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Written by: Henry Alonso Myers

Season 7, Episode 13

Episode Number: 147


[Scene: Street. Leo, Alpha and Gamma are there.]

Alpha: Look at them all, Leo. Without knowing why, things just seem better to them, even though they don't yet realise that everything is different.

Gamma: Of course there will be a transitional period. But soon they will begin to understand that they no longer have to worry about evil, security, conflict, that this world is here to stay.

Alpha: Is it not what we spoke of, Leo?

Leo: It's impressive.

Alpha: And you know, the only threat to Utopia, to all that we've created here is conflict. And that, Leo, we simply cannot abide.

Leo: I don't know, it's just the way the sisters reacted, especially Paige.

Gamma: She grieves.

Leo: I know, but not the way she's supposed to. It's just... It doesn't seem right.

Alpha: Well, things are different, Leo, to be sure. But look around you now. Is not everyone better off? Are not the sisters better off?

Leo: I don't know.

Alpha: Then you must go to them, Leo. They're the people who mean the most to you. See for yourself. Understand. It's all good, Leo. It's all genuine.

Gamma: But once you're satisfied, it is important that you return to us.

Leo: Important? Why?

Gamma: After the death of one of our own, the collective has been drained of power. You feel it too, do you not?

Leo: Yes.

Alpha: So the sooner you're reassured, satisfied, the sooner you can join us and help us maintain all of this. We have much work to do, Leo.

Leo: What kind of work?

Alpha: You'll see, when you're ready. You'll sense where to find us.

(Leo walks off. Near by, a man is arguing with a police officer.)

Officer: Please calm down, sir.

Woman: Harold, get back in the car.

Harold: I'm telling you, the light was yellow, just like last time! What, do you guys have it out for me?

Woman: Harold, please.

Harold: No, this is ridiculous! It's police harassment. I want your name and badge number!

(Suddenly, Harold just vanishes. The Avatars walk away.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper and Phoebe are there. They are both mixing something in a bowl.]

Phoebe: It's ready.

Piper: So is this. Butter?

(Phoebe throws the butter to Piper and she catches it. Leo orbs in front of Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Hey, you're breaking the flow. Move it.

Leo: Sorry.

Piper: Where you been?

Leo: With the other Avatars making sure everything went all right.

Piper: Why wouldn't it be?

Leo: You tell me. How you guys doing?

Phoebe: Are you kidding? I feel great. Better than I have in, God, I don't even know how long.

Piper: Six and a half years, but who's counting?

Phoebe: Of course, we haven't been out in the real world yet.

Piper: If it feels anything like it does in here...

Phoebe: Then we have no complaints.

Piper: None. Actually, we're gonna celebrate, we're gonna have a little party.

Leo: A party? Today?

Phoebe: Yeah, why not?

Leo: Maybe you just wanted to make sure everything worked all right.

Phoebe: Leo, it works, better than we expected. Besides, we have a lot of catching up to do. Especially with our friends.

Piper: Yeah, I'm a little nervous. I'm not sure I know how to socialise with normal people.

Phoebe: You'll be fine. Especially since no demons will be attacking.

Leo: They're still out there.

Phoebe: Yeah, but they won't be attacking. They're all on the run. Come on, just enjoy it. We have you to thank for all this.

Leo: How's Paige?

Piper: Better I think.

Phoebe: It's gonna take her some time though. Kyle meant a lot to her.

Piper: But it does help her to know he's gone on to a better place.

Phoebe: Absolutely.

Leo: Is she upstairs?

Phoebe: She's at Kyle's apartment getting some stuff. And I think I'm gonna go to work and check out the real world.

(Phoebe leaves the kitchen.)

Leo: All right, well, I'm gonna go check on Paige.

(Leo orbs out.)

Piper: Okay, you two. But don't be late.

[Scene: Kyle's Apartment. Paige is there looking at a snow globe. Leo orbs in.]

Leo: Hey. How you holding up?

Paige: Good, considering. I'm not really sure what to do with all of this stuff, though.

Leo: That's not really your responsibility, is it?

Paige: No, but he doesn't have a family. It's just so odd that he's gone. I really miss him.

