Cinderella is the Fairy Tale of a servant girl who defies her evil step-mother and step-sisters to attend a royal ball, and falls in love with a prince with the help of a fairy godmother. It was Phoebe Halliwell's favorite fairy tale growing up. In "Happily Ever After", Phoebe is magically transformed into Cinderella as an evil scheme set up by the Evil Witch from the Magic Mirror to destroy the Charmed Ones.

The Tale[]

In the story, the fairy godmother's magic turns a pumpkin into a stage coach and gives Cinderella a dress and glass slippers. She is warned that she must leave the ball by midnight because that is when the magic will wear off. Just before midnight, she must say goodbye to the prince, and while running off, she leaves behind one of her slippers.


Some of the props of the fairy tale were kept in the Fairy Tales Fortress to protect them, keeping them safe for future generations including the glass slippers and magic pumpkin.

Phoebe's Reenactment[]


When the Evil Witch escaped from her imprisonment inside the Magic Mirror, she first sent the glass slippers to Phoebe. When Phoebe put them on, a dress magically appeared, and the shoes forced her to walk to the street where she met up with a horse and carriage. It took her to "the ball"—a charity fundraiser hosted by media mogul Adam Prinze. Phoebe didn't know that the witch had cast a spell on Adam to trap her in the carriage when it turned into a pumpkin. When Phoebe tried to escape, she left behind a glass slipper before being thrown into the carriage and trapped inside when it turned back into a pumpkin. Adam was ordered to destroy it, but Cole Turner managed to save it. Later, only one slipper returned to the fortress after Piper stopped the witch and undid her magic, but the second only returned after Phoebe's story "reached a happy ending"; by walking up to Adam and forgiving him.


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