wearing slippers of fur and a little while later when we see a full frontal of her, she is suddenly wearing flip flops.
  • The exterior of the Bay Mirror is now a totally different building then it was the previous season, even though Phoebe's office is the same interior set.

Cheaper by the Coven

  • The sign at the award ceremony says, "San Francisco Bay Area Reader's Choice Awards." Unless there was only one reader, it should correctly say, "Readers' Choice Awards."


  • Just before Piper freezes Inspector Sheridan, the Inspector says "Look, if you think that this is going to get me off" then is frozen. When she is unfrozen, she repeats part of her line, "get me off your tail".
  • Old Paige's shoes change when the rest of her clothing doesn't. Originally Paige was wearing high-heeled pumps.
  • When we see Leo sleeping at the end, the book on his chest disappears and reappears in sequential shots.
  • The actress portraying elder Paige has a different eye color than Rose McGowan.

Once in a Blue Moon

  • When the girls are all at the dining room table and Paige orbs ice cream to herself, the ice cream appears with a lid on it and then the camera angle changes and suddenly the lid is off and Paige is eating out of it with a spoon.
  • After Piper burned the muffins Phoebe and Paige come into the kitchen and Phoebe puts her hands on the counter and says how sad it is that the muffins burned. However then the camera angle changes and now her arms are crossed and resting on the counter.

Someone to Witch Over Me

  • The burning building at the beginning is shown to be at the corner of Polk and Gough. These two streets exist in San Francisco, but they run parallel and do not meet as shown here.
  • After the guy got hit by a truck, Paige, Phoebe, and Kyle are standing on the street corner and a car pulls up for Kyle to get in and the camera angle changes and it shows Kyle taking a step towards the car, but then the camera angle changes again and he is standing in the same spot on the corner as before.

Charmed Noir

  • After Kyle and Paige have been captured, and Phoebe is about to write in the book for the second time, you can see part of the page which reads, "She wanted nothing to do with sleeve like him. All she wanted was to get out of here." However that is grammatically incorrect, it should be "there" not "here" because it's all in the past tense, but "here" is an indication of where someone is in the present moment.

There's Something About Leo

  • In the scene where Leo tells Piper he's an Avatar, Piper puts down the basket she is holding twice.
  • When Malvoc's Clan attacks the sisters, they already have energy balls in their hand when they are turned visible by the dye. However, Piper previously stated they needed to become visible in order to attack.

Witchness Protection

  • After the Seer tells the girls that she has some information on the avatars, Piper and Phoebe leave the attic and go downstairs with Leo and Phoebe says she will watch the Seer and try to tap into her powers. However, she then heads downstairs, instead of going back upstairs to the attic to watch the Seer.
  • When the demons go to free Zankou, the Wizard says the spell and sticks his staff into the rock formation and turns it. You can clearly see he is turning a movable piece that was put into the rock.
  • Right after the Seer & Phoebe have a premonition about her death they cut to commercial break, when the break is over it shows Phoebe getting up from the table, as if they are carrying on directly from the scene before, but before the commercial break Piper was wearing a jacket, and after the break she no longer has it on.

Ordinary Witches

  • The street Brody and Paige emerge in past NY is the same as in Charmed Noir just in color.
  • The newspaper that confirms the date is the "New York Monitor". However, for some strange reason, it features The New York Times's "All The News That's Fit To Print" motto on its upper-left-hand corner.
  • On the cab that doesn't stop there is an ad for "Raiders of the Lost Ark". But this was released in June 1981 and it's extremely unlikely that there are still ads on a cab advertising that movie in December.
  • When Zankou meets with the elders on top of the Golden Gate Bridge he tells them that Leo is an Avatar - his proof being that he saw Leo's powers - but the powers that Leo used on Zankou earlier were just the powers that every elder has.

Extreme Makeover: World Edition

  • At the beginning when Paige orbs out, to fight a demon, she leaves a page in the Book of Shadows stuck open, however when Kyle goes to the book to find the Elders the page is flat.


  • When Phoebe and Piper are in the kitchen cooking for the party, Phoebe mixes something in a bowl and then pours it into the pie crust on the counter. However in the next shot Phoebe goes to put the pie crust into the oven and it is empty.
  • The girls make the Avatar vanquishing potion themselves, but where did they get the bottles of from, as those are the same bottles used with the original potion that Brody found.