Leo: Good. I mean, that's normal. You don't want to go around just having it all be glossed over, you know.

Paige: No. But still, I am happy for him. I mean, he is in a better place. And the thing is, he would really want me to enjoy this new world.

Leo: Well, he died trying to stop it.

Paige: That's why I owe it to him to be happy.

Leo: Of course.

Paige: Hey, uh, I have to go home and get ready for the party. You gonna come?

Leo: I think so.

Paige: Great. I will see you there, sir.

(Paige orbs out. Leo looks at the snow globe. Zankou flames in. Leo zaps him and he falls backwards.)

Zankou: You've been weakened, Avatar, by the death of one of your own. (Zankou waves his hand and Leo flies backwards into a wall.) We both have the same problem, you and I. Neither of us trusts this new world. We're both gonna have to do something about it.

(Zankou grabs Leo and flames out with him.)

[Scene: The Bay Mirror. Phoebe is there. Elise walks over to her.]

Elise: Phoebe, what are you doing here? I thought it was your day off?

Phoebe: Oh, I just came by to see how things were going. How are things going?

Elise: They aren't. And that's good. Have you seen today's paper? (She picks one up.) Thinnest one we've ever had. There's no crime to speak of, no corruption, no scandal. It's like people have been taking happy pills. Thank god the obits are up. Otherwise, we'd just have a one-sheet.

Phoebe: So things are just getting better, huh?

Elise: Oh, I'm all for that. But I've been working here so long, I don't believe it. Something always happens.

Phoebe: Maybe. Or maybe it's a shame when we don't trust when good things happen.

Elise: What a nice thought. Now you should write about that in your next column. Best advice you could give your readers.

Phoebe: Okay, but I gotta go home to do it. Tell Oliver I'll email it to him around six-ish, okay?

Elise: Oliver. That's the only bad thing that happened today. Well, not bad for him, of course, just for us.

Phoebe: What happened?

Elise: I got a call from his family about an hour ago. He's gone. It happened early this morning.

Phoebe: Oh my god.

Elise: He was such a troubled young man. I really hoped he could turn things around.

Phoebe: Yeah, me too.

Elise: Well, at least we can take heart that he's in a much better place now.

Phoebe: Yeah. I guess so.

[Scene: Inside a Pyramid. Leo and Zankou are there.]

Leo: Mind telling me where we are?

Zankou: In an ancient tomb in an ancient pyramid where no one, especially not the Avatars, are gonna look for us.

Leo: Why bring me here?

Zankou: To show you the truth. To show you why you never should have turned your back on the Elders. And to decide whether or not you're willing to help me stop the Avatars.

Leo: Why would I help a demon?

Zankou: Because it is by far the better of your options. You could either work to change things back, or you can repeat the mistakes of the past. (They look at the drawings on the wall.) The Avatars were here before, thousands of years ago, when people believed in magic and demons. The Avatars promised to rid them of evil on that level, same as now. They were more or less successful. They remade the world, but they never told people of the ultimate costs.

Leo: Who's that? The dog-headed figure, is that a demon?

Zankou: Actually, that's a jackal's head. He's Anubis, the Egyptian guardian and protector of the dead. There's a price to pay for Utopia. A price that you suspect but don't yet know about. They knew about it though, and they rose up against the Avatars and stopped them the first time for good reason.

Leo: Maybe so, but I...

Zankou: Agent Brody realised the danger that the Avatars pose too. That's why he was willing to help me weaken them so that I could bring you here, so that you could help. He was willing to sacrifice everything to stop them.

Leo: Brody was crazed.

Zankou: Brody was right. You know, deep down, that there is something very wrong with this world, Leo. Something you never foresaw in your own myopic zeal to try and make it all better. People have no free will anymore. At least not completely. The Avatars now dictate their destinies. And you let it happen. The question is, are you willing to fix it?

Leo: To do what, get back what we had before? Fight your kind again?

Zankou: Well, nobody said the system was perfect, did they? But it's better than this, isn't it? You decide for yourself and decide soon. If we are to work together, we're gonna have to move quickly.

(Leo orbs out.)

[Cut to a black and white room. Avatars are standing around a circular table with holographic images in the centre of it. Leo orbs in.]

