The chandelier shimmers for the first time.

The Chandelier located in Halliwell Manor's sitting room shimmers whenever the Power of Three bond is formed. When this happens, it bathes the entire room in bright blue light. The light shields anyone under it from magical attacks.

This has happened four times:

  1. Phoebe read the Dominus Trinus spell that unbound the Charmed Ones' powers. ("Something Wicca This Way Comes")
  2. When Paige entered the manor for the first time and shook Piper's hand, the Power of Three was officially reborn. ("Charmed Again, Part 1")
  3. In the alternate reality created by Cole, Paige had Phoebe hold hands with an unconscious Piper, restoring both the Power of Three and her powers. Cole threw an energy ball at Paige, but the light from the chandelier deflected it back at him. ("Centennial Charmed")
  4. When magic returned after being down for an entire day on the day of the Wiccan Festival of Lights and the Aurora Borealis, the chandelier shone bright blue over the family while Piper was giving birth to Wyatt, as the Power of Three returned as well. ("The Day the Magic Died")

The chandelier appeared on the front cover of the DVD sets and the last disc of each DVD.

It's a Wrap![]

Below are pictures used on the website 'It's a Wrap!' to auction off the Chandelier after the series ended.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The chandelier glow has happened in different rooms throughout the series. In the pilot episode, it happened in the living room. In the season 4 premiere episode and "Centennial Charmed", it happened in the main hall. And in "The Day the Magic Died", it happened in the dining room. Also worthy of note to the fact that a chandelier in the attic fell and broke when the Stillman Sisters turned on one another and broke their sisterly bond when they possessed the Power of Three.
  • In "Family Shatters", the chandelier fell and broke when Paige and Prue came into direct contact with each other, which caused the manor to be caught in an earthquake while Piper and Phoebe's powers lost control.
  • Phoebe once used the alias "Chanda Lier" to order some free CDs.
  • The chandelier in the attic fell and broke when the Charmed Ones were hit with bad luck that caused unfortunate things to happen to them.