"The bank assigned me to see if the business is worth salvaging. I'm looking for inventory records. The files in my predecessor's office were empty."
—Claire to Prue.[src]

Claire Pryce was a temporary manager of Buckland Auction House, assigned by the bank after Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster left the auction house in financial trouble.


After the Charmed Ones vanquished Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, Buckland was left in a financial crisis. The bank appointed Claire to the auction house to see if it was worth salvaging. She ordered an auction that had to move $1.2 million in a day or she would shut the place down. Claire was unimpressed when an Egyptian Urn that Prue wanted to auction for Clay Muniz turned out to be stolen. However, in the end the auction made enough money for Buckland to stay open.[1]

Some time later, Claire noticed Prue holding a golden bracelet and noted it would sell quickly. However, Phoebe had a premonition of the owner, a kidnapped girl, and tracked her down, so Prue used her power to stop anyone from bidding on the bracelet.[2]

On behest of professor Beth Whittlesey, Claire had Prue and her sisters organize a dinner party at Halliwell Manor, as the professor was very interested in the architecture of the manor. Claire wanted to keep her happy as she and her family were wealthy clients. However, the dinner party was ruined by Phoebe under influence of the Woogyman, a demon freed during the earthquake. The dinner party was then moved to Quake by Piper, though the events landed Prue on Claire's bad side.[3]

Prue was later assigned to a new client, Helena Statler, whose collection could secure the future of Buckland for years. However, it was actually a trap set by her brother, Gabriel Statler, a Lord of War seeking to kill a firstborn witch. Prue managed to escape and cast a spell that created two clones of herself. Claire called Prue into the office the next day and threatened to fire her if she didn't fix the mess she caused. The two set out to meet Helena, though Gabriel managed to kill one of the clones, causing Prue great pain when she was with the car with Claire. Helena was later killed by brother, leaving the fate of their collection unknown.[4]

When Buckland got out of bankruptcy, Claire thanked Prue, noting that despite her frequent family emergencies, she was vital in saving the auction house. She demanded Prue's presence when potential buyers for the auction house would visit, though another magical emergency caused Prue to be absent again. Claire fired Prue, though Andy Trudeau covered for her by telling Claire that Prue was assisting the police on a case, thus saving her job. Buckland was presumably sold shortly after, leading to Claire's departure.[5]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • In "Is There a Woogy in the House?", Prue asked Claire if the earthquake in that episode was the first she experienced, implying she is not from San Francisco originally.
  • Despite being (indirectly) involved with two magical situations, she never learned Prue was a witch.
  • Claire appeared in the second non-canon novel, Kiss of Darkness. Along with Prue, she attended at a New Year's party hosted by Lloyd Claiborne, San Francisco's wealthiest man and Buckland's biggest client.


Claire Pryce appeared in a total of 5 episodes throughout the course of the series.