Alpha: Leo. Welcome. How are the sisters? Content, I trust?

Leo: They seemed okay. (Alpha nods.) What is this place?

Alpha: This is where we maintain Utopia. Come. (Alpha shows Leo the table.) These are the others. You've felt them though you haven't yet met.

Leo: What are they doing?

Gamma: Monitoring for conflict.

(An angry woman in the hologram is yelling. The Avatars shake their hands.)

Leo: I don't understand.

Alpha: In bringing this all about, we've modified the way people think, their belief systems, so that they can more easily accept a world without evil. So that they wouldn't keep looking for it.

Gamma: And so that the demons who remain couldn't influence them into evil acts.

Alpha: Unfortunately, however, some have already been damaged beyond hope. Their inner demons sometimes surface, causing... conflict.

Gamma: And when that conflict passes a certain threshold, we must deal with it.

Alpha: To protect Utopia.

(On the hologram, two men are fighting. There are people around watching. The two men suddenly vanish. The people watching shrug and move on as though nothing happened.)

Leo: Wait. You killed them.

Gamma: We removed them. The one for the many.

Alpha: We have an obligation to maintain the world that we've created, Leo. We can't let anything threaten it, and we won't.

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Phoebe walks in through the front door. She walks into the dining room and the table is covered with food.]

Phoebe: Wow. Wow. Ooh!

(Piper walks in.)

Piper: No, no! No! No touchie-touchie.

Phoebe: I just want to make sure it's not poison.

Piper: No, I want everything to be perfect. We've waited a long time for this day.

Phoebe: Piper, everything is perfect. It looks amazing. I can't believe you did all of this since I left.

Piper: When I'm not mixing vanquishing potions all the time, I tend to get a lot more done. I forgot how much I like cooking.

Phoebe: We're all good.

Piper: Yeah, as long as Leo makes it to the party.

Phoebe: I thought he was just going over to Paige's?

Piper: I did too, but she came back without him and now she's upstairs getting ready.

Phoebe: Well, maybe he had some Avatar stuff to do?

Piper: I hope the Avatars don't keep him as busy as the Elders did.

Phoebe: I don't think he'd put up with that, Piper, and you know it. He created this better world so that you guys could be together again as a family.

Piper: Still, I worry.

Phoebe: And next to cooking, that's the second thing you do best.

(Paige walks in.)

Paige: Hey.

Phoebe: Hey, how you doing?

Paige: Better. Thanks. Yeah. I am really looking forward to this party. You know, take my mind off stuff. I just need to remind myself Kyle's in a better place, right?

Phoebe: Yeah, that's what I have to remind myself. This guy at work, he just went away. It was really unexpected.

Piper: Well, I'm sure it must all be for the best, you know. Otherwise, it wouldn't have happened.

Phoebe: Right.

Piper: Well, anyway, why don't you go help the kids get dressed, their clothes are laid out, and you can help me in the kitchen. Come on, chop-chop, we have a party to throw.

[Scene: Inside a Pyramid. Zankou is there. Laygan appears.]

Zankou: I'm concentrating.

Laygan: Yes, I'm sorry. This is important.

Zankou: So is this. Somewhere in these drawings is the key to the potion Brody used against the Avatars.

Laygan: Well, I'm glad to see that you're using your energy wisely. But the others are restless. They don't wanna sit around and die like dogs, while we wait around for the help of someone good.

Zankou: Are you questioning my plan?

Laygan: No. Not at all. Zankou, we're demons. We need to stand up and fight them on our own, not just sit around and wait.

Zankou: That's just the point. We can't fight on our own. We don't have the power. Like it or not, our fate rests with Leo.

Laygan: Oh, yeah? Then we'd rather die than leave our trust in the hands of an Elder.

Zankou: Then we will surely die. You tell the others that they do as I say, when I say it, or the Avatars will be the least of their problems. You understand me?

Laygan: Yes.

Zankou: Now leave. He's coming. (Laygan disappears. Leo orbs in.) Welcome back, partner.

Leo: We're not partners.

Zankou: Oh, no? Then what are you doing here?

Leo: I'm still not so sure.

