Cloaking is the power to hide the presence of oneself or others to prevent others from discovering one's location. This ability is possessed by the forces of both Good and Evil to prevent the other from learning of their activities.

Cloaking prevents other beings from perceiving the cloaked, making them invisible, or untraceable through sensing or scrying, or both.

Methods of Cloaking[]


Whitelighters can hide their charges making them invisible to a selective few. Leo Wyatt used this power to hide Daisy, a future Whitelighter, from her Darklighter ex-lover Alec. While she was cloaked, he could not sense or even see her until Leo was poisoned by one of his arrows.[1]

Paige Matthews uses this ability to protect her charge Mikelle from a group of Darklighters. Unfortunately, when Paige and her sisters were trapped in a dream world, the cloak wore off.[2]

Dark Cloaking

Dantalian's cloaked lair.

Dark dignitaries have been known to use this power to ensure privacy for rituals. The Dark Priestess Dantalian was able to cloak her lair as she performed a binding ritual between the warlock Zile and Prue Halliwell. Piper and Phoebe were able to find the lair after they became evil, meaning the cloaking magic only worked against forces of good.[3]

The demon Jeric was also able to hide his lair from the forces of good, preventing Leo Wyatt from sensing Phoebe once she had been kidnapped. However, Cole Turner was able to find the lair with ease; he had turned fully evil due to the weight of the massive powers he'd absorbed. Piper was only able to find it by tapping into her baby's powers while scrying for it.[4]


Cole Turner cloaking his penthouse.

Cole Turner acquired this power upon his return from The Demonic Wasteland. In an attempt to gain access to the Nexus under the Halliwell Manor, he imprisoned Phoebe in his penthouse and cloaked the windows and doors, to prevent her from exiting and block Leo from sensing and hearing her call. She was able to escaping by levitating through the air vent.[5]

While appearing as figure heads, the Avatars cloaked Barbas's lair to prevent a vengeful Leo Wyatt from tracking him down. Once he served his purpose, the Avatars uncloaked it, allowing Phoebe and Paige to find him and vanquish him.[6]

Spells and Rituals[]

Forces of both Good and Evil have been known to mask their presence through the use of spells.


While trying to locate the first owner of the Magical Amulets, Prue was unable to scry for her because the amulet blocked off the magic.[7]

When the Titans launched their attack on the Elders, Leo Wyatt organized the surviving Elders to be protected in a sanctuary, which was cloaked by fairy dust.[8]

Piper Halliwell placed crystals around the attic to cloak Chris from being sensed by Scabbar Demons.[9] She later did the same for two young witches named Ryan and Jen to protect them from two Noxon Demons. The cloak was deactivated as soon as Piper removed one of the crystals.[10]


List of beings who use(d) Cloaking[]

Original power
Through spell, potion, artifact, etc.

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