Christopher Young was a Firestarter who appeared in the non-canonical The Brewing Storm. He was tasked with gathering the elementals for the Ritual of the Guardians.


Christopher Young was a weather reporter in San Francisco with the power to control fire. When natural disasters began to occur worldwide, Christopher was tasked with gathering the elementals to perform the Ritual of the Guardians to save the world. He worked with Muriel Hammond and gathered information on Rafe and Gabrielle Chambers. Unfortunately, he was targeted by Tempest's henchmen. He tried to escape by driving, but was unable to shake off the demons with the unstable weather and traffic. Christopher realized that he could not escape, and jumped off Golden Gate Bridge, bursting his body into flames moments before he hit the ocean, hoping that his death would protect the others. Tyler Michaels was then substituted with finding them after his death.

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Christopher Young has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the run of the franchise.