Zankou: Ah, yes, you are. You may not want to but that doesn't change the fact everything I told you about your precious Avatars is true. Now you want to stop them as much as I do.

Leo: I'm not so eager to bring demons back into the world.

Zankou: Ah, but there's the rub. Which world is worse? Which is the greater evil, mine or theirs?

Leo: I know taking destiny out of people's hands is not right no matter what.

Zankou: I couldn't agree more.

Leo: Let's make something clear. If we succeed, we'll still be enemies, and I can make you a promise it will only be a matter of time before good defeats evil.

Zankou: Well, we'll have to see about that, won't we? Now if you're finished with the macho posturing, let's get to work. The problem is, even if I decipher these, we're still gonna need the Charmed Ones to actually prepare the potion.

Leo: They won't go against the Avatars. They wanted this world.

Zankou: Not if they discover the catch. Not if they realise that the Avatars alone decide who lives or dies. Now of course you know the sisters better than I do, but I doubt even they want that. Which means you're gonna have to get them to see what the Avatars don't want them to see. Even if it will take you shocking them with another terrible loss.

[Scene: Manor. Bedroom. Phoebe is with Wyatt and Chris.]

Phoebe: (to Chris) Okay, you wait there. (She goes over to Wyatt.) We are going to have so much fun today. You're gonna meet so many new friends at the party. But you can't orb, okay? You have to promise me. We don't want to scare the guests away, got it? (Leo orbs in.) Like that.

Leo: Phoebe, we need to talk.

Phoebe: Yeah, you need to get ready for the party before your wife kills you. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Leo: See, that right there. That's what I'm talking about.

Phoebe: What are you saying?

Leo: I'm talking about the fact that what you said, you felt you had to qualify it.

Phoebe: Qualify what?

Leo: I'm talking about the Avatars and what they've done to you, what they've done to everybody.

Phoebe: Everything's better. You've made everything better.

Leo: No, that was a mistake. I realise that now. I need you to realise that, before what happens to Brody happens to someone else we care about.

Phoebe: Leo, you're scaring me.

Leo: Good, you need to be scared because it's the only way you're gonna understand the truth, the only way you're gonna be able to feel it. You can help Piper and Paige understand, use your powers to feel the loss, to see what the Avatars are doing is wrong.

Phoebe: Leo, this is what we all wanted. What's going on?

(Leo turns on the baby monitor.)

Leo: You'll see.

(Leo grabs Phoebe's arm.)

Phoebe: What... What are you doing?

(Leo orbs out with Phoebe.)

[Cut to Kyle's Apartment. Leo orbs in with Phoebe.]

Phoebe: Leo, you can't just... (Leo picks up the snow globe.) What are we doing here?

Leo: I need you to get a vision. I need you to see what really happened to Agent Brody.

Phoebe: I know what really happened to him. He's moved on to a better place.

Leo: Maybe so, but it doesn't change the fact that somebody killed him.

(Phoebe sighs. She takes the snow globe and gets a premonition of Beta killing Kyle.)

Phoebe: Oh my god. She killed him.

Leo: Yes. The Avatars don't want you to know that, Phoebe. They don't want you to know why people just suddenly disappear.

Phoebe: Why are you doing this?

Leo: Because it's the truth, Phoebe. They changed you so you couldn't feel the true pain of death. They want it to seem like a good thing, so the next time it happens you don't even question it.

Phoebe: No.

Leo: Yes, and it's gonna happen again, Phoebe, as soon as they decide somebody in the world is creating too much conflict.

Phoebe: Leo, we're not going back to the way it was. Okay? We tried it for seven years, and it just didn't work.

Leo: Phoebe, please...

Phoebe: No, Leo, listen to me, okay? We made the world a better place, and we're gonna live in it just the way it is now. Do you understand?

[Cut to the Avatars. They are watching the conversation through the hologram. Gamma looks at Alpha.]

Alpha: We just need to give him more time to understand.

Gamma: We're running out of time. If he turns them, everything could be lost. I think it's time we face the facts.

[Scene: Manor. Dining Room. The party has started. The guests are grabbing plates of food.]

