The Charm of Multiplicity is a spell in the Book of Shadows that allows witches to triple their powers and make clones of themselves.




The power of three Prues.

Prue cast the Charm of Multiplicity in hopes of multiplying the strength of her telekinetic power in order to separate a Lord of War from his Crystal Sword. The result of the spell, however, did not only triple her strength but it multiplied the number of Prues to three resulting in two clones of herself; two clones that were separate branches of her personality—a timid, conservative Prue and a wild, sexual Prue, representing Prue's super ego and her inner desires. While their combined might is strong enough, Gabriel, the Lord of War, is able to kill the two fake Prues, which greatly affects the real one.[1]


Multiplicity Spell- Piper's Place

The spell in the comics.

Ten years later, between her work with the restaurant and her duties as a Charmed One, Piper has barely had any time to spend with her family. Wyatt, her eldest son, thinks he has a solution when he goes to the Book of Shadows and finds the multiplicity spell, which he used to conjure up multiple fake Pipers.

The next morning, Piper is obviously concerned by the situation, and her sons' denials, but decides to take advantage of it. Real Piper gets coffee with Phoebe, but when she goes off to the bathroom, another Piper shows up and heads off with Phoebe. Real Piper goes to her restaurant, where she encounters two Pipers instead of one, thinking no one stayed home with the kids.

Real Piper calls Phoebe, and they quickly figure out that there are way more Pipers than they had previously thought. We see what some of them are up to—including a trio disciplining Wyatt, one seducing Leo, and one at the flower shop with Paige—while Real Piper begins to feel adverse effects from the spell. Paige rounds all the ones at the restaurant up into Piper's SUV, Leo fends off the seductive Piper and everyone meets up at the manor, where Real Piper apologizes to Wyatt for not being around, then gets him to undo the spell, but instead, Wyatt puts his glowing hands on the Book and the fake Pipers disappear.[2]

Book of Shadows[]

Charm of Multiplicity
To multiply your strength,
recite these words at length.
Take my powers,
Blessed be.
Multiply their
strength by

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