Carpe Demon

  • It is very obvious that the shackles with which Mrs. Donovan is held in the Underworld are way too big for her arms and she actively holds on to them.
  • Right after Drake is turned into Robin Hood it goes to commercial break. In the first scene after commercial break you can see that there is a rug in the foyer, at the bottom of the stairs, but earlier when Phoebe and Drake were dancing there was no rug and when Drake's motorcycle appears there is again no rug.
  • When Drake (as Robin) and Phoebe leave the Manor on the motorcycle, the entrance to the house is different. There are no stairs, and you can not see the street.
  • When Piper is changing baby Chris, his hat keeps disappearing between shots.
  • When Miss Donovan astral projects into the attic her teacher's robe hangs off her left shoulder, but when the camera angle changes her robe suddenly is corrected and is back on her shoulder.

Show Ghouls

  • At the end, even though the on-screen band consists of only a pianist and a trumpet player, the actual music we hear them play has a rather extensive strings section.

The Seven Year Witch

  • When Sandra says "Leo was not just someone, Piper. He was an Elder, by his own choice", that is completely incorrect and untrue, it was not Leo's choice to become or be an Elder. The Elders made him one without his consent as seen in Season 5.
  • When Phoebe and Drake are in the attic scrying for Leo, you can see in between camera shots that the length of string that the scrying crystal is on gets shorter, and goes from being wrapped around her hand once to numerous times.
  • When Piper accuses Cole of choosing to become the Source, Cole agrees with this. Even through he was possessed by the Source against his will in season 4.
  • When Piper collapsed to the floor, right before Drake picks her up, you can see her going from laying on her left side to laying on her right side/ stomach.
  • When they lay Piper on the couch the position of her legs changes.

Scry Hard

  • When Zankou traps Leo and Piper in the box, right after the commercial break, Leo is sticking his head out trying to see what's going on, but when Zankou passes in front of the camera with the box we can't see Leo's head peeking over the edge of the box like it should be.
  • As Zankou takes Piper out of the box, the camera switches to Paige and Phoebe and suddenly there's a large red mark on Paige's chest that came out of nowhere.

Little Box of Horrors

  • When Wyatt orbs downstairs in front of the new guardian, and Piper sends him back upstairs, as he's orbing away Piper is still holding onto him. Therefore she actually should have been orbing with him.
  • As the new guardian is trying to leave the manor, in between shots Phoebe's shirt slips off of her right shoulder.

Freaky Phoebe

  • When the demons and Michael snip Phoebe's hair, her hairdo was in a tight bun. Her hair could not be snipped as easily as indicated without her bun being pulled. No missing hair is shown on the back of Phoebe's head either.
  • When Phoebe is in the cage (in Imara's body) in some of the shots you can clearly see the seams of the prosthetic nose.

Imaginary Fiends

  • Future Wyatt should not have been able to use his powers, we learned in That '70s Episode that Prue, Piper, and Phoebe were not able to use magic because their past selves already existed in that time. Although, it could have been that the reason they weren't able to use their powers was because the Charmed Ones didn't fully exist at this time so their powers weren't complete like Patty said. 

Death Becomes Them

  • In The Wendigo, Phoebe knew how to change a tire, and was about to tell Piper how to do it herself over the phone, yet in this episode, she has no knowledge of how to change a tire, or what a tire-iron looks like, unless she was just pretending to not know, just to be a bit flirty.
  • Every time the camera focuses on Joanna (3 times) you see the same bald man pass her in the same direction every time.
  • When Darryl is talking to Sheila after Inspector Sheridan calls her, he gets really close to her and whispers in her ear but in the next shot his inches away from her face - not next to her ear.

Something Wicca This Way Goes...?

  • The potion/spell to remove a witch's powers was ripped from the Book in How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans and yet it is now back in the Book for Zankou to use.
  • When the potion to strip a witch's power was used in season 2 it required that the victim swallow it, throwing it wasn't enough. The potion itself wasn't enough since they needed to read a spell. The powers could only be transferred from the sisters to Cryto after Aunt Gail laced the girls' iced tea with it and then the powers could only be removed from Cryto and given back to the girls by shoving the potion down his throat while frozen.
  • In the basement, Phoebe is wearing heels, but when Zankou throws them into the debris, she can clearly be seen wearing tennis shoes.