[Cut to the Living Room. Piper and Paige are there. Piper is fiddling with a baby blanket.]

Paige: Would you just stop fussing and enjoy yourself already?

Piper: I can't. I'm worried.

Paige: About what? Look, everybody seems to be having a great time. I didn't even know we knew this many people.

Piper: I'm not worried about them, I'm worried about Leo. He should have been here by now. Where the heck is Phoebe? She got the boys ready, and then she just took off.

Paige: Maybe they're together. Or maybe you just don't know how to have a good time anymore.

Piper: Is that a challenge?

Paige: If it works. (Phoebe and Leo walk down the stairs.) There. You happy?

Phoebe: I need a drink.

Paige: Hey, what's the matter?

Phoebe: I don't want to talk about it. I just want to have a good time.

(Phoebe walks away.)

Piper: (to Leo) What's going on?

Leo: Nothing.

Paige: Hey. (Piper gives her a look.) All right, then, I'll go mingle.

Piper: Leo, come on, what's wrong?

Leo: It's complicated.

Piper: It's the Avatars, isn't it? Look, if working for them is gonna be as complicated as working for the Elders, then I...

Leo: It's not that.

Piper: Then what is it? Okay, you know what? I don't want to know. (Zankou flames in nearby.) We're here to celebrate our new life with no magic and no demons, (Laygan and two other demons smoke in) so why don't we just enjoy it? Leo, did you hear what I said? (Zankou flames out.) Are you listening to me? What is the matter with you?

Leo: Forgive me, Piper. If there was another way to do this, I would.

Piper: Do what? What are you talking about?

Leo: I have to fix a mistake. I love you.

(Leo pushes her out of the way.)

Piper: Leo!

Leo: Everyone, get down!

(All the guests duck. Leo throws bolts of electricity at the demons.)

Phoebe: Oh, no.

(The guests scream.)

Piper: Paige, the children!

(The demons throw fireballs. Leo throws bolts of electricity at the two demons and vanquishes them.)

Laygan: Die, Elder, die!

(Laygan throws a fireball at Leo and Leo deflects it. Electricity shoots out of Leo's hands and pins Laygan to the wall. He is then vanquished. Leo looks around at the frightened guests.)

Leo: (to Phoebe) Don't let them make you forget why I'm doing this, Phoebe. It's supposed to hurt. Go to the Book. Remember all the losses. Then go to Zankou.

Phoebe: Wait, Zankou?

(Leo vanishes. The guests get up and go back to chatting as though nothing happened.)

Paige: Piper, you all right?

Piper: I don't know. I guess so.

Paige: I'm really sorry about Leo.

Piper: Yeah, me too. But at least he's gone on to a better place.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Paige is at the door saying goodbye to the guests.]

Paige: I'm so sorry things got out of hand, guys.

[Cut to Piper and Phoebe in the dining room.]

Phoebe: Don't you think that was all a little weird?

Piper: Yeah, it was kinda touch-and-go for a second, when the demon attacked. But it all worked out okay.

Phoebe: Still, it seemed a little, I don't know, off.

Piper: Well, I certainly wasn't expecting any more attacks, but thank god Leo was there to take care of it.

Phoebe: Yes, it would have been nice if Leo didn't have to go to a better place in the process, you know.

Piper: I know, but... What he did, he did for his family, and for that I will always love him. (They walk into the kitchen.) Paige, can you make sure the boys are okay?

Phoebe: It's really impressive that you can stay so calm after such a shock.

Piper: Well, I'd be freaking out if I thought there were more demons out there. I'd like to think those days are finally behind us.

(Paige walks in and groans.)

Paige: I can't make them stop. They're so upset.

Piper: Well, it's understandable. We're all upset about demons being in the house.

Phoebe: Do you really think that's why they're crying?

(Paige sighs.)

Paige: What else would it be?

Piper: Okay, mummy's coming!

(Piper leaves the kitchen.)

Paige: Are you okay?

Phoebe: I don't know.

Paige: It's like Kyle, you know. It's really a big deal. We're never gonna forget him.

Leo's Voice: Don't let them make you forget why I'm doing this, Phoebe. It's supposed to hurt.

