Chronokinesis or Time Manipulation is the ability to move time in any direction, move yourself through time, and control time itself. It is a very rare and dangerous power and as such only a few characters through the series have possessed it.

Tempus, the Angels of Destiny and the Cleaners are the only beings who can use this power by themselves, and even then they have to follow certain rules. The Avatars are an entirely different matter because they have to combine their strength to use this power, even then their collective power will be drained.


Tempus Creating A Time Loop

The Source of All Evil sent Tempus to assist the demon Inspector Rodriguez in killing the Charmed Ones. Tempus used his power to trap them all in a Time loop. Each time Rodriquez failed in killing the sisters, Tempus reset the day and gave him another shot. This loop was eventually broken when the sisters cast a spell to accelerate time.[1]

Leo as an Avatar

Shortly after becoming an Avatar, Leo tried to tell Piper the truth and convince her about their good intentions. However, he grew frustrated when Piper refused to listen and accidentally reversed time. The other Avatars later aided Leo in reversing time after Leo inhaled the Avatar vanquishing potion thrown by Kyle Brody. However, each time this power was used, it drained power from the Collective.[2]


After the Charmed Ones and Zankou convinced the Avatars to end Utopia, they used this power to rewind time to when it started, bringing back all who had died during it. However, they were too weak to bring back Kyle Brody.

List of beings who use(d) Chronokinesis

Original power
Through spell, potion, power, stealing, etc.


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