"Cindy, I know those last few loves of yours didn't work out. You've been hurt and you're scared. But you've gotta take a risk if you wanna find the real thing. And Max is real. Open up to him."
Cupid to Cindy.[src]

Cindy was a mortal woman and one of the charges of a Cupid. She was meant to fall in love with a man named Max.


Cindy worked at the same building as Max. One night, Cupid brought them together and Max asked her out. After Drazi stole his Cupid Ring, he went after the young couple and drove them apart, destroying their love and slowly killing Cupid. As Max stormed off, he was hit by a car.

Phoebe and Cupid later confronted Cindy to persuade her not to give up on love even when it was difficult. Phoebe's moving words finally made her realize how she felt, and she visited Max at the hospital and they got back together. Their reunion caused Drazi physical pain and angered him enough to after Cupid.


Cindy appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.