Season 8

Still Charmed & Kicking

  • When Paige keeps hearing jingling she's afraid it's the elders but Leo says there's no way they know she's alive, but she must have a new charge, which is an automatic connection. However, in past episodes when Leo was an elder, such as Forget Me...Not, Leo says that the elders "add" and "remove" whitelighters from their charges "accounts".
  • In most scenes, the "reflections" are wearing their hair differently than the real sisters. For example, when Piper and Phoebe are shoe-shopping and look into the store window for reflection, the real Phoebe has her hair in a ponytail, but her reflection is wearing her hair down.
  • When Piper and Phoebe walk out of the store their own reflections are visible in the door, however when they look into the window, it's their fake identities instead. Also, Phoebe's purse is hanging off her shoulder slightly but in the reflection her purse is fully on her shoulder.
  • When the girls are shopping they stop in the middle of the sidewalk to talk and in between shots you can see Pipers hair and shirt/bra strap change positions.
  • When Paige is sitting down for coffee she puts her hand in her lap and looks at her reflection in the building, but her reflection doesn't have her hand in her lap, but instead on the chair.
  • When Billie is first shown she has knee-length stiletto boots but when she lands on the movie theater seat she has almost flat boots on.
  • Julie and Jo Bennett are credited with the last name Bennet.
  • When they look in the mirror after saying the spell, and Paige hears the call it shows (in her reflection) she is touching her head but when it went back to the real Paige it shows her hand still going to her head.
  • There is a filming error in the scene when Victor is washing dishes and chatting with Leo. The back of the counter where the sink is can be seen. Normally, there is a wall and a window there.

Malice in Wonderland

  • In the opening scene with Leo and Piper in the bathroom them and their reflections in the mirror are not matching up. When looking in the mirror, Leo moves a little but his reflection doesn't, and Piper moves when she is talking but her reflection moves differently than her. Then Paige enters and her reflection his holding the lipstick different than she is.
  • After the family meeting, Paige goes upstairs and her true reflection can be seen.
  • In one scene Phoebe is holding "Sex & the City: The Complete Series" but the complete series DVD set hadn't been released yet.
  • When Billie fell, her sunglasses disappeared.
  • While Piper is talking to Leo about how her life flew by she makes errors. She says that she was fresh from college, trying to become a chef, and single. She then goes on to say how she became a witch. However, when Piper was out of college, she became an accountant though she had desired to become a chef. She also was not single because she was engaged to Jeremy Burns.
  • Paul Haas said, "How Cinderella nearly turned the Charmed Ones into pumpkins.", but in fact only Phoebe was turned into one, but this fairy tale did not attempt to turn her sisters into them, as they had their own fairy tales of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, and Little Red Riding Hood to deal with.

Run, Piper, Run

  • When Piper is upstairs changing while talking to Leo and Paige her hair has a strand that falls and disappears between shots.
  • After switching Piper with Maya in jail Billie says it worked - but she shouldn't know because only family can see the real Piper so to Billie she still looks like Maya. Therefore she would have no way of knowing if the switch worked.
  • After Lance bails Maya out of jail he pushes her over the ledge of his balcony, as she is falling we can see a large street below her, but Paige and Piper get down to street level to freeze her and they are in an alley instead of on the street.

Desperate Housewitches

  • Paige asks Phoebe how they destroyed the Source the last time, even though Paige was present during both Source vanquishes. Phoebe also mentions using potions, though the Source was vanquished with a spell.
  • The Source's skin color has changed, in season 4, it was powder white but now his skin is more flesh colored.
  • During Wyatt's school play, Leo's camera changes.


  • When Piper is convincing Paige into speed-dating at the beginning of the episode, Piper and Paige's arms keep changing their position every time the shot changes. Also the things Piper is holding keep changing with the shot.
  • When Leo comes to ask Piper for Tylenol, you can see that instead of a mirror there is a green screen.
  • The closet that Phoebe goes and gets the suitcase is baby Wyatt's nursery when he was born. It was changed from a closet to be a nursery.
  • When Phoebe and Dex are kissing in front of the Manor before and after they got married, their positions keep changing in between shots.
  • During the speed-dating, people in the background keep changing.
  • After Piper talks to Paige about the 'family emergency', Paige goes back to her table and sits down, but when the scene cuts back to Piper, Paige is standing up and is about to sit down.
  • When Paige looks at herself in the window after Whit calls her Jo, her reflection is shaking her head while she is not.
  • When Phoebe and Paige are talking in the Manor, Phoebe's arms change position during screen changes.
  • Paige's scrying lands on the map coordinates of Union and Fillmore Streets in Pacific Heights while it is supposed to be the coordinates of the Manor on Prescott Street.
  • The Department of Homeland Security's San Francisco field office official seal is incorrect.
  • When Phoebe comes to Dex's flat, his arms keep changing position when the shot changes.

Kill Billie: Vol. 1

  • Kaley Cuoco misreads the second part of the memory spell twice in a row by omitting the second "my".
  • When Piper and Paige are sitting on the couch in their costumes Paige's arm goes from lying on the couch arm to supporting her head in between shots.

