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Charmed is an American fantasy drama television series developed by Jennie Snyder Urman and based on the original show created by Constance M. Burge, which originally aired from 1998 to 2006. The series was greenlit on May 11, 2018.[1]

On May 17, 2018, The CW announced it would premiere on Sunday at 9pm on the Fall schedule of 2018-2019 television season.[2] The series premiered on October 14, 2018.  On January 31, 2019, The CW announced Charmed was renewed for a second season.[3]

Jennie Snyder Urman serves as an executive producer, along with Jessica O'Toole, Amy Rardin, Brad Silberling, Ben Silverman and Carter Covington.


Set in the fictional college town of Hilltowne, Michigan, Charmed follows the lives of three sisters—Macy, Mel and Maggie Vera—who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover they are three of the most powerful witches of all time. Together they possess the "Power of Three", which they use to vanquish supernatural demons and "tear down the patriarchy". Each sister has a unique magical power; the eldest Macy has the power of telekinesis, middle sister Mel possesses the power of time-freezing, and the youngest Maggie has the power to hear people's thoughts. The reboot changes several elements from the original Charmed series, including moving the setting from San Francisco to Hilltowne; making one of the sisters a lesbian; giving the youngest sister the power to hear people's thoughts instead of premonition; and having all three of their alliterative names begin with M instead of P. Additionally, all three lead actresses are of various ethnic identities: Mantock is Afro-Caribbean; Diaz is Latina; and Jeffery is African-American, Dutch and Canadian.



The rebooted Charmed Ones.

Main Cast

Differences from the original Charmed

The reboot has many similarities, but also a lot of differences from the original.

  • The original Charmed Ones had the three powers of Telekinesis, Molecular Immobilization and Premonition in order of age. In the reboot, the youngest sister instead has Telepathy. However, she still needs to touch someone to use her power and is referred to as an "Empath" (similar to Phoebe later in the series) as her power set is based on emotions. 
    • The reboot also depicts the middle sister's power as time-freezing which cannot be blocked by physical barriers, whereas the original only referred to her power as time-freezing early on and later revealed it was molecular-based. Her power advancements are also consistent with the time aspect of her power as she later learns how to age objects rapidly.
    • The original Charmed Ones were three sisters, where the eldest was later replaced with a younger half-sister. The reboot has the eldest sister as the lost sibling from the start, whereas the middle sister is the half-sibling.
    • The original sisters were straight, Caucasian women. The reboot has Hispanic sisters, where the middle sister is a lesbian, and the eldest and youngest sisters identified as Afro-Latinas.
    • The sisters were left to learn witchcraft on their own, while in the reboot they have a Whitelighter to teach them.
    • The oldest sister, Macy, is born with darkness. She died at infancy and her mother had a necromancer resurrect her; the necromancer used demon blood for the resurrection, which converted all her victims into demons. This made her part-witch and part-demon with the abilities to see past events involving evil, translate demonic languages, and shoot fire out of her hands.
    • After losing their powers, Mel and Maggie gained new ones through a magical tree: Mel gained the power of Molecular Manipulation while Maggie gained Premonition. Macy seemingly regained her power of Telekinesis.
    • In the original, the existence of the Charmed Ones was prophesized by their ancestor Melinda Warren, and their born powers were descended from her: in the reboot, the Charmed Ones had always existed throughout history, born as three sisters who protected the world in times of need. However, the Power of Three was always so powerful that it eventually killed one of them, and the cycle would start all over again with the next generation.
  • In the original, the first sisters were raised by their grandmother while the fourth was raised in an adopted family. In the reboot, two of the sisters were raised by their mother while the third was raised by her father.
  • The Vera sisters were granted forty-eight hours to decide whether to accept their destiny as the Charmed Ones. If the decision wasn't unanimous, all magical interventions will be reversed and the sisters would forget everything that happened. In the original series, the Halliwell sisters were not given this choice.
    • Also, the forty-eight hour opportunity in the original show was for the newly-empowered witch to decide whether to use their powers for good or evil.
  • The Halliwell sisters' first enemy was a warlock, while the Vera sisters' was a demon.
  • Piper, the middle sister, was most reluctant to be a witch while Phoebe, then-youngest sister, was most eager to become one, whereas in the reboot, Mel, the middle sister, is the most excited, and Maggie, the youngest, was most reluctant.
  • The original sisters' Whitelighter Leo kept his role as guardian and advisor hidden for most of the first season and didn't become a regular until mid-way through the second. The reboot's Whitelighter Harry reveals his duty from the beginning and guides the sisters as Leo did from then on. 
  • The Elders in the reboot are witches instead of angels.
  • Whitelighters do not teleport via orbs like in the original series; instead they teleport with an effect extremely similar to the apparition effect in the Harry Potter film series, while Elders travel through various methods of teleportation. However, Whitelighters' teleportation power is still referred to as orbing in the show.
  • The series occasionally uses scientific methods to counteract the magical foes.
  • A half-witch half-Whitelighter named Jada Shields is one of the sisters' former love interests. 
  • The youngest sister falls for a morally-conflicted half-demon named Parker Caine, like Cole Turner in season 3. Parker's demonic form is also of a humanoid shadow, similar to the demon that served Cole when he was evil.
  • Whitelighters are immortal beings resurrected by the Elders through powerful magic. The first to be created was Helen McGantry.
    • Darklighters are duplicates created the same time a Whitelighter is created, forcefully ripped into a formless vapor and trapped inside a bottle prison. Harry's Darklighter was freed by the Shea Group.

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