"I know I lied to you about a lot of things. But one thing I never lied to you about was how much I care about you."
—Clay before saying goodbye to Phoebe.[src]

Clay Muniz was Phoebe Halliwell's ex-boyfriend from New York. Even though they loved each other, Phoebe broke up with him due to his shady lifestyle and tendency to take the easy path before moving back to San Francisco.


New York

Clay met Phoebe when she was working at the Rainbow Room. They started dating, but he was always taking the easy solutions to his problems, including criminal and being in debt. She eventually grew tired of his shady lifestyle and broke up with him.

Stealing the Egyptian Urn and Reuniting with Phoebe

Five months after Phoebe left him, Clay flew to Cairo with two friends to steal a priceless Egyptian urn. Unknown to Clay, whoever stole the cursed urn would be punished by its Guardian. With the urn in his possession, Clay flew to San Francisco to convince Phoebe to get her sister to auction it off. He started to reconnect with Phoebe again, but never told her about his plans until Prue figured him out and prevented the urn from being auctioned off. He never knew one of his friends, Wesley, died in Cairo because of the curse.

Clay feared for his life after he found his friend, Palmer Kellogg, dead in his hotel room, and later found out about Wesley when he called his home. Phoebe confronted him about theft and is utterly disappointed when he confessed, saying that he had always taken the easy way out and will never change. When he learned of the urn's curse, he confronted the Guardian to protect Phoebe and her sisters. Clay then risked his life protecting Phoebe from a cobra summoned by the Guardian. Since the urn was cursed to punish those bearing the sin of Greed, his act of selflessness saved both him and Phoebe. After the urn went back to its rightful place, Clay said goodbye to Phoebe and returned to New York to better himself.


Notes and Trivia

  • A selfless act redeeming a person from Sin would later be repeated in "Sin Francisco".
  • In season 3, Cole had a paper of information which lists Phoebe's love interests. Clay's last name is listed as Muniz.
  • Clay was the first character in the show to have their name used in an episode title.
  • Like many of Phoebe's love interest, his name starts with a C.


Clay Muniz appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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