The Lost Picture Show

  • When Phoebe is at the Sperm Bank talking to the woman she is leaning forward on the couch but then then woman leaves and the camera shows Phoebe now leaning back on the couch - not forward.
  • Cigarettes don't set off smoke detectors.
  • San Francisco banned Segway scooters from their sidewalks 5 years ago.

Battle of the Hexes

  • In the book the demons find at Magic School, Hippolyta is misspelled "Hippolytal".

Hulkus Pocus

  • The Elder tells Piper that they've learned that the more powerful the creature that's been effected the quicker the virus consumes them. However at the beginning of the show the effected Kyrchek demon was at magic school and attacked Emerick, whom then tried to kill the Kyrchek demon because he couldn't have a lower level demon hurt him and live to tell about it. Then Emerick became infected and the demon trying to study him told Margoyle that this demon had lived the longest, but if what the Elder said is true, then he should have lived shorter than the lower level demon at the beginning of the show.
  • Paige and Piper orb out of the living room in one position and orb into Agent Murphy's office in another position.

Vaya Con Leos

  • In one scene, it is clearly visible that a being in one of the frozen cubes is a mannequin.

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

  • A homeless guy walked past a subway station. San Francisco does not have subway stations.
  • Grant Pelham is credited as Chuck Pelham.
  • Carl Jenkins was summoned to the manor through the "Lost Witch" spell, while it was established that his daughters gained their magic from their mother's side.

Payback's a Witch

  • Opening scene Wyatt dumps the chips out of the bowl and Piper starts to gather the chips together then the camera angle changes and suddenly there are chips in the bowl.

12 Angry Zen

  • The length of Henry's hair changes throughout the episode.
  • As established, this episode takes place on January 28, the day before Chinese New Year. But in "Payback's a Witch", they celebrated Wyatt's birthday, which is on February 2.
  • The Chinese symbol looks the same, when we should of seen it up-side-down in the bowl between us and the sisters and then back-to-front looking out though the windows of the Chinese laundry, compared with how we see it in the sacred garden.

The Last Temptation of Christy

  • When Henry is proposing to Paige, a green outline can be seen around them from the green screen.

Engaged and Confused

  • When one of The Triad freezes the room to talk to Christy, Piper's face is different from when it unfreezes to when it was first frozen.
  • The pentagrams on the robes worn by Candor changes, at first it is pointing down and then points up in the last scene.

Generation Hex

  • While in the past, ("The Honeymoon's Over") Phoebe mentions the school is where she first met Cole. She actually met him at a crime scene the night before, this is likely because Prue was with Phoebe when Cole met her, and they were unable to show footage of Prue due to behind the scenes issues.
  • The clip of Phoebe and Jason from "My Three Witches" was flipped. In the original scene, Phoebe was on the left and Jason was on the right. In the flashback Jason is on the left and Phoebe is on the right.

The Jung and the Restless

  • When the girls collapsed after being put to sleep by Billie and Christy, the position of Piper's hands change in between scenes.

Gone with the Witches

  • After catching Phoebe and Coop kissing, Piper goes to the Book of Shadows which is open on the Truth Spell. She flicks through a couple of pages and stops, but the page shown in the close up is the Truth Spell again.
  • When the sisters check the book on how to summon the Hollow, there was a banishing spell for it which they used in 'Forever Charmed'. This contradicts "Charmed and Dangerous" where the Hollow could only be banished by both good and evil saying the inscription on the back of the box.

Forever Charmed

  • After Wyatt gets his powers, he orbs to Piper's side to prove that he has gotten them back. A portion of the stained windows' frame in the sun room moves, behind Piper and Wyatt as Wyatt orbed.
  • The last time the Hollow was used, all powers were restored once it had been dispelled, yet Wyatt still loses his powers after the Hollow has been cast out of Billie and Christy.
  • When Piper, Leo and Patty travel to the past to find Grams, Piper introduces Leo when Grams doesn't recognize him, however this contradicts "Witchstock", in which Grams already knew Leo.
  • In that same scene, Patty had to tell Grams that the sisters were the Charmed Ones. However, since Patty in Grams' time was dead (she fainted upon seeing Patty when she came with Piper and Leo) she would've already known. Grams raised the sisters after Patty died and protected them from demons, knowing who they would become. Also, in "That Seventies Episodes" Grams' and Patty found out they were Charmed when the warlock Nicholas told Patty she was pregnant with the third sister (Phoebe) and forced her to bless his ring to protect him from their powers. After Phoebe was born, Grams' bound their powers to protect them.
  • Paige starts her final entry by talking about her life without demons, only to end it by stating she became a full-time whitelighter devoted to guiding and protecting future whitelighters from evil (which most likely includes demons).