Phoebe: Never forget. I have to check the Book of Shadows for something. (Phoebe walks upstairs to the attic. She stops in front of the Book.) Come on, Phoebe.

(She slowly walks over to it.)

Leo's Voice: Remember all the losses.

(She touches the Book and receives a premonition of Andy's death, Grams' death, Miles' death, Piper's death in "All Hell Breaks Loose", Prue's funeral, Chris' death, and Cole's vanquish.)

Phoebe: Oh my god.

[Cut to the living room. Paige is with the kids. They are bawling their eyes out. Phoebe comes down the stairs.]

Paige: It's okay. Oh my gosh, I can't get them to calm down. Even Piper couldn't.

Phoebe: I can. Where's Piper?

Paige: She's in the kitchen.

(Phoebe walks into the kitchen.)

Phoebe: Piper, I really need to talk to you. The Avatars didn't tell us everything up front.

Piper: What?

Phoebe: Pain, grief, mourning. These are all things we're supposed to be feeling when we lose someone we love, like Leo.

Piper: Leo? Phoebe, he's moved on to a better place, and if you don't mind, I'd rather not dwell on such a painful memory.

Phoebe: Okay, but if he's in a better place, then why are the boys crying right now? It's not because of demons. They were practically raised around them.

Piper: Yes, well, but...

Phoebe: Piper, listen to me. Leo is dead. The Avatars killed him. And the boys are just too young to feel it the way we do, the way that we were programmed to feel it.

Piper: Programmed? Phoebe, what's gotten into you?

Phoebe: This is what Leo was trying to show us. Leo allowed the Avatars to kill him so that we could understand what's going on here.

Piper: I don't wanna hear this.

Phoebe: I know you don't wanna hear this, but listen to your boys. That's pain, and it's real.

Piper: Phoebe, stop.

Phoebe: Piper, how can you not see it? The only reason you're okay with all this was because you wanted to be with Leo. And now they've taken him away?

(Piper starts to cry.)

Piper: Why? Why would they do that?

Phoebe: Because Leo caused conflict. And this is the only way they could keep Utopia going.

[Cut to Kyle's Apartment. Paige orbs in with Piper and Phoebe.]

Paige: You better have a good reason for bringing me here because I don't wanna be here.

Phoebe: And that's exactly why were are here. Paige, Kyle died, and now it's time that you feel it.

Paige: I felt it. And it would have felt a lot worse, if I didn't know he'd gone on to a better place.

Piper: Well, that's the thing. It should have felt a lot worse. The Avatars made our pain go away after they killed Kyle.

Phoebe: I had a vision of him dying when I touched this. (She picks up the snow globe.) He attacked one of the Avatars with his potion, and she killed him. Do you remember that, Paige?

Paige: Why are you doing this to me?

Phoebe: He died right here, in your arms. I saw it, I felt it, and now you have to feel it too. Paige, it's the only way we can stop them.

Paige: I don't want to.

Piper: You have to. Just like I did.

(Paige starts to cry.)

Paige: I don't want to.

(Piper puts her arms around Paige.)

Piper: Shh, it's okay.

Paige: Why did they do this?

Phoebe: To give us what we wanted. What we thought we wanted.

Paige: What do we do now?

Phoebe: We're gonna do what Leo said... and go find ourselves a demon.

[Scene: Inside the Pyramid. Zankou is there studying the drawings on the wall. A demon walks up behind him.]

Demon: Sorry to interrupt, but...

Zankou: What is it?

Demon: Well, the others sent me to find out what we're gonna do.

Zankou: Do?

Demon: I just mean... Well, the Elder is dead. The plan has failed. Shouldn't we... retreat?

Zankou: Not yet.

Demon: But you said it yourself. If the Elder couldn't turn the sisters, there is no...

(Zankou grabs the demon.)

Zankou: I know what I said. I also know that Leo wasn't stupid. He wouldn't have given his life unless he knew something would come of it.

Demon: Unless it was merely the act of a desperate man. (A fireball appears in Zankou's hand.) I'm just saying, the Avatars could move on us at any time. If we are gonna run, we should go soon.

(The fireball disappears.)

Zankou: Perhaps you're right. We should retreat.

