"Yes, without the sauce it is nothing more than a salty marinara. A recipe from a woman's magazine. Puh!"
—Chef Moore to Piper.[src]

Chef Moore was a rude, yet experienced chef who gave Piper Halliwell two chances to work as a chef at Quake.



Piper freezes Chef Moore.

In 1998, Piper had an interview with Chef Moore for a position of chef in Quake, after which she was required to make an audition recipe. Piper prepared a roast pork with gratin of Florence and penne with a port giblet sauce. When Chef Moore wanted to try the recipe before Piper had a chance to add the port, she accidentally froze him for her very first time. This gave her enough time to add the port. When he unfroze, Chef Moore loved the dish and hired Piper.[1]

A week later, on a busy night Piper complained to Phoebe that she was going to kill Chef Moore because right after he hired Piper, he quit Quake to open up his new place, leaving Piper short-handed and forcing her to become manager of the restaurant against her will.[2]

Before he left Quake, he was hired by the wealthy Spencer family to cater their wedding. Since he left for France, the responsibility given to the restaurant was given to Piper, much to her chagrin.[3]

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Moore appeared in a total of 1 episodes throughout the course of the series. Additionally, he appeared in the Unaired Pilot as well.