Claudia was a young mortal woman captured by Gammill to be added to his collection of figurines, though she was rescued by the Charmed Ones.



Claudia was the last girl to be lured to Gammill's house by Finn, a handsome young golem. Once she was inside, Gammill used his wand to shrink her and covered her in clay so she could be turned into a figurine.

When Phoebe Halliwell was shrunken and managed to hide, Gammill put Claudia on a shelf to lure her out. When Phoebe freed Claudia, they were both captured. Before Gammill could proceed, Paige arrived to lure Finn away from the house. Thinking the coast was clear, Piper and Leo orbed in to look around. Despite their attempts to call for help, the couple did not hear Phoebe and Claudia and left.

When Gammill overheard that Phoebe and her sisters were the Charmed Ones, he decided he wanted to collect them all. Gammill then trapped Phoebe and Claudia in clay and left to capture Piper and Paige.

When Gammill returned with a shrunken Piper and Paige, he put them all in clay and fired up his kiln to bake them all. Just as he was about to put Claudia in, the sisters managed to free themselves and use his wand to shrink Gammill. Piper then froze him while she and her sisters cast a vanquishing spell. Upon his vanquish, the sisters and Claudia were returned to normal.


Claudia has appeared in just 1 episode over the course of the series.