Demon: I'll let the others know.

(Suddenly, the demon blows up. A spark flies off Zankou and he's knocked to the ground. Piper, Phoebe and Paige walk in.)

Phoebe: What's the matter, Zankou? Chicken?

Commercial Break

[Scene: Pyramid. Continued from before. Zankou stands up.]

Zankou: Good thing you girls got here when you did. I was about to leave.

Phoebe: To go where?

Zankou: To live to fight another day.

Piper: You won't get that chance if you don't tell us what we want to hear.

Zankou: Save it. You need me. That's why Leo sent you. Glad to see he didn't die in vain after all.

Phoebe: Get to the point.

Zankou: The point is Leo was working with me, same as Agent Brody before him to undo what has been done.

Paige: Kyle was working with you?

Zankou: How do you think he was able to get close enough to kill an Avatar? He realised then that the combined force of good and evil is our only chance to stop the Avatars.

Piper: You have a greater reason for wanting to do that than we do, survival.

Zankou: True, but you obviously want it too. Otherwise, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, now would we? Now you go ahead and talk amongst yourselves. I'm not going anywhere.

(They turn their backs on Zankou.)

Paige: I'm not so sure about this.

Phoebe: Neither am I, but I don't think we have a choice. We're running out of allies.

Piper: We can't work with a demon.

Phoebe: Leo did.

Piper: Yeah, look where it got him.

Phoebe: But that was the Avatars, not Zankou.

Piper: So how do we know he's not picking us off one by one? What if this is a setup?

Paige: Well, he helped Kyle get rid of an Avatar. They're who he's really after, and so are we.

Piper: Okay, fine. So, what if this works? Where does that leave us, we're fighting demons again? Is that what we really want?

Phoebe: Is this?

Paige: Just because we wanted it so badly doesn't make it right. Kyle knew it was wrong. He knew the Avatars couldn't be trusted. I just didn't believe him.

Phoebe: Neither did we.

Paige: Still, we can believe in him now. Leo too. We can finish what they started, so they didn't die in vain.

(They turn back around to face Zankou.)

Phoebe: So, what's the plan?

Zankou: The plan... is for you to make a very special potion.

[Scene: The Avatars' Room. Gamma is flipping through hologram images.]

Alpha: What's the matter?

Gamma: I can't find the sisters.

Alpha: None of them?

Gamma: I don't understand. I just had them.

Alpha: Calm down. They'll have to surface sooner or later.

Piper's Voice: You got that right.

(The Avatars look around and find Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Zankou standing there. The Avatars run towards them. Zankou knocks them over with his telekinesis power. Paige holds up a potion vial.)

Paige: Ah! I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Gamma: What are those?

Zankou: You know what they are.

Phoebe: And you know what he is.

Alpha: What is the meaning of this?

Piper: I don't think we have anything to explain. We're not the ones going around killing people.

Gamma: We only did what was necessary to maintain Utopia.

Paige: A loophole you forgot to tell us about?

Alpha: It was never our intention to deceive, Paige. We merely gave you the world you asked for.

Piper: Again, except for the fact you were killing people.

Alpha: Their fates are regrettable. But I guarantee you that fewer people by far will be lost under our rule than under the chaos of good and evil.

Phoebe: Yeah, but at least with good and evil people knew what they were dying for.

Piper: And given the choice of what we had and what you're offering...

Paige: Now we know what "it" is.

Phoebe: We'll take our free will back any day.

Zankou: Here, here.

Alpha: You'd seriously be willing to give up peace of mind, the normal life you so covet, to go back to the way things were? To fighting the likes of him again?

Piper: Warts and all.

Gamma: They're not ready for us.

Alpha: Perhaps not. But they will be someday. What we want for the world is worth waiting for. Very well. We will use what remains of our power to rewind time to when Utopia began.

Phoebe: Does that mean Leo will be alive again?

Alpha: Of course.

Paige: And Kyle?

Alpha: That, unfortunately, is beyond our powers.

Paige: Are you kidding me? You can bring everyone that you have killed back to life, but Kyle is beyond your powers?

Gamma: The further something recedes into the past, the more power it takes to reverse it.

