Death Count[]

Cole Turner has died four times throughout the course of the series.

Image Episode Episode Name Cause Of Death Revival
First time 4.08 Black as Cole Cole's alter-ego, Belthazor, was vanquished by a power stripping potion. Returned after Cole created his own alternate reality in 2003.
Second time 4.20 Long Live the Queen Vanquished by the Power of Three after the Source possessed him. Through powers obtained from the Demonic Wasteland.
Third time 5.12 Centennial Charmed Vanquished by an Upper Level Demon Vanquishing Potion in the alternate reality. Soul trapped in the Cosmic Void. Freed later on.
Cole-death 10.05 Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? Soul vanquished by the Ancient Athame. Not revived.