Cole Turner's Penthouse is a large penthouse apartment that overlooks the San Francisco Bay. It is a key location during the period Cole Turner was the Source of All Evil and remained the place where he lived after his return from the Demonic Wasteland. The penthouse also served as the place where Barbas attempted to unite the Underworld under his rule.

Notable Events

  • As The Source of All Evil, this is where Cole would hold his meeting with various demonic leaders.[1][2]
  • This was the residence where Cole and Phoebe, the newly crowned Queen of the Underworld, resided.[3]
  • Phoebe destroyed various demonic leaders during Cole's meetings here.[4]
  • The penthouse served as the place of Cole Turner's first vanquish by Piper, Phoebe and Paige.[5]
  • Paige Matthews met Rowan, a vampire who rendered her Vampiric.[6]
  • The Seer created a portal attempting to pull a pregnant Phoebe into the Underworld.[7]
  • This is where Phoebe managed to pull off a piece of The Seer's ear.[8]
  • Cole tried numerous times to kill himself here.[9]
  • Phoebe was held prisoner here when Cole tried to win her love.[10]
  • The Charmed Ones attempted to vanquish Cole again, but he was impervious to the potions used.[11]
  • Paige Matthews attempted to vanquish Cole here after he returned from the Demonic Wasteland.[12]
  • Phoebe used a spell to Astrally Project to the penthouse when the demon Barbas tried to unite the Underworld as an attempt to lure him to the Manor.[13]



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