Alpha: We can either bring back Agent Brody or return the world to the way it was, but I'm afraid we cannot do both.

(Paige goes to throw the potion but Phoebe stops her.)

Phoebe: Put the world back.

Alpha: I'm sorry this didn't work out, for your sakes as well as ours.

Zankou: Touching. I'm gonna miss you guys.

(The Avatars stand around the table and a beam of yellow and orange light shines out of the middle.)

[Cut to outside. Everybody wakes up.]

Man: What the hell? Did you just dump your coffee on me?

Woman: What are you talking about? You spilled yours on me, you son of a bitch.

Man: Why, you moron, you dumped your coffee on me.

[Cut to two men in their cars. One man has run into the back of the other car. They get out to inspect the damage.]

Man #2: This is totally your fault.

Man #3: My fault? You hit me!

Man #2: Yeah? All I'm saying is you better have some good insurance!

Man #3: No, you better have some insurance 'cause I'm gonna call the cops on your ass!

Man #2: Oh, please, give me your ID. Where's your insurance?

Man #3: Where's your insurance?

Man #2: Where's yours? Mine is right here!

[Cut to Harold arguing with a police officer.]

Harold: I'm gonna call my lawyer, okay? I'm gonna sue this whole city.

[Cut to Piper and Phoebe walking down the street.]

Piper: Wow, I've never been so excited to hear the sounds of people arguing.

Phoebe: Tell me about it. It's good to be back... (They see Zankou near by.) Warts and all.

[Scene: Manor. Foyer. Piper walks in through the front door.]

Piper: Leo?

Leo's Voice: I'm in here.

(Piper walks into the conservatory.)

Piper: Oh, thank god.

Leo: It's okay. I'm all right.

(They hug.)

Piper: Wow, you kinda really scared me this time.

Leo: That was the plan. I was banking on you saving me.

Piper: Okay, well, next time come up with a different plan.

Leo: Next time.

Piper: So wait, you remember everything, even though you technically died, but then you didn't, because time rewound, so... Am I making any sense?

Leo: Yeah. See, I remember everything because I was unaffected by the spell. And you remember everything because you broke it. And even though time rewound, we still experienced it.

Piper: Headache forming.

Leo: All that matters is that we fixed it, regardless of the consequences.

Piper: Consequences? You mean Kyle?

Leo: No, I mean the Elders. I went against them and sided with the Avatars. I can't go unpunished.

Piper: Yeah, but everything you did, you did to make the world a safer place for everyone, including us.

Leo: I don't think they're gonna see it that way. See, no matter what I did...

Piper: What we did.

Leo: Whether it was well-intentioned or not, it's gonna cost me.

Piper: Well, at least it didn't cost you your life, which at this moment is the only thing I'm concerned with. I don't want to lose you ever again.

(He puts his arm around her and they turn to watch their kids.)

[Scene: Kyle's Apartment. Paige is there. She picks up the snow globe and shakes it.]

Paige: Bye.

Kyle's Voice: Hello, Paige.

(She turns and sees Kyle standing there.)

Paige: Kyle?

Kyle: Careful. That used to mean a lot to me.

(She puts the snow globe down.)

Paige: Is this really you?

Kyle: In the flesh, more or less.

Paige: I saw you die.

Kyle: That's right. You did. But as you know, sometimes it doesn't end there.

Paige: Are you a Whitelighter?

Kyle: Feels kind of weird. But at least I can still feel.

Paige: How?

Kyle: I guess the Elders decided I must have done something good with my life after all, which is a relief, considering the mess I made of it.

Paige: You didn't make such a mess.

Kyle: Come on. I got a little crazy there at the end, didn't I?

Paige: A little crazy. But you did save the world.

Kyle: Hence the reward.

Paige: I just wish I could...

Kyle: Paige, it's not your fault. I understand now that my life was supposed to end the way it did. How it did. It was my destiny. Just like it was our destiny to meet. To fall for each other.

Paige: To lose each other?

Kyle: Who says we're not gonna meet again? (Paige starts to cry. He kisses her on the forehead.) Take care of that for me, will you?

(Kyle orbs out. Paige picks